Chemo stopped at the end of May when her liver function numbers skyrocketed.
The CT scan showed the tumor had enlarged and was restricting the bile duct.
She became extremely jaundiced, and over the past few days her condition severely worsened. My wife, 2 of my sisters and 1 neice were with her when she passed.
RIP, Mom. You get to rejoin Dad beyond "Til death do us part".

I haven't been enjoying the company of this site as much as I'd like to, for a few reasons.
One of them was my mother's failing health.
Yesterday, at 5:22 PM EDT she gave her last breath and exited the frail human body for a better place.
In January she turned 80 years old and had been battling cancer for just under a year.
It started as gall bladder removal; with about 5 minutes remaining in the surgery they discovered cancer on her liver.
She started chemo shortly after.


Forgive me if you've spoken about this already, but I'm wondering what's your take on this article:

"The largest undercover force the world has ever known is the one created by the Pentagon over the past decade. Some 60,000 people now belong to this secret army, many working under masked identities and in low profile, all part of a broad program called "signature reduction." "

YouTube messed with me. Wrong link! The first link had started to autoplay and I didn't realize it until too late.
It was supposed to be this one...

Red alert.

There are Russian bots based in Macedonia spamming "Red Paper News".

Pretending to be a Conservative paper, it is actually a Russian Intelligence disinformation operation.

If you see "Red Paper News" or links to articles of such...


This is where they are operating from:

@masterblaster @GuyDavis @bbhack @Kellzilla @Debradelai @Hattier Unless you live here all you saw on msm was how minorities were just left own their own and left to die in New Orleans. Coverage was not stop. I remember the shots of people on the bridge and msm reporting they were not letting them out. They didn't report about what happened at the super dome either. Again people were given opportunity to leave. I live a quarter mile from highway 49. It was packed with people going north.


But yes, the left wants a narrative, and facts have never hindered them from finding one.

My first child is slightly over 10 days old. He was prematurely born 6 weeks early because of an emergency. I thought I was going to lose my wife and child. Here is a picture of him before he was 10 days old. The trials and tribulations changed me forever and I now can never understand any logic of those willing to abort a child in the third trimester.

Still on the road. Tire came out of truck in GA and redecorated my ride. Only now getting to SC.

Yapping bumped to tomorrow out of necessity.

Will post link tomorrow afternoon.


My employer made it clear that I needed to keep my politics quiet if I wanted to keep my job.

But for the purposes of us at QV I've made live again articles I wrote on my website about Trump donors and Biden donors, and what that data says about where we are as a country and an electorate.

Here's the link to the Trump donor article, and it leads you to the Biden article. Some other links may not be live (had to take down all the political articles):

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