I dislike useless tears. Is there anything wrong with the girls defending themselves and fighting back by, say, pushing the males who identify as females physically out the bathroom door?

Would the school be willing to expel all the girls?


In the future, this school board is not going to remember that they ASKED for whatever follows this moment.

Nobody has the guts to say, "Son, go back to your own damn bathroom."


The person speaking about winning the right to be in the girls room has such a FLAT “happy” affect. I’m in the medical field and something doesn’t appear appropriate about their behavior. @ThomasWic are we witnessing, I think it’s called, “performance art?” I’m interested to see how life will be for them 10 years from now.

It needs to be women that rise up against this.
But most of the women that I talk to are terrified of being publicly crucified for taking a stand.
And that fear is not without Merit for there have been women that have tried to take a stand and they were obliterated on social media.
It can't just be individuals it needs to be a larger more unified voice.
These are men trying to say that they are better at being women than they are. Equating women to nothing more than what's on the outside


My first thought was, let the kids fight it out. The girls should push them out the door of the bathroom/shower/changing room. Although I am sure that the school would select one or two to punish rather than mass-expel all the girls and bring the light on the actual abuse.

Predators are pushing this abuse: both of the transformation, and of the social change they want to inflict against the good physical and mental health development in kids in order to gratify their base nature.

Any girls, women, or men that have stood up to this have been immediately labeled as transphobic
There were women in Hollywood that stood up to this early on and were slaughtered on social media.
The alphabet people are completely out of control


Yes but it's vital to not give in, or the kids are in for even worse.

@WarriorPoet @Wendy

They have their way unopposed because social media enables a form of public shaming, swarming and pecking by which a relative handful of activists can dominate public discourse.

Methinks we are turning into a shame culture.

@haithabu @WarriorPoet

Adults can get violent when told they are not their chosen gender. I don't know what the kids would do. But the girls must defend themselves, because it is a kind of assault. And the adults are letting them down and are in fact perpetrating it.

I can't believe what a great life I had as a kid. I was aware it was good, but now I see it was great. I was protected at every level of association.

@Wendy @WarriorPoet

Specifically it’s M2F adults because even with HRT they retain the latent male capacity for aggression.


These people do not care about even those women who go along with them on their sick path of peril.

@Wendy The girls might be the only ones who could get away with that.


They should assume it will go bad for them. They must be willing to go through that. The adults who are not defending them now need to reckon that also.

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