Let's take a peek at national suicide.

We'll focus on the British, since they're the best at it.

In 1957, the British military announced that it needed a replacement for the English Electric Canberra bomber.

By 1960, the newly formed British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) had developed the TSR-2, a stunningly advanced design.

It was a two-seat tactical bomber.

The TSR-2 could flew Mach 1 at 200 feet.

It could also cruise at Mach 2 at high altitudes.

No other aircraft could touch it.

When the test pilot revved it up to Mach 1 at 200 feet, the chase plane--an Electric Lightning fighter--was unable to fly beside it.

The fighter pilot said the buffeting was too strong.

But the TSR-2 test pilot said the plane was stead as a rock.

So what happened?

The British LABOUR party demanded that the aircraft be scrapped due to costs.

The Labour party campaigned on cancelling the TSR-2, so the government took the unprecedented step of showing the first two production aircraft under construction.

The finished aircraft was revealed in 1964.


The American company General Dynamics wanted to sell their F-111 Aardvark to the British.

General Dynamics lobbied Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, who lobbied Kennedy, who lobbied British Prime Minister Harold McMillan.

This put McMillan in an untenable position.

Kennedy was demanding that the Brits scrap the TSV-2 and buy the massively inferior F-11 Aardvark.

The British had already spent so much money developing the TSV-2 that McMillan stalled.

McNamara worked with the British Labour party to spread the word that McMillan was wasting money on the TSV-2.

The Labour party was so successful in demonizing the TSR-2 that the Australians cancelled their order and replaced it with American F-11 Aardvarks.

In 1964, the Labour party won the election, and the first thing they did was cancel the TSR-2.

Three days after the election, the air force was ordered to destroy all the tooling and jigs at the factory.

They were sold for scrap at a loss of $25 million in 1964 money.

All completed TSR-2 aircraft except for two were chopped to pieces and sold for scrap.

One went to a museum, and the other was put on an artillery field and used for target practice.

Then the British cancelled the order for F-111 Aardvarks that McNamara had secured.

The British taxpayers lost $1 billion in 1964 money, and one of the most advanced aircraft ever built was destroyed for political reasons.

This is why Trump is so necessary.

The US meddled in British affairs at the behest of an American aircraft manufacturer, and in the end, everybody in both countries got screwed.

The British never came up with another design as advanced as the TSR-2. IF THAT AIRCRAFT HAD GONE INTO SERVICE, we'd be decades ahead of where we are now.

Leftism destroys ALL PROGRESS.

That's why leftists can never be given political power.

All they do is destroy.




Why did the British cancel the Aardvarks - same as for the TSR-2 (costs)?

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