Get those Democrats some drool buckets!

Obama-appointed federal judge sides with House Democrats over subpoena for Trump’s financial records

Mehta: 'courts must presume Congress is acting in furtherance of its constitutional responsibility'

'a high likelihood that any documents obtained by House Democrats would quickly leak'

Dem: '“We’re going to have to build an air traffic control tower to keep track of all the subpoenas flying from here to the White House"'

Trump's financial record is not material to anything so the judge is out of line.

This is a useless and dangerous fishing expedition by the House Democrats.

@redwhitebluedude then the Whitehouse should demand every Democrat Congress persons financial records

@debrasmith6354 @redwhitebluedude I still want to see Obama's school and college records. He paid millions to seal them up, apparently.

@debrasmith6354 Of course!! As well as Obama campaigning for Hillary - all on the taxpayer's dime.


Well, think of it as dangerous only to the Democrats, who court political danger literally every day, with Obama helping them along via his appointed judges. The gift that keeps on giving.


We are going to have to build a long runway for all of these asswipe Democrats to land on their asses.

@Debradelai @Wendy
Drool buckets ✔️
asswipe Democrats landing on their asses✔️
I just Love this place!!

@Wendy The same courts used comments by a candidate running for office as his intention was enough to bring charges

@Gregory__Adams @Wendy I bet he appeals it and drags it out longer, or maybe he is simply using this to point out another "activist judge" Time will tell.

@Wendy I wonder if someone sued and that same court with that same judge to unseal Barry's College records he would have the same conclusion.


Well, you know, and thank you, that was my immediate thought as I read that judge's learned words.

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