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Psalm 37:10-11 For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be. But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

Titus 2:13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ....

Revelation 22:20 ...Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

The Storm Is Passing Over

@ThomasWic Lindsay Graham on Bartiromos show his morning said he met with Trump last night, said he was opposed to the action in Syria but now he says a historic peace is about to happen.

Lindsey Graham had been a vocal critic recently of Trump for his decision to take a small number of American troops out of northern Syria.

And the president called him out publicly.

But this morning, he said he’s “increasingly optimistic that we can have some historic solutions in Syria that have eluded us for years if we play our cards right.”

He said he talked with Trump last night about the objectives in Syria and felt encouraged by their discussion.


You bet.

When people learn to speak English like this, it means that they've embraced the best that western culture has to offer.


Another fantastic thread! I so wish that this thread could be posted as a column on every online news outlet.

Do you think subsequent Saudi regimes will continue supporting the amazing changes that are taking place?

What's happening is that everyone is ending up in their proper role.

We can build and use massive fleets and air forces.

But the Arabs can go behind the lines and mercilessly wipe out everyone who needs it. And they aren't conflicted.

This is all a good thing. The fewer injured and dead troops we have, the better.

War is becoming obsolete. I never thought I'd see it take place.


It's likely that the Saudis and Emiratis will forever have an edge on us.

That doesn't bother me. We're good enough.

But the Saudis and Emiratis are on another level. they're a warrior culture that went back to its roots.

Americans are actually not warlike. We hate war. I'm not saying that Arabs war; I'm saying that they deal with it better than we do.

They aren't conflicted the way we are. I can admit that I'm conflicted.

I don't have a problem with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates being essentially free from us.

We have a habit of electing people like Tulsi Gabbard.

I'm a grateful American, but I'm very proud of what the Saudis and Emiratis are pulling off.

As a military historian, I find myself stunned over and over and over.

Trump understands. For him, nothing is impossible. So he gets the Third Revolution in Military Affairs.

I've been able to reverse engineer the Syrian Civil War, but I was totally unable to see how it would be solved.

Astonishing brilliance and military skill went into winning the war.

It all starts with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

We have a LONG WAY TO GO to catch up to them.

But we should never again invade any Middle Eastern country. No matter what.

Here's what's funny in a grotesque way:

Democrats and never-Trumpers are saying that Trump has made the US an unreliable ally.

Do you know WHY the Saudis and their allies made peace with Israel and carried out the Second and Third Revolutions in Military Affairs?

Because the US Was an unreliable ally.

Our foreign policy changed with each president.

Trump is the FIRST totally reliable ally.

The key to victory was Donald J. Trump.

He did everything he was asked, and he took more flak than any human being in the history of the planet.

But some of us know what happened.

This new form of warfare allows major conflicts to be fought in total secrecy.


It allows for almost no collateral damage.

Everyone had their asses kicked.

Iran, Hezbollah, the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and Russia.

Using strategic commandos and advanced technology, the Gulf Cooperation Council won the war.

The GCC didn't become involved on a large scale until October of 2015.

It took several years of negotiations. Nobody trusted the Saudis.

What we're seeing now is that the Saudis are completely trustworthy, and they'll never reveal their role in all this.

All those men are dead. The GCC killed them.

Abdullah al-Issa was taken BY THE IRANIANS from a military hospital and turned over to the terrorists.

The mastermind of this atrocity was Iranian Major General Qassem Suleimani.

He too is now dead.

The Iranians are concealing his death. He was killed in early November of 2015.

Obama armed THESE guys.

They beheaded the young man they're taunting.

He was a 19-year-old Syrian soldier named Abdullah al-Issa, but the media was told that he was a Palestinian child.

In January, the GCC--in the form of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham--destroyed the entire Turkish-backed rebel coalition in northwestern Syria.

It took nine days.

NOW, the Syrian Arab Army is MERGING with the Kurdish forces.

All of them will have strategic-commando units attached to them for a while.

Turkey will either announce victory and stop, or lots of Turkish-backed Islamists will die.

None of the parties making this agreement can actually fight, so that means that the GCC is now protecting Syria in its entirety.

And THAT means Assad is just a figurehead.

Note that the Iranians and all their lackeys are GONE.

The GCC picked away at them until critical mass was reached.


Nobody is announcing it. Therefore it'll be easier to move forward from this moment.

The Syrian Democratic Forces will be abolished, and the fighters will join the 5th Corps (Assault Legion) under Russian control.

This is your proof that the Gulf Cooperation Council nudged all parties into this agreement.

The troops who did all the fighting for the Syrian Democratic Forces were professional commandos from the Saudi-led Muslim Coalition--which isn't entirely Muslim.


Here's the agreement that the Kurds made with the Syrians.

Remember: The official story is that this happened in two days.


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