BOMBSHELL: New York Times corrects Kavanaugh smear to note alleged victim does not recall any such incident.


@Barg So. Accuser doesn’t recall the incident and the NYT *FORGETS* to mention that? Then the usual suspects line up to call for Kavanaugh’s impeachment?

And these m*therf*ckers dare to get pissy when Trump calls them the enemy of the people?? 🤬🤬

@Barb @WeThePeople The hubris of the left is the belief that they can smear anyone. If the sky is blue, they'll tell you it's purple.

The average American looks at Kavanaugh and sees a choir boy, goody two-shoes academic/law nerd. The accusations don't stick because anyone who went to high school in America knows who the Kavanaugh was in their high school.

They played it against type and will pay for it.

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