1. OK I wouldn't normally do this but given the DMs and also emails, let me say a few words about....


Saul @Debradelai is not going to be amused but if I may ask his genius to indulge me, that would be much appreciated.

Also I'd like my thoughts to be shared on twitter with Praying Medic (great guy), X22 (amazing), RedPillNews and Methods.

Plus my old buddy Joe Mascapoe.

Here goes.

@Cdubois @Lonestar

Their end is already here. We are witnessing it in real time.

They are evil, and eventually after a period of time, evil destroys itself.

There is no wisdom, strategy, intelligence, planning. No goals or ideas. Not even self-preservation.

Just cowardly hysteria, panic and rage all the time.


And this is an ideal time to do it.

Country is basically shut down. Separated. In quarantine.

Low potential for civil unrest if arrests are made. Particularly high profile arrests.

Ideal time to unleash The Storm.

Looks like Twitter is moving to hide this news about Andrew Gillam so I'll drop this here for posterity.

President Trump is Killing it!
voter turnout numbers BLASTS Obama's.

For perspective:
Incumbent Obama 2012 v. Incumbent Trump 2020

Obama: 174k | Trump: 637k

Obama 97k | Trump 230k

Obama 64k | Trump 300k

How the hell does The Media & Democrats think they have a chance in hell of beating Trump!

Mark Meadows takes over as White House COS. Mick Mulvaney will become a Special Envoy to Northern Ireland.

@ThomasWic @wreckingball
At this point he doesn't even need the Judas goats.

As you said he is a touchstone and just his very presence or the idea of him causes people's masks to drop straight to the floor. And they just go into full-on stupid mode. It's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen.

I know a number of people that suffer from severe TDS. You can see that everything you have said is correct. They hate Donald Trump in bad faith. And there's something pathologically wrong with them.

1. IOWA electoral fraud.

The Democrat primaries.

Check this out.

In just one hour, Mayor Pete - or whoever the guy is (he reminds me of Evan McMuffin) - posted an incredible TWENTY FIVE tweets that basically proclaimed he had won the caucus.


Here's an example: NOTE - no-one knows the results.

Except Mayor Pete.

Connect the dots - Pete was doing what he'd been told to do.

He's an absolute fraud.


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