Massive protests ongoing everywhere in the World it seems.

Hong Kong, France, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, South America, Africa, even strikes in China, major splits in the EU.

Where is the Universal Utopia that the Globalists all promised.

Where did it go?

This clip is John Solomon’s appearance on Dobbs this evening, discussing what he knows about witnesses and the upcoming proceedings. Very interesting!

Just heading in for cat scan - had an abnormal chest X-ray...please send lots of prayers..I need them.


You're wrong.

These two plan to make $ millions going up and down the west coast, preaching anti Trump prog BS.

They will get massive exposure from FakeNews in an election year, too.

As Crooked has planned.

Trump will save the Prince and crush Meghan / Hillary.


This is a fantastic thread on the twatter. It has countless people posting examples of media hypocrisy showing side by side pictures of contrasting headlines from the same paper/station. Enjoy.

Looks like the Senate has been activated. Hopefully real investigations and not just window dressing.

"I feel silly having to tell a boomer-hating young guy that being unpleasant doesn't advance your cause.

But you apparently don't know that.

Michelle Malkin never got anybody elected.

Nick Fuentes will never get anybody elected"

Hey everyone it's all over. Apparently Pompeo is 'strategically handling' Trump.

Sundance told me, so it must be true.

Honestly, how paranoid and lacking common sense do you have to be, to have such a warped sense of reality?' Ridiculous.

White House Press Secretary was just on Pirro. She said President Trump was getting some routine medical tests knocked out today before his physical coming up, and that he is fine. Chest pain rumors are FALSE.

“ Once you understand it: US foreign aid to Ukraine from Dept of Energy increased from 8M in 2008 to an average of 90M per year between 2011 and 2014; in the same time Biden Jr., the Clinton's, Schiff via buddy Pasternak and possibly Pelosi Jr recieved a lot of cash from Ukraine.”👇🏻👇🏻THREAD

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