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She will for all of the unmaskings to go along with her "Responsibility to Protect" crap that fueled the Libya debacle and gun running operations.


Even though she is claiming it wasn't her, she cannot prove it wasn't. her login/password would be specific. If she shared hers with another, she is still liable.

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It actually makes it worse because then she gets into violating the Espionage Act. As if violating any law ever mattered to her and her tyrannical husband, Cass Sustein. They were absolutely sure she would win.

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Samantha Power invented "Responsibility to Protect," or R2P.

Obama overthrew Gaddafi in the first and last R2P war.

Under R2P, you go in, overthrow, and then depart, leaving the hapless citizens to their own devices.

Libya now has TWO governments, both of which have Salafist terrorists in them.


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