: AG Barr speaks out against anti-Semitism & racism: "My concern today is that under the banner of identity politics, some political factions are seeking to obtain power by dividing Americans, and they undermine the values that draw us together."

@ThomasWic I just saw this story and it reminded me of the recent troll murders you talked about.


An upstate man allegedly slit the throat of a teenage social media influencer he was dating — then posted a grisly photo of her lifeless body to Instagram along with a message that said “sorry."

"When cops found him lying next to his black SUV in Utica, he allegedly pulled a knife and slit his own throat then posted a photo of his neck gushing blood on Instagram.

Whenever I compare this to the democrat agenda on twitter they put a warning filter on it.

Mexican officials say they are ready to accommodate deported migrants, following U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s crackdown on illegal aliens.

Mexico’s foreign minister assured potential deportees will not face further legal action once they re-enter Mexico.

He also said they will have opportunities to rebuild their lives once they return.


Liberal logic 101 -

When a right wing extremist
goes on a rampage he's a terrorist.

When a left wing extremist
goes on a rampage he's a martyr.

New rules on asylum

‘Faced with inaction in Congress, the Trump administration has issued new rules on asylum that would bar migrants who did not apply for asylum in countries they have traveled through from applying in the U.S.”


"In 24 hours Trump engineered an implosion of the Dem party exposing the seedy underbelly of its anti-American apparatus
One of the Toxic Triplets™ refused to condemn Antifa & Al Qaeda (on the same day)while the other had an anti-Israel meltdown
He sucked air out of the primaries"


AT&T internet us as slow as Mueller tonight. Taking forever to get things done.

@ThomasWic Next time your neighbors are partying loudly drone bomb them with fireworks like this guy in Brazil did, haha. (This link might not work.)


When it comes to Technology the U.S. is King! If other countries had superior Tech they would need to buy from the U.S.

Post from the Israeli Defense Force.


@wziminer @Debradelai @ThomasWic Oh, I see... it's not ready yet for video? I am dead on YouTube. They muted me over a year ago. I only put things up there if I want to link to it from elsewhere. But otherwise, it's worthless. Won't even show my art to my subscribers. I was never monetized, they never informed me, they just silenced me. ZERO views on my videos. ZERO. (unless I share the link directly)

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Reminder to all QV

WATCH: President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Greenville, NC 7/17/19

Wednesday, July 17, 2019: Join RSBN for live all day coverage as President Donald J. Trump holds a campaign rally at Williams Arena in Greenville, NC. President Trump is expected to speak at 7:00pm EDT.

The Syrian Democratic Forces announced on July 12 that its units killed Thabit Sobhi Fahad al-Ahmad, a major financer of ISIS, during a special operation, backed by the US-led coalition, in eastern Deir Ezzor.

“The forces, which carried out the operation, tried to arrest him alive but he did not surrender and opened fire, so they responded in kind. This led to his immediate death,” the US-backed group said in an official press release.


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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.