Hi everybody!
Twitter just suspended my account after this Intercept article.


The article raises many lies against me & was heavily promoted by pro-Iran regime accounts on Twitter.

I was not given a chance to reply.

I would appreciate it if you could use your Twitter accounts to raise your voice to Twitter & have my account unsuspended so I can reply to the allegations.

I have a thread ready.

Thank you in advance!


I don't know why the morons at twitter think it's a good thing to have a purely left wing echo chamber by purging all non leftists as well as working with hostile governments to silence dissent.

I left twitter. I wont be part of that left wing fascism and I will not allow my presence anywhere to profit left wing fascists.

@Watcher9 @HeshmatAlavi I very recently left or I would help. I was Invisible so it wouldn’t help much anyway. Bastards!

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