I guess she figures the electorate is so stupid they wont mind continuing her gravy train for another decade or two.


From this point on anyone who argues the liberals aren't marxist socialist/communists hell bent on destroying America are as much the enemy as stalin himself was. They need to be treated accordingly, and buried poorly.


I've been wondering about this out loud since I worked at one of the ''big three" almost two decades ago. Nobody has a good answer for it.


In a few years the girls and women's soccer teams and basketball teams will be filled with girls with penises, but no girls.


Everyone has their favorite "go-to" weapons for dealing with situations. I have 4, not 3, that are "go-to".

-5.56 AR style rifle. It gets heavier the bigger magazine you use, but it's excellent for multi targets < 100 yds.

-7.62 AR style rifle, w/bipod, scoped. For all targets 100+ yds.

-12 gage shotgun, (self explanatory)

-9mm Sigsaur Navy issue. (also self explanatory)

Not everyone's preferences are 'cookie cutter'.


This tells you the left is worried that their fomenting a coming civil war isn't going to go their way.

Duh. Obvious is obvious.


I do NOT want everyone to evacuate California. I want the stupid marxist liberal progressives to STAY THERE! Get the SANE people out and ship the rest of the country's retarded left wing TO California, then wall the fucker off until there's nothing left but coyotes, cougars and delta smelt living there.


THIS is one of the horrors you will face the next time there is a democrat president, a democrat majority house and senate at the same time.


Smaller crowds are easier to control. Kill off 80% of the population and you can have a much smaller group of your most favorite and loyal fascists controlling them on your behalf.


Local elections matter. EVERY democrat EVERYWHERE must be booted out of office. They do NOT work for you and damn your children to a Venezuelan hell every chance they get.

Hypocritical liars, all of them.


If you've been laughing at the plethora of "Epstein didn't kill himself" memes out there, you HAVE to watch today's Suspicious 0bservers video.


These people are forgetting something. Hitlery is good at lying and stealing. See: 2016.


Saw this in the bathroom at an art meeting I took my son to.

I liked Halloween as a kid, not so much as an adult. I like it more now because we live out in the boonies 1/2 mile from the road and nobody comes to our door looking for free candy.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.