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Frederica Wilson promises to prosecute anyone who compares her to Macho Man Randy Savage!

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Yay! QuodVerum breaches 10K users!

Onward and upward!

Calling out the climate bullshit.

You realize that they will only stop pushing this AGW fairy tale when people stop buying the bullshit. It's about money and control, it has nothing to do with the environment. ZERO.

Speaking of eeyores, there are a TON of them out and about now spreading their wonderfully glum view of the markets now.

I think it's a case of libtards and neverTrumpers trying to bring down the market before November 2020.

I still love my 21.06% dividend on my best closed end ETF. Even if it drops $2 a share I still make up the difference in the monthly dividend, so they can shove their gloom right up their exhaust pipes.

What are you thinking about the market these days?

I certainly hope they're done after 2020, for a couple generations at LEAST.

When the talking heads were blabbering on the radio today about the drone going down and Trump's response, I laughed. My son asked what was so funny about that?

I told him that Trump isn't going to be tricked by a pack of self centered, low IQ buffoons like that.

When it's all said and done though, I would like to see Kerry, Clinton, and Obama get time.

Probably wont happen, but it'd be nice.

I don't know if you see canceled automatic payments from paypal or not, if you do I just wanted you to know I did not drop my support, I canceled the old automatic payment in order to increase it from $10 a month to $25 a month.

Paypal didn't have a way to adjust it without canceling the old automatic payment.

Quodverum is worth it to me, good job to everyone involved!

I yearn for the day these socialist pigs pushing MAN made climate change finally fall by the wayside....or under my truck tires.

I had found a new weather site:, that has great graphic representations, the newest radar, lots of data, etc, but today they pushed their ad for AGM climate change. Such horseshit.

Anyone that has their skull OUTSIDE their rectum knows humans can't change the climate, it's just another socialist bid for control.

Not happening.🖕

Now HERE is a discovery that could very soon change the way we look at, and exist in the universe(s).

Nothing is forever and entropy is unavoidable they say, but particles can reconstitute themselves on the quantum level, renewing their existence eternally.

It'll be VERY interesting to see how this information is put to use.

I'm irritated as all hell at the moment, and this just made it worse.

Grammatic 'ticks' and verbal fads make me crazy to begin with, it's a pet peeve of mine.

It's LONG PAST TIME NOW to stop beginning every fucking sentence with the words "WELL" or "SO".

JUST STOP IT. You don't sound cool or edgy, you sound like mindless retards when you try to emulate who you think sounds cool because they are also emulating someone THEY think sounded KEWL, DUDE!

Just speak normal English.

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Nancy the botox queen says;
“Threats and temper tantrums are no way to negotiate foreign policy.”

Sure. Surrender always works, right dems? If the democrats had their way over the centuries we'd either be speaking German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, or Arabic right now.

I get nervous as all-get-out in approaching severe weather. It's become so obvious to my dogs that they now know up to 12 hours in advance when severe weather is coming and start getting antsy before I ever see a weather report.

They know when I'm angry as hell, they know when I'm sad. They know when I'm PTSD'ing and practically bury me in fur snuggling up to me.

Dogs know. Humans are an open book, probably not just to dogs either.

Don't be so egotistical.

Let me offer an adjustment to this theory;

Dogs read humans like they are a youtube video in doggie language. Humans are SO egotistical in thinking they are super complex beings at the top of the food chain, but in reality we're barely out of the trees.

Only by the grace of God we've developed self awareness and the ability to steer our own destinies - to a point - but that doesn't mean we are infallible or unreadable. We absolutely are, by our best allies in life.

Good Lord. This is what the media has come to.

No need to wonder why leftists can't figure out conservatives, they just aren't the same species of human. Not even close.

I've been reading things about "Parler", another social media thing trying to be an alternative to Twitter.

What's your opinion of it, if you've even heard of it? I only learned of it 2 days ago and have heard it's another hateful GAB, and on the flipside it's already got died in the wool fanbois (which to me is a red flag).

This is my home now, that's not going to change (unless I'm kicked off 🤣). But, if it's a good platform I'm not opposed to visiting multiple places.

Everyone needs to be reminded of THIS when, as the next election cycle gets closer, libtards everywhere tout norwegian socialist welfare states the standard for American destruction.

Taxes have to continually rise and services have to be continually cut to keep the dead heart of socialism pumping, and it still fails in the end.

Every single time, no exceptions.

Suck it, AOC and Bernie.

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