I know I'm being repetitive, but this is really an excellent source of information that aside from providing mountains of information, also provides factual counters to the idiotic global warming/climate change hysterical lies from leftists.

Look and learn! It's FREE!


Today's information injection:


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I absolutely love being right.

I've said for a long time that al-Qaeda in Syria--now known as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS)--is actually commandos from the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Listen to THIS:


🤣 🤣 🤣
UN: the world is ending because CLIMATE!!!11 All your money are belong to ME!

Next day....

UN: DON'T listen to those crazy climate extremists! The world is NOT ENDING! (All your money are STILL belong to ME!)


Notice that this putz never says he was WRONG to do this, or that it was stupid to do, just that he knows he shouldn't have and regrets it.

That tells you volumes about him and most other leftists.


I have no problem mocking people for their behavior, or their looks if they are miscreants. What was it that MLK said?

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

What's wrong with that, and why does "blackface" crap all over that ideal?

If you have to argue why it's "O.K." to go to a party in blackface, you might just be a bigot.

People can be so disappointing.

Since the mid 1960's black people have in no uncertain terms let everyone know that they do not appreciate being mimicked using "blackface", yet some people went right along using it at parties, at rallies, etc.

How about some respect?

"Have fun" they say.
"Don't be so uptight" they say.

Call me uptight and 'unfun' then, I just don't think it's fun or funny to mockingly imitate black people with 'blackface'.

This is a little depressing.

Not the story, I think it just displays the hypocrisy of the leftists generally. What's disappointing is the comments I'm seeing not just on that site, but other sites carrying the story as well.

I'm all for having fun, but why does anyone in this day and age think it's ok and not disrespectful at all to wear "blackface"?


You MAY be able to get rid of "resting bitch face" using surgery, but it won't last, and you'll still be a bitch.


I have to agree with Ted on this one. These days, as radical as the leftists are, we can't afford to play the 'incrementalism' game with them.

It's all or nothing. When they lose, they'll become unhinged, then lose again.


Today's Suspicious Observers video. All good information, climate lies and debunking, more bad news for the stubborn 'dark matter' crowd, and more.



Right after that story, I run across this one.

Where do people draw the line? If you drop facebook, you take dollars away from them. Take enough away and facebook goes away. Let the liberals fund it if they need a fascist echo chamber that badly, don't throw your own soul on the burn pile too.


It boggles my mind as to why anyone is still on facebook after all that's been shown about it, it's creators, and their misuse of data, let alone their attempts at election tampering and censorship of anything NOT libtarded.

Now, there's your mind and your health. Are people already too mentally ill to drop that shit?


So, to Rand Paul; you can shut your curly headed yapper now. You are NEVER going to be president, so stop clawing at everything the current president is saying as if you know better.

You don't.

Rand Paul is an idiot.

We don't NEED to attack Iran, not directly anyway. They've spread themselves all over the middle east, and pretty thinly too.

Nice proxies you have there Mullahs, it'd be an awful shame if something MOAB happened to them...


Communist pope pushes more communism.

If you are Catholic and go to church, be prepared to walk away from the apostasy when the pope declares that at mass, communion will no longer be offered.

That's the time to bail because it will no longer be Catholic, let alone Christian.


OF course people shouldn't be judged on their looks.

BUT, I'm betting the farm that if this woman had written a piece for CNN that PRAISED president Trump every liberal in the world including anchors at CNN would have been calling her "the human toad writer thing who's mother missed her abortion appointment".

Please, the hypocrisy is transparent as hell.


Burger King must be too offended to take my cash then, being the far left wingnuts that they obviously are.

They lost me before this anyway. Their "impossible whopper" vegan hamburger doesn't taste anything like a hamburger, let alone anything like the old whopper.

This shit is toxic anyway, I don't need it.


The inevitable future of all democrat run cities, and the country if they get and keep power long enough.


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