If you don't already please consider donating to QV. They don't advertise and they don't datamine. If you enjoy the wisdom from some of the great minds here please consider donating as little as $5 a month. If everyone did that it would be amazing. And no I don't get paid to say this or compensated in any way I just believe in this platform and want to see it survive.


It is below the Toot Compose window also


Always add the link when suggesting donations. The easy to get there, the better the results


Being a Music Man I just threw a $33.78 donation at the Boss!

Keep up the good work Mr. @Debradelai

@EarlThePearls @WarriorPoet

With that kind of mullah dumped back into the sight, that would be amazing.

Even half of that!

@Debradelai @WarriorPoet

It goes to show you how the little bits add up to a lotta bits before you know it.

@Debradelai @WarriorPoet

"With that kind of mullah dumped back into the sight, that would be amazing."

read this with politics in mind 🕵️‍♂️

Amazing how a few spelling changes effect the meanings, say the guy who doesn't always proofread his voice to text comments (that would be me!)

@EarlThePearls @WarriorPoet @Debradelai

Subscribed. Not $10 yet, but I believe that an upgrade is in my future.

@EarlThePearls @WarriorPoet Early this year I finally gave up my beloved WSJ online subscription and traded it for a $20 per month QV subscription. Not a single regret.

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