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This place has become a trustworthy daily source of news and information. We are slowly collecting some of the best journalists there are. Actual journalist that are in it for the truth not the money or the clicks. Let's help to shoulder the load and keep this a great place that it has become

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From Kirstie Alley on Twitter:

"I’m voting for a system. I’ve narrowed it down for myself. It’s either a vote for a republic or a vote for socialism. It’s ok if you disagree. We can still be friends ..standing together in the gas station lines if your team wins." 🤣 🤣


Trump just called the media criminal for not reporting on Hunter Biden's e-mails.

Periodic reminders:

—The U.S. was under no obligation to pay Iran in the summer of 2016, or ever.

—The cash in question only became “Iran’s money” after Obama secretly sent it to the Mullahs in an unmarked cargo plane.

trump should spend the entire debate bringing up hunter biden laptops

moderator: mr president, what is your opinion on climate change

trump: i would love to tell you but before i do, ‘wheres hunter wheres hunter wheres hunter’

Carlos makes an interesting point here.

But there is one he does not make:

Democrats maintain that a 19 year old is not responsible for a heinous crime because a 19 year old brain is not sufficiently developed.

But his brain is developed enough to vote and elect the leader of the free world.

Social Democracy is a mental disease.


Ok, I believe it says: "I'm sending you, as a memento, a picture of my three children."

It was written by Soske Kaplan, daughter of my g-grandparents, Gershn Kaplan and Esther Rosenbloum.

Esther, Soske and the three girls where killed by the Nazis 78 years ago, today.

The picture came with a letter telling my grandfather they had received their ship passage. Two weeks before the Nazis invaded Poland.

I now ponder whether the main problem with mail in ballots is fraud or jut plain fuck-ups.

From Iowa to Pennsylvania, New York or California, the number of misprints ballots is mind boggling.



On 15-18 October 1942, 20,000 Jews from the Ghetto of Brest-Litovsk were killed by order of Karl Eberhard Schöngarth.

About 5,000 at the Brest Fortress, the rest at the forest of Bronna Góra. Among g them this 3 beautiful girls, my mother's first cousins, and their mother, my grandfathers youngest sister.

Two years earlier they got the tickets to America they could never use, and the dresses made by my grandmother and my Grand-Aunt Market.


BREAKING NEWS: All White Supremacist Trump crowd abducts Black Democratic GA Congressman and attempts to tar and feather him.

Just finished recording Beard Blather. Taking a break while it converts to editable file...

"He was the last guy I'd vote for. And I voted for him. This time I'll crawl through fire to vote for him again".

Trump, the Duracell bunny.

On to Janesville, WI fresh from MI.

He's campaigning in the bluest of the blue districts.

Beard Blather 33

"Humpter Bidet, Corruption and General Asshattery."

@ThomasWic and @Debradelai discuss Humpter Bidet and Pop's drunken forays into South American style corruption, the folly of Silicon Valley cretin's attempts at censorship, and how Democrats are circling the drain ... just for starters.


11:30pm Eastern/9:30pm Pacific

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Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) Tweeted:
No nation that desires a peaceful Middle East should contemplate arms sales with Iran - every weapon the regime buys will be at the disposal of its radical ideology. We are prepared to use domestic authorities to sanction individuals or entities contributing to these arms sales.

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