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This video is from Carpe and why he got suspended, he just posted this!

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Dead soldiers cannot lie still while MSM is videoing the dead...


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These leftists hell-bent on destroying cities should be exiled from the U.S.

They’re using the media’s focus on Trump, all the fake hysteria, to fast forward the corruption & destruction.

In NYC, the contrast btwn Giuliani’s era & today is stark. We have speed cameras on main roads in every middle class area. Anyone driving over 25 mph, even on open, barren stretches, gets a ticket.

Locals call them DiBlasio’s ATMs. The corruption is beyond repair.

@ThomasWic @HunDriverWidow

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"California's Gavin Newsom decides state's big, voter-approved gas tax won't be for repairing highways after all..."


"Turns out the tax wasn't about repairing roads and highways after all. On Sept. 20, in a little noted maneuver, Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order to divert the tax cash away from crumbling highway repair to greenie political pet projects instead. To heck with the highways; it was time to save the Earth. ..."

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Apple's under-the-table dealings with China's communist bosses have some of the company's biggest & most public supporters angry as hell.


Profit over Liberty as Apple kisses communist ass.

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Read this creepy Prophetic thread about Trump, based on two books written in 1890 and 1900

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did you catch what POTUS said when asked 'where is Obama in all this? POTUS: 'I think he's hiding". POTUS speaks in code sometimes, just informed the DS he knows. I believe he's known for a long time and all these carpet bombs have been planned well in advance.


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I'd love to be a fly on the wall eavesdropping on the Kenyan-Marxist's conversations with Valerie Jarrett on how to deal with the Biden-Ukraine fiasco.

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Charlie Kirk

Why do you think Barack Obama asked Joe Biden not to run?

He knew everything would come out:

The spying

The FISA abuse

The weaponization of the intelligence agencies

Not to mention Ukraine and the literal fortunes made by members of his administration

Obama knew everything.

10:38 PM · Oct 12, 2019

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This strategy also baits the Dems on impeachment.

Remember, Trump WANTS an impeachment vote.

If it fails, the Obama/Clinton coup is OVER.

If it succeeds, it opens up subpoena power for the GOP in the House and the Dem/GOPe crooks get nailed in the Senate in a hearing.


The end.

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This is the steepest, most corrupt, shameful and disgusting crime in America - Abortion!


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4. Trump yesterday to FakeNews : 'Rudy might be my lawyer.'

Today? 'Rudy is my lawyer. Great guy!'

Ambiguity. Deception. Extremely clever.

These are awesome times. One man (with some geniuses, like Guliani) is taking down the Obama/Clinton machine. It's amazing to watch.

And we will never see the like again.

Watch, learn, etc.

The end.

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(2) Thus, proponents of this fallacy resort to the exploitation of feelings.

There's no other way to peddle that intellectual garbage.

Don't you care that people suffer?

Yes, we do. Only sociopaths do not.

Alas, the question isn't whether someone "cares" or not, but what's the best course to alleviate that suffering, if possible.

That they will not discuss

Thus Sociotards label anyone who does not subscribe to their witch doctor medicine as a heartless, materialistic, money grabbing grue.

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(3) Never mind that Free Markets in Free Societies have done more to advance the well-being of more people than any other system ever devised.

Never mind that Socialist remedies have caused more death, hunger and devastation than any other system ever.

You're a heartless monster if you don't surrender.

So remember this, if you remember nothing else from me:

When politicians appeal to feelings rather than Reason...RUN

Run for the woods and don't look back. You are about to get screwed


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California is a laboratory and testing ground for ideas that demolish civilization.

When I leave this state, I'll never look back.


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Last night, twelve cops came to arrest the homeless lunatic trying to break into my house.

Four of the cops were morbidly obese, and one was a female midget.

They couldn't find the lunatic, so I had to tell them to go up on the porch WHERE SHE WAS STANDING IN PLAIN SIGHT.

Leftism created homeless lunatics.

Leftism created incompetent cops.

Leftism creates environmental catastrophe.

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The impact of the green laws that Greta's people love have been totally annulled.

These recent fires have put out over 900 percent more carbon than was been saved by the green laws.

The green laws are causing carbon emissions on a scale never before seen.

And all the management of the utilities all have six-figure salaries and golden parachutes.

So after KILLING PEOPLE with fires caused by decrepit infrastructure, utility management walks away with tens of millions.

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(1) A year ago almost to the date (29 April 2018) I started a conversation about the "Deep State" that Twitter saw fit to interrupt.

Let's start it again.

Few expressions are so misused in our ever so limited political lexicon.

Indeed, it's increasingly difficult to divine the intended meaning anymore.

Whatever group someone dislikes, it gets so labeled and on they go.

So let’s define what it is we mean by "Deep State" before we go any further lest the conspiratorial crowd get too excited.

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