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@timr @darulharb @drawandstrike

It'll be recorded. Recorded and spliced together from 743 takes over three days. No way is he doing it live for more that 45 seconds.

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Assange's deadman switch likely has some of the info Ghislaine Maxwell's has. That's why there's a virtual blackout on info for both.

2020 is nuts.

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@timr @darulharb It shouldn’t even be Biden’s choice in the matter, but he will be the loser in all this. The way he is now, if this is a joke, it’s a sick one, and he really does seem to be in the throes of at least dementia.

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True, Biden cannot hold it together at all.

There was another 'demand' today - from Clinton toady Joe Lockhart - Biden will only debate in return for Trump taxes.

This is full-scale panic.

I have seen both leftists and conservatives marveling at the shrewdness of such a move.

On the contrary - it is a disaster for the Democrats. The Biden team is openly acknowledging that Biden's dementia is too severe for him to appear in public.

This will be the only real issue in October

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@SpiceOfOurLife @Argentum47 They could care less about the truth, it is now all Leftist political propaganda.

It is as if they are unaware Histoey will put them all into a category with Goebbels, Trotsky, and tge Soviet TASS "News Agency".

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‘You Can Take Your Mask Mandate And Shove It Right Up Your Ass’: Dan Bongino Vows To Defy Mask Order


must maintain CHAOS in order to push vote-by-mail, i.e. MASSIVE . Vote in person & demand ! The violence MUST end.

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@Work_to_Live @Dawnz

I'd probably agree with you...

"Mama Ashata Shakur" BLM's "spiritual leader".

Murderous bitches with friends in high places...

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This is convicted terrorist Susan Rosenburg, she sits on the Board of Directors for the fundraising arm of Black Lives Matter. She was convicted for the 1983 bombing of the United States Capitol Building, the U.SNaval War College & the New York Patrolmen's Benevolent Association.

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I’ve just spent ~ 5 minutes on Twaater, looking for info on Supreme Court decision today re: Trump taxes.

Nothing of interest (yet).

All I found were non-stop, blue-checked haters — names that have no meaning to me — hadn’t heard of any of them. Blocked a few, then left.

Twatter is a where the criers & kvetchers hang out.

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I worked in a mental health hospital for the criminally insane, max security. I never I thought I'd see the day when so many people mirrored the people I saw under lock and key.

It would take me hours after leaving work to reassemble myself and de-stress. Twitter has a psychic similarity to that place. It's like Portland with the mayor in league with the protesters. Jack can have it.


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@prchrskd @rarity - He's not wrong about Twitter. It's a virtual cesspool of vitriolic thoughts from a segment of society who have allowed themselves to wallow in a self-sustaining version of mental Hell.

Truth is, their tortured and twisted thoughts have everything to do what's happening inside them, and nothing to do with us.

Some can't immerse themselves in that environment without taking it to heart and getting caught up trying to adjust themselves to that negative energy.

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@rarity My son says Twitter's cancer. I took the app off my phone a few days ago. I can still follow links and I do but less and less. I don't think there's too many people left on Twitter that one can educate. They pretty much divided right down the middle. Sane versus insane. I'm not kidding and I'm not being facetious.

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So Jesse Lee Peterson gets on Good Morning Britain and this is what ensues when he comments about BLM.


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@Warren not at all! just feel the need to express support for trump& disgust at his enemies!

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this will suck. all these woke corporations will burn themselves to the ground in the name of wokeness.

'jamelle' fucking hill? wtf?

it's like netflix. the bigger the racist moron you are, the more money they'll throw at you.


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trust me @Warren, in no way am i thinking Trump is part of Epstein’s crimes It’s pure innuendo & it’s disgusting

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@Warren @Gmajv

Suing Netflix would hit at least 3 turds with 1 stone...Zero, MOOchelle, and Susan "Pathological Liar" Rice.

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