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From this point on, the Biden administration's collapse begins picking up speed.

Sit back and enjoy.

Nobody deserves a humiliating implosion more than Joe Biden.


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Child molesters become teachers and camp counselors.

Crazy people become psychologists.

And Mike Rothschild the deranged conspiracy theorist becomes an expert on conspiracy theories.

I'm getting feedback that my threat last night on Beard Blather already worked.

My accidentally adopted son has already had several financial shackles on him removed.

Word got around a long time ago that it's not wise to go after me.

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Biden can't come back from this. He's done.

As always, I can't predict what Trump will do. He's said several times now that he'll make an announcement that will make lots of people happy.

I'd also like to remind you that IF--and that's a BIG IF--devolution took place is is taking place, it'll never be revealed.

It's a weapon that must remain secret so that Congress can't cripple it.

And our enemies must never know that we have this weapon in our arsenal.

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See, as I said last night, my entire life has been a war for survival.

Therefore I had to learn how to fight to win.

You'd think that as a hermit, I'd be left alone.

But every now and then, a predator goes after me.

And then I have to destroy them.

They don't believe it when I tell them that this is my theme song.

Not at first.

They become believers when it's too late for them.



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@umad80 @ghostofColGlover @Beemer4Trump @Seedsaver

Listen up, kiddo! If Trump isn't getting the intel, nobody is! He's dialed in...get it? Perfect...no! Don't waste your time trying to dissect it...just relax into it. 🤣

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It's called a 'hit and run'...politically.

Why did he do that?

To make a fool of himself to the Left?

Who but Trump could make that fake, phony fraud produce...a fake doctored document? 🤔

@Beemer4Trump @Seedsaver

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Please correct me...

But was that not started by the CLINTONS...?

To dig up possible dirt because SHE was running against him?

I would like to set the record on this.


Trump put Obama against the school yard fence about this...


So what did Obama do?

He put out a manipulated pdf layered document...

The guy is a complete fucking fraud...

You do know this right?

@Beemer4Trump @Seedsaver

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@umad80 @Seedsaver If you
truly believe what you wrote -
that Trump doesn’t realize what
he is saying, then you have not
been paying attention. Please
read a book or two written by
citizen Trump. You will see that
he is a quick study and very
calculated how and what he
speaks about/writes.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but did I just watch a video of the POTUS wandering into bushes at the White House, as Secret Service guys (traitors all) desperately try and work out what the crooked, deranged impostor is doing?

I must be wrong, because if that was true, America is sadly now an absurd and insane society, that no longer deserves respect.

As it no longer respects itself.

What's happening is disgusting and disgraceful.

A population held hostage by a tiny minority of evil scum.

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That is not the feel I am getting.

But I have been to a Trump rally that did have that great feel. 😁

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The election cybersecurity symposium is live and being streamed all day and next 2 days. Lots of great experts on the panel today, including Col Waldron and Professor David Clements. Getting ready to start going state by state on data, starting 25 today, and then 25 tomorrow. East coast 1st.




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Back in May Consolidated Communications union workers sabotaged my new fiber optic internet connection because subcontract workers had installed it. Did they fix it? No, the subcontract workers, who also have families to support, returned and made the repairs. I was told that I wasn't the first customer this had happened to. Three years ago the union agreed to the use of subcontractors.

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I don't see how this can be Constitutional according to the VT State Constitution.
Applies to municipal elections only in Montpelier and municipal/school elections in Winooski


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Best episode yet.

The trials of John Wayne, Hollywood's only outspoken conservative.


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