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The debate over borders is over: they are needed.

The debate over globalization is over: the era of autarky begins.

The debate over Europe is over: it is a geographic expression, not a polity.

The debate over global warming is over: it is irrelevant.

The debate over international institutions is over: only nations matter.

The debate over the People’s Republic of China is over: it is a menace to the community of nations, not a member in good standing.

Crisis is clarity.

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I have read all of Brian Cates articles but this one is right up there as one of his very best.

Xi is a hack. In his world, this is a great victory for China. He underestimates not just American power, but also Trump's genius.

And Xi doesn't seem to understand that everyone thinks the regime sucks. China is about as inspirational as a fart in an elevator.

Xi is single handedly destroying his own regime. He just doesn't get it.



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Interesting presser today. Looks like the admin is going after the muscle of the DeepState. The cartels control the networks and are a cash cow in moving people, weapons and drugs. They finance the DeepState. Great to see the plan coming together.

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Riveting story of international intrigue by Duane Cates, that may pan out to be true. Better, and scarier, than any novel. Unfolding now on Twitter. twitter.com/CatesDuane/status/

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India bans exports of chloroquine to ensure a supply for its citizens.
France implements its use in the treatment of COVID19.

Hundreds of successful programs around the world.

And this idiot Democrat with TDS issues an executive order forbidding it's use for the treatment of COVID in Nevada.

Just like that idiot Cuomo tried in NY.

Leftism is a mental disease.

Gov. Steve Sisolak, a moron of Darwin Awards proportions.

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It's pretty astonishing the ease with which Trump turned all of this to his advantage.

He killed leftism AND the press.

This was supposed to be Trump's Waterloo, but he turned it into another miraculous victory.

I know people think the Democrats have some kind of master plan with Biden, but they don't.

They honestly think he can win.

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The wealthy sister is leftism.

The entire ideology has totally imploded.

It holds no attraction for anybody sane.

And that's a good thing.


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Trump has ALL the leftists--establishment and communist--right where he wants them.

The Bernie wing is actually saying that Trump is going to force Americans to go back to work, where they'll get sick and die.

And Pelosi took care of the establishment Dems by blocking the economic rescue package.

We now have the entire spectrum of leftism showing its utter hate for the working class.

To leftists, working Americans are cannon fodder.

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They may agree to one debate, but definitely not three.

Trump may pull something astounding. He may beat the Democrats to the punch by announcing that debating Biden would be cruel, so he'll forgo it.

The Democrats will then say Trump is afraid, so Trump will "change his mind" and force Biden to face him on stage.

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@Doc_0: "Hey, are any of you heroic firefighting Guardians of Truth in the media going to send people over to China to check if what the Communist Party is telling you to pass along to your readers is true?

If not, were you ever planning on telling your readers that you can't?"


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We'll be a different country after this.

Most Americans approve of how Trump is handling the crisis.

The Democrats crapped in their nest again.

The biggest crapping is yet to come, when they run Joe Biden and an angry woman of color who will do nothing but criticize everything about the US.

All will be well.


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I can't wait until POTUS destroys CNN that even airports won't keep them alive.

‘Absolute garbage’: Just when you thought CNN couldn’t sink lower, here’s an analysis of Trump’s ‘unsubstantiated hope’


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“Trump is an authoritarian and acts like a dictator!”

“Why isn’t Trump doing more to control this!?”

Same people.

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Donald J. Trump

As per recent Federal Court ruling, the Federal Government will be withholding funds from Sanctuary Cities. They should change their status and go non-Sanctuary. Do not protect criminals!


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@JM I read a lot of articles.

Most of them are filled with the usual bias of either side. All of the media outlets are resorting to jaundiced articles & vying to trigger one side or the other.

Some where, in the middle of the minefield of crap, lies bits of truth & fact.

I gather from the morsels, they are gearing up for the "outrage" of outright dismissal.

I, however, think there will be a trial. It won't be good for the Dems. Their dirt will be spotlighted.

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Thanks for the mid-day thread, Carlos. I had seen bits and pieces of the interview but not altogether. Happy Friday!


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Man....could "things" be going ANY better than they are now?

Democrats campaigning FOR GOP landslide in Nov. 2020.

FOUR more Fed judges in.

NATO cowering before Trump

Massive consumer holiday celebrations

Charles Schwab HQ moving to TEXAS.

401K's making regular folks into millionaires

AG Barr INDICTING a bunch of Hillary's bundlers....

AND, the Battleship U.S.S. Melania fires her 16" Main Deck Guns at the Democrats??!

Holy Smokes!!

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Pelosi KNOWS....

You can see it in her eyes...

frozen acknowledgement.

The flawed political ship she so carefully built is sinking.

The Titanic is going down.

The world's proudly politically governing ship hit the tip of the iceberg in 2016.

The magnitude of the damage done beneath the surface then, has now become apparent to everyone......

The CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and our wisely led founding fathers stood firm against it.


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