"World GDP PPP Per Capita 2019-

China ranks #78, way behind Latvia, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Uragyay; also behind Mexico, Argentina, Iran, Turkmenistan, Dominican Republic & Africa’s Gabon.

This is the 2nd largest economy in the world.


President Trump has balkenized the democratic party.

Hey you should use the word in a sentence lol 😁😁😁

So, how quickly the judge in Hawaii will rule that Epstein's suicide is actually done by Russian hackers?

Yes, mass-disinformation media is in meltdown as of now, but they will recover by tomorrows primetime.

In other words, Mueller’s “terrible” testimony is not going to help Trump in 2020, simply because Trump already sealed the deal (read – the landslide next November) several months ago.

Nothing is going to alter that, BECAUSE THERE WAS NO CASE FROM THE BEGINNING.

Mueller knew it from the beginning, and today, he used all his experience to create an illusion of answering questions. I cannot recall any of his direct answers to direct questions (expect of numerous “Yes” or “True” when some D-congressman read him back his report).

In other words, Mueller has demonstrated the highest possible for the DC swamp creature performance – he was talking for hours, but he said nothing.

That is a remarkable achievement by the swamp’s standards.

OK, now, several hours after the Mueller testimony, one can read numerous articles/comments along the lines of “stupid Mueller ” and “he was not prepared” or even “disastrous” Muller’s performance.

Let us face it – the reality is quite different. Mullers have testified before Congress 60+ times, and he knows exactly how to behave in front of TV cameras – if there is a case, that is.

However, in the case of Russiagate, there was no case.

Long hot summer for the Democrats.

Especially after today's Mueller hearings.

My column today in American Thinker.


Excellent, strongly recommended article by Margot Cleveland.

"Latest Development In Flynn Case Proves Special Counsel Was A Cover For Taking Down Trump"


Interesting observation:

"Twitter is a window into the dark soul of the left.

In last 24hrs, AOC's tweets are averaging about 5-10K retweets each.

NONE of the main four Dem Presidential candidates is averaging more than about 200-300 RTs per tweet.

The Democrat Party is about to implode."


Cribbed from Gary Gindler's twitter tl @Gary_US aka
@WW_II_Historian on SQV

Marxism: Theory and Practice.

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