President Trump had quite the Thanksgiving week

Dems and the media beclouded themselves as usual

It's as if they want him to win reelection

My article today in American Thinker

"Mr. Horowitz will be appearing before the Senate Committee on Dec. 11."

In other words FISA report will be released BEFORE Dec 11.

So, how many heart attacks are going to happen on the Demshevik side in the next three weeks?

The Calm Before the Storm is a catchy phrase.

But we remain in the calm and the promised storm is still just a wish or a prediction.

Bad actors are running free and thumbing their noses at justice.

Where's the storm?

My article this morning in American Thinker.


So, from the just released FIRST phone call between Trump and Ukranian president-elect we got proof that Trump invited Zelensky to the White House WITHOUT ANY PRE-CONDITIONS.

No demands for investigations at all.

Impeach Trump over Quid Pro Quo?

Everything in politics is quid pro quo, every deal, every contribution.

Much ado about nothing.

My American Thinker article.

Well, Sidney has dropped THE NUCLEAR DEVICE in her reply to DOJ in General Flynn case:

As a result, Judge Sullivan CANCELLED Nov 7th hearings.

Frankly speaking, Sidney Powell has changed my not-so-good opinion about lawyers. She is impressive, dedicated, smart, and brave.

Nadler in 1989:

"You may have the votes. You may have the muscle. But you do not have the legitimacy of a national consensus or of a constitutional imperative. This partisan coup d’etat will go down in infamy in the history of this nation."

In defence of Bill Clinton...😂

DOJ response to Flynn Re: Brady material filed today:

To me (not a lawyer), it does not look good for General Flynn. I hope Sydney thinks differently.

Despite the media narrative, the walls are closing in, but not on President Trump.

My latest in American Thinker.

Nitwits on the left outraged over Trump saying he is being lynched.

What's the origin of lynch and how has the left used it in the past?

My American Thinker article explains.

Have you noticed how, around the world, every political party with the word "Democratic" in its name...isn't?

Not parody. Actually on his twitter feed.

Democrats must be so proud of their candidate field.😂😂


Beria would be proud to see Schiff running his “investigation”.
Borrowed the playbook from the NKVD.

My second article in a week on top of American Thinker:

“Dr. Strangesсhiff, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Impeachment”

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