@WW_II_Historian good article😊shows another area that so called leaders have forgotten, the number of women voters is goid, can be better

"The correct translation of “Black Lives Matter” into plain English is “Marxists Lives Matter.”

My latest column: “Black Lives Matter” and the Camouflage for American Marxism


I agree. The Comrades aren’t idiots. In spite of the their bottom feeding followers, even Pelosi isn’t an idiot.
They have a goal and they ruthlessly pursue it. Everything ow is desperation and they’re emptying their Bolshevik toolbox to get that goal.


Great article Gary.

"The Pan-American pogrom is happening because it looks as if the Democrats know that Trump has already won the 2020 election."

This has been said by only 2 people that I know of. Not too many are really paying close attention and sometimes need it spelled out to them. You pretty much hit a home-run here.

“Eventually white women can breed out, but my feeling is that if you are a white male, you should kill yourself now.”

My latest for American Thinker:

“Russian origins of black neo-Marxism”


“America should be wary that Obama supporters in the American intelligence community could do to Barack Obama what American intelligence services have done to John F. Kennedy.”

My latest article “Twenty weeks before the election: which American politicians are now the most vulnerable?”


"It should be remembered that before hippies of the 21st century occupied Wall Street, hippies of the 20th century were occupied by agents of the Soviet KGB."

My latest for the American Thinker:

"The Fifth International"


Today, right before my one-hour radio program, my wife came up with an idea – to get some gift cards from local restaurants/cafés and deliver them to our local police precinct.

Just to show our support.

I managed to broadcast the idea, and many callers to the studio supported it too.

Right after the show, we jumped into the car and did it. You should see the eyes of police officers! It made my day.

The DNC-media complex has become increasingly desperate

Spinning the news and lying to the public

And expect to only get worse

My American Thinker article today

Desperate FakeNews Media in Overdrive


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Emmet Sullivan's Abuse of Discretion.


So, Judge accepted the motion to dismiss "with prejudice". Means they can't bring the charges back.

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