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Emmet Sullivan's Abuse of Discretion.

So, Judge accepted the motion to dismiss "with prejudice". Means they can't bring the charges back.

“Ideally, society’s response should be quite the opposite – maximizing the number of coronavirus cases outside the risk group while minimizing the number for the risk group.”

My latest for NRN:

“COVID-19(84): War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Negative Test Is Positive”

My latest for American Thinker:

“What We, the People, Learned, Thanks to Coronavirus”

"We learned that we are facing digital Easter, digital Passover, digital this, and digital that everywhere. Surprisingly, all of this because of the number of infected in the United States has reached "catastrophic" 0.1% of the entire population. (For comparison, seasonal flu affects about 20% or more of the population.)"

My latest for American Thinker: “The Unusual COVID-19 Political Phenomenon”

"The regular flu seasons produce a well-understandable approximate 1-to-1 ratio of the virus patients between Democrat and Republican governed states, but the Chinese coronavirus patients have an abnormal 4-to-1 ratio."

"Overall, 83% of all COVID-19 victims to the present day are under the Democrat state government, and only 17% of victims are under the Republican government. "

My latest:

The earlier version of this article, published at American Thinker, has typo errors (still not fixed by the Editor):

Italy is in a world of hurt over Coronavirus

Is it just a shortage of ICU beds?

Actually it's far more than that.

My article today in American Thinker.

"For the Arabs of the Middle East, the “Palestinian problem” has long turned into the problem of a used condom. Furthermore, their fate is the same. "

My latest column for NRN:

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If I understood him correctly, the pencilneck guy just said: "Not only Trump, but the entire Senate is on trial here."

LOL is that the right language to talk to judges?!

The third amendment by the (D)ump party goes to toilet too. Same 53:47 result.

Will they ever learn?

The second Schumer’s amendment was just defeated: 53-47. Again, along the party lines.

The amazing part is the (R)s are holding the unified front so far.

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