The third amendment by the (D)ump party goes to toilet too. Same 53:47 result.

Will they ever learn?

The second Schumer’s amendment was just defeated: 53-47. Again, along the party lines.

The amazing part is the (R)s are holding the unified front so far.

"There are absolutely no similarities between the American downing of Flight 655 and the Iranian downing of Flight 752.

The surface battle was taking place because the Iranians were attacking civilian oil tankers, US military aircraft, and US military vessels."

“If former secretary of state John Kerry had been in the car with the Butcher of the Middle East, Soleimani, no one in the world would be surprised. No one.”

My new article “Trump Is Masterfully Using Democrats' Opposition against Them”

My latest column

“How Photogenic is Soleimani Now?

“The Trump Doctrine is Simple, Rational and Understandable”


"The closest thing to an Ayatollah is a Pope."


I wouldn't be surprised if Trump speaks Persian.

So today was momentous.

If Trump announces no retaliation, it means that this was all prearranged.


Putin considers Finland as part of Russia. Also, Russians don't forget Finland's collaboration with the Nazis.

For Putin, the calculus will be : 'Finland is run by fools, their military is hopeless, they are not NATO members and their 34 year old PM just insulted Trump. The possibility of the US helping them is now unlikely.'

The odds in favor of a Russian invasion just went up significantly.

When the tanks roll in, who will Finland turn to? They can forget Trump.

@Jackie @WW_II_Historian

A good read—and a useful comparison at its heart; it further advances the view that history rhymes—though, in this case, history’s echo may be more musical than poetic, as the mournful bugle-cry of Taps might soon play out the memory of that motley, desperate camp that once were the Democrats.

Now for Svengali Trump's latest magic trick...

Making Democrats and the media support Iran and terrorists.

Mind control at its finest.

My article in American Thinker today.

A bunch of Shi'a goat humpers manage to pass a meaningless non-binding resolution and some folks are already waxing hysterical.

No, we are not leaving Iraq in the forseable future.

To those pining for the Mahdi or for Che Guevara...Get used to it.

I would move the US embassy to Erbil just for shits and giggles, but that's not going to happen either.

The OLD Gen. Flynn tweet (from 2015):

"Soleimani--#1 terrorist in the world, now a good guy & Iran, #1 State Sponsor of Terrorism, now has nuke capabilities--what just happened?"

The (D)eep State could not and cannot stand this.

“Judging Trump's fighting mood, the battle for impeachment will be a historic turning point for the Democrats, just as the battle for Stalingrad was a turning point in World War II.“

My latest column for the American Thinker:

“Have the Democrats Reached Their Stalingrad?”

@WW_II_Historian 👏 👏

My favorite part...👇

The clumsy and unconvincing process of impeaching Trump lasted only three months, and Trump does not look like either Nixon or Clinton at all – he is cheerful, energetic, and continues to troll the demsheviks.

“On December 18, 2019, on Joseph Stalin’s birthday, the Democrats impeached President Trump, and thus stepped over the political Rubicon.

Behind the Rubicon is a politically unchartered territory where boomerangs, launched by permanent impeachment, fly permanently.”

My latest column “Year of the Boomerang”

“…Demsheviks came up with a new, previously unheard-of method of political blackmail – permanent impeachment.”

“…House of Representatives is about to turn into a Perpetuum Mobile for the production of numerous impeachments of Trump. “

My latest American Thinker column “A crisis of leftism in the post-impeachment world”:

President Trump had quite the Thanksgiving week

Dems and the media beclouded themselves as usual

It's as if they want him to win reelection

My article today in American Thinker

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