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Which is more likely,



A massive military presence in DC to ensure order after Trump remains POTUS and the urbanite riots start?

I know where I'm placing my bet.

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@Wolferkitten @HectorHeathcote @mtneal
I try to enjoy whatever phase of my life I find myself in. I always make lemonade out of lemons 🍋..I have a lemonade right here. ✌

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A little taster for those who haven't done their background check of Trump's character and are still worried he's not thought through the current scenario... 🧐

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Inside Edition is happily playing into someone's attempt to pass disinformation. It's pure crap & I don't believe it. I'm sure DJT & his family is loved by most everyone in the WH who isn't a Marxist plant.

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@WWG1WGA And if he wasn't quite there yet, he was certainly picking out wallpaper and stocking up on Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

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Joe Biden, GITMO-elect, said tonight that the first COVID patient died in “early February, when practically no one knew about the virus.”

Yet the CDC announced only on February 29 that the first patient died.

President Trump closed travel to China as of January 31, a month before the first patient died.

A whole lot of us “knew about the virus,” Joe.

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CBS News is running a special report from... get this...
The Office President-Elect.

No one else is carrying Sleepy Joe.

Bring back Jeopardy!

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"Listen to your gut.

Your gut is God talking to you.

God's best friend is your brain." ~

Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic, 1/14/2021

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Most of them forgot about the Senate part of the proceedings.


Our president asked us to stand down. Listen to him! He will fight our fight.

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Trump's address is to make sure people don't lynch Democrats after their role in the stolen election is revealed.

Until Biden takes the oath of office, I won't believe that Trump surrendered.


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Our President is telling us to stay out of it. We don't NEED to grab our guns and rush out into the streets and try to tangle with these goons.


Listen to the man. Listen to what he's asking of you.

Take him seriously.


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Antifa, BLM, all the usual goons are gonna hit the streets in a last desperate attempt to stop him, they are counting on Trump supporters to get out there and FIGHT WITH THEM.

And Trump is already countering that strategy.

Any violence over this next seven days will NOT be from Trump supporters. We will do as he asks.


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Look at what Trump is asking his supporters to do in this video.

He's asking his SUPPORTERS not to attack Democrats once he makes the big drop this week. He asking US to let the pros handle it.

He's asking his supporters not to attack Democrats when Democrats go BAT SHIT INSANE AND RIOT IN THE STREETS when he drops whatever it is he's gonna drop this week.

No matter WHAT HE REVEALS, he's calling on all his real supporters to NOT GET VIOLENT.

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How else was Trump gonna be able prove he was President-of-Peace. Now, he will even win over 60% of dumbocratz. This is playing out on a genius level. Watch the show and we will be amazed with the ending. Dont 4get "The Apprentice"

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@Karen99 @ThomasWic

We have no choice but to put our faith & trust in God, DJT, Gen Flynn, Mike Pompeo, Sidney Powell, & their team. Our very lives, our country, our freedom, & our future depend on it.

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