@REX wanna stop Putin in Ukraine? How about you send all the Antifa “heroes” to Ukraine, to punch a Nazi. And once there are no more Nazis in Ukraine, Putin will wrap up and go home. Thank me later

@REX Putin attacks Ukraine to root out the Ukrainian Nazis who for years were persecuting and cleansing the ethnic Russians who live in Ukraine.

@REX “ When Putin speaks of restoring greatness, he means reviving what existed before 1917”, this is pure speculation not based on any facts.

@REX I’ve listened to Putin’s 28 minute address, in Russian, and no “imperialistic ambitions” were expressed by him. If you’re limited to the western “translation” of his words, you might have received a dose of fake news.


Hi Thomas. What is your take on : Russel-Jay: Gould., his claims about owning the patent for the US Title 5 size flag, claim of him being the postmaster-general of the world, and quantum grammar?

@REX Most Russians are indeed Patriots. I’d say the overwhelming amount of their population. Not everyone likes Putin, but they all love Russia.

@graficgod no, you claim that you were protecting the society by withholding funds from a wasteful and corrupt government, which would otherwise put that money to a bad use.

@ThomasWic Russian and Slovenian are very close in pronunciation and parse syntax.

@ThomasWic What Trump did, does it have anything to do with the DOD Law Of War Manual?

@ThomasWic hi Thomas, what’s the Bladder channel name? Polar and thank you.

@REX Didn't Pelosi speak from the Congress floor yesterday after the vote for pressuring Pence to invoke the 25th?

@Danselmo2 @ThomasWic How do these Debbie Downers' follow you everywhere you go?

@ThomasWic Kamala Harris still hasn't resigned from her senatorial position.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.