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Amazing, isn't it?

Time to open everything back up. If we want, let's just lock down where the most vulnerable are. I don't think anyone would be against that.

The rest of us need to live our lives.

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@DonnaLea @Dawnz @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis Big hugs lovely girl. Crying does help release a lot of tension and stresses that we often don't know are there. Just remember you have a lot of shoulders here in QV to cry on.

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I don't care if you're tired of t.p. jokes. Don't read it.

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We, the general public, need & deserve more human interest stories on this virus. Who was infected, their current condition & progress. Our news media is lacking. Follow the disease.
Not hard.

Read on Twitter; someone went to multiple stores buying up all the Hand sanitizers/wipes (1700 or so), then tried selling them on Amazon and EBay for a ridiculous amount. They banned him for price gauging. Now he’s stuck with them. Feeling a bit snarky , I replied ,I hope he chokes on them. 5 minutes later, Twitter puts me in timeout for 12 hours 😂

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Is it just me or is everyone losing their minds? Please read this thread by a veteran ER Dr. of his very heartfelt and powerful story.

Happiest of New Years to all on QV ! The best people on the best social platform !🎉🎊

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(1) Thirty-four years ago, a Canadian teenager, Janice Johnston, wanted to do something about the Arrow Air disaster that impacted so many.

She pledged her babysitting money to plant a tree for every soul lost. That became the memorial at Ft. Campbell, with 256 sugar maples. A forest that grew so dense, trees begun to die a few years back and needed to be removed.

My father had back surgery 2 days ago, for bulging discs. He’s 88 yrs old. The effects on his memory, overall cognitive functions from anesthesia are horrible for him right now. I’m so afraid he won’t come back to us. Asking for prayers 🙏🏻

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So something hit me just now over the doxxing of CarpeDonktem.

I know what's going on.

The Socialists know they have lost. We are much further along in the process then we think because everything is being done behind the scenes, like Saudi Arabia handles their stuff.

Everything we are seeing now from the media doxxing people, to the rampant censorship on social media, to the antifa attacks, to the crazy left Squad, is for one purpose only.

They are trying to provoke a civil war.

Haven’t been here a lot lately, house buying- moving process, keeping me busy, for now. I do Try to check in for updates on REAL news. My continued appreciation for your efforts to provide that and enlighten and educate. Appreciate QV so much!

Does anyone know what significance this scene has? Found in an old box that belonged to my mom. Couldn’t find any back story on them.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.