Well this will come as a massive shock to everyone

With The Election "Over", AMA Magically Approves Hydroxychloroquine COVID Treatment Because It No Longer Risks Helping Trump!


And how many people suffered and died because they couldn’t get this medicine?


There was never any reason to ban this very safe drug. I took it for many years and never suffered any side effects. The incidence of any eye problems is extremely rare and only after very prolonged use. The cardiac issues are almost non-existent. The lengths they went through to ban it was very telling. Yes it was evil.

@PrairieRose @ValleyControl Now states that banned it should be sued for the deaths of people it would have saved.

@ValleyControl what baffles me is this: it’s obvious that their hatred of Trump would cause them to act in ways that do great harm to many. And who votes for these people ? Who votes for an admin, a party that operates against your best interests if it serves their hatred ? People have lost their sanity. It is truly baffling that they can’t perceive and act on these obvious and basic principles.

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