People like you...who think the way you do...clearly...connecting dots...noticing the little things...filled with confidence and anticipation...those people make me happy. For every lost hope in humanity I experience, there’s always a breath of fresh air that snaps me back into knowing that all is not lost.

Roseanne's circle of friends an acquaintances is aware that something is up.

They have no idea WHAT, but they know that something is happening.

You have no idea who she knows.

Her contacts are amazing.

I'm privileged to know the REAL Roseanne. She's quite impressive.

So there we are, kids.

Back to my research-therapy.



You kept it up. You own this topic.

Thanks to you, we now we have a permanent and growing record of their voters' disintegration, crackup and breakdown 😎


Biden made the decision to run for President when he was still able to make decisions. He is responsible for this. His loathsome family and the Democrats are all certainly involved, and continue to use and manipulate him. They share responsibility

It is terrible to watch this. But he is not a victim. His vanity and contempt for the United States led to this

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They were practicing pinpointing specific ROOMS in specific building, using digital models of the city.

This is why Trump stays out of sight.

Things might be FAR more advanced than we know.

And by that, I mean the Chinese, Russians, and Iranians may be preparing for offensive military action here in the continental US.

All they have to do is dress in black.

They'll have no shortage of American cannon fodder.


I LOVE it when one of my observations is used to develop actual information. Thanks Thomas!

Jen Psaki said there’s a link between Trump calling Covid-19 the “Wuhan Virus” And a rise in hate crimes towards Asians. Then why the hell so many Chinese news sites are still calling it “Wuhan Pneumonia” 武漢肺炎 ?


I am utterly unable to link these observations to what is going on absent other correlating information. Otherwise it is mere guesswork and I try to avoid that. Sometimes other QVers see stuff in the news that coincides with my observations or the observations of others and that is when this info becomes really interesting!

I just want to remind everyone of the fun new hashtag that @JM is painstakingly putting together for us. It's also where you can put your own funny liberal regret screenshots. Thank you, Kitty.

There’s so much more that I could sit here for days typing. It’s happening...it really is. Our human desire for instant gratification is so blinding.
Slow and steady wins the race. Trump never needed to stay in the White House to be in control...he still is. He has his betrayers strung up by their balls and there’s nothing they can do about it.
He’s a genius on levels that no one can comprehend, especially those uninformed voters he loves so much.
Trust him, and let the dominoes fall. End

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.