Just texted with my niece in los angeles, lots of interesting comments. Not just her, but many many dem friends of her & husband . . .

People who are NOT political are angry, angry.

I see a storm this november. A 100 year flood at the ballot box.

Yes, I see California turning RED majority at state & fed level.


Interesting to read about the responses of Californians and the predictions for November, especially in light of CA25.

As an outsider, I can have some sense of what is happening and interpret the data.

But that is not a substitute for knowing a state and a city from within

Are they planning to vote Trump in November? Or not voting? I'm interested to know if they are just angry or angry and motivated.


Not only yes, Olga, but Hell Yes they're voting Trump. These are democrats, every one. Motivated.

AND saying if entire state not majority red at state level, they are joining friends & leaving Calif. Then she listed 5 families of friends already started. upper middle class $$, not poor, not rich.

It's not just closing beaches. Growing tent cities of homeless is enraging them.

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