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@Elaines2cents @Torchbearer Plastics replacing glass bottles was a huge mistake. Also replacing paper bags a huge mistake. It all came from the environmental movement and the plastic industry used that movement to persuade people that you could recycle all plastics. More glass got recycled than plastics do. And you can grow more trees for paper. Besides as a kid I could collect bottles and get money to buy me a drink and a candy bar.

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3 truths for today:

1) you can't fold a piece of paper in half 10 times

2) there's no word in the English language that rhymes with orange

3) you can't find a picture of Michelle Obama pregnant

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Epstein - If he's dead he's dead. If he's not, we'll never know. The suicide by hanging story however has this dog not wanting to eat the dog food. Murder is a can of worms they don't want opened.


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I just learned about Effie Gray, a British painter's model who married the famous art critic John Ruskin.

He married her based on the paintings he'd seen. As he told his lawyer, he had no idea what a woman's body was like, so he was unable to consummate the marriage.

It was her face he loved, not HER.

She got an annulment after he became abusive.

A cautionary tale about fantasy versus reality.

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@ThomasWic @Jackie

To those who hate Israel/the Jewish people, Trump represents Israel.

To those who hate Christianity/the Christian people, Trump represents Christianity.

He has two of the most hated things on earth, projected on him.

But, He will be protected like G-d protected Israel.

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I, for one.

So called "latin" America is Dante's Inferno.

A place where hope does not exist.

"Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'entrate."

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@Debradelai @GenFlynn @SidneyPowell

Thank God for Gen Flynn AND Sydney Powell..He has given so much for this country and at great personal cost to him and his family. I wish this nightmere would just end for them already! I pray everyday for his total exoneration.I hate how the wheels of justice can move so slowly,but I can only imagine how the General feels.He will prevail though,Im staying positive

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Trump said, "I owe nobody, so I can do what I want."

Previous Republican presidents were beholden to the Chamber of Commerce, the Koch brothers, and venture capitalists.

All of them want a SLAVE class.

Trump IS an outsider, which is why even Republicans tried to stop him.


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5. Trump had no option but to be patient and let the process play itself out.

To let the FakeNews destroy themselves with lies. And to trust in the common sense of citizens.

While keeping his ace cards close to his chest, for when the time is right.

End of the day, Nov 8 was the killer blow for FakeNews. Full confirmation that they'd lost their grip.

Ignore their 24/7 wailing. It's been downhill fir them, ever since.

The funny part? Even now, they STILL don't get it.

The end.

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Please open the door to Admiral Mike Rogers!

Deputy national intelligence director Sue Gordon leaving post, Trump says


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McCabe & Strzok in full panic mode!

Tip from a practicing attorney : genuine unfair dismissal cases are filed within weeks, not years, of the dismissal. Ditto, when someone's genuine insurance claim isn't honored.

IMO, these late civil cases are a hail mary to prevent release of declass / OIG on grounds that it's evidence. And to throw a narrative out to media. Won't work.

That IG report must be a doozy.

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@Watcher9 @drawandstrike

I just don't understand this.

You're willing to use psychiatric evaluation to put dangerous people in mental institutions, but you're not willing to use psychiatric evaluation to disarm dangerous people.

You're supporting potential government abuse on a scale that dwarfs red-flag laws.

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@Kathleen @alturasbob @paul_schmehl @ThomasWic @drawandstrike
Everything is. Now coming together for me.
Trusting in Trump forms the foundation, turning off the emotions and following the logic path. Trump is returning the rule of law and he always keeps his promises.
Good deal all around.

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8. Trump's reaction has been excellent.

He has stayed above the insane, extreme and frankly unhinged seething we have witnessed from leftists.

Notice something else - Trump hasn't made any definitive statements about the DETAILS behind the killings. Yes, he's correctly alluded to insanity, white supremacy etc, but he hasn't made categorical statements about motive, in either case.

His enemies HAVE.

That's interesting to me, because Trump would know everything by now.

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10. The Dems think they have blood in the water. They're being EXTREMELY arrogant and hateful, aren't they.

We have been here before, many times.

They forget that Trump is a master strategist, an expert at luring enemies with baits, before he strikes. Sun Tzu:

'If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he
may grow arrogant. Attack him
where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.'

Watch, learn, etc.

And don't worry.

The end.

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He included employers? Pendejo, indeed.

Speaking of employers...Let's people know about these guys, too.


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