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“No society in history has voluntarily devoted more wealth and blood atoning for its founding sins than ours.

The response "it's not enough" suffers from a fatal lack of any limiting principle and empowers a subversive shift from cooperation to demand to threat.

It's enough.”

Ron Coleman

6)“And it takes the NIH, it takes this White House months to respond to any type of request for information, and then it’s redacted. It’s quite a game they’re playing. So I was shocked, I was shocked by his response, that he would lie to Congress again after he had already lied about the viral gain-of-function question that I asked him earlier,” the senator said.

Awwwwww, too bad, so sad. This poor oppressed diversity, equity and inclusion senator at USC fears a toxic atmosphere that she created. She deserves all of it.
Never Forget those who perished on this terrible day 20 years ago and those who lost life and limb fighting for our freedoms, our country, and to keep us safe in the 20 years since!

Not all in the Armed Forces are demoralized.

My son sent this to me a few minutes ago.

The gal in the photo is doing a "ruck run" in honor of 9/11. (It's Saturday in Okinawa).

HOLD FAST. We have not yet begun to fight.

Daughter going back out for field training on Monday.

A fellow SQV just happened to post these gems the same day she asked for a solar flashlight with a USB port. She’s EXCITED to have them.

Thank you @Stacie

>@cenkuygur: 'Who has attacked the homeland more over last decade: Right-wing domestic terrorists or the Taliban? This is not a matter of opinion. The facts are overwhelming. Yet, no one on cable news makes this obvious point. Gee, I wonder if they have an agenda in the way they frame things. '"

6/ I'm still researching the company further, but overall, this can be one more arrow in the quiver that common folk can use to stand up against corporate activism and the degradation of our American culture and values.

(And as sidenote, I've seen too many posts, mine included, essentially 'complaining' about the goings on and how we need to do something about it - if this site is legit, and it seems to be - anyone grousing that shops had best keep this handy)


The Washington Football Team has decided to ban fans from wearing Native American garb, facepaint, and the like from home games this upcoming season. The move comes as part of the WFT’s ongoing rebranding effort which presumably will come to fruition next year when the team announces its new name, currently rumored to be Washington-Anything-We-Call-Ourselves-Has-Got-To-Be-Better-Than-What-Cleveland’s-Baseball-Team-Came-Up-With.

And speaking of TB vaccines...

"A repurposed TB vaccine shows early promise against diseases like diabetes and MS"

The effects of the BCG shot on infections and autoimmune diseases is beginning to make sense

What happens when one tries to warn others of evil & they won't listen. Fast forward to today's evil & the Sheeple who won't listen.

The Man Who Warned The West About The Holocaust, At A Time When No One Would Listen

Two Friends Who Escaped from Auschwitz and Warned the World

Yom HaShoah/Holocaust Remembrance Day: Brave men sounded the alarm that went tragically unheeded

The pendulum has swung so very, very high in one direction, as we have all seen.
It's starting to lose momentum as it reaches its acme.
Once it swings back, (and it WILL swing back), it will do so with such a crushing velocity.
It feels like it's almost there.
Feels like a lot of people have had enough of this.

Happy birthday @watch4thedrop - for your bday dinner I had a plate of Shepard’s pie with ketchup on it . TRUE STORY AND IT WAS YUM!

Real cops vs the Capitol Police pussies who testified yesterday...
Thank you for your service.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.