Look how delusional leftists are.

Hillary's former advisor says right out that the voters are too stupid to choose wisely, and the democratic socialists say that the way to help the middle class is to strip away everything they've gained under Trump.

Neither side can perceive the appeal of Trump, so they have no idea how to defeat him.

They've already lost the November election.



Putin had his ass handed to him in Syria.

The TURKS didn't defeat them, but Turkey agreed to play ball with the Saudis, so Erdogan gets to reap the rewards of having the GCC wipe out Iran and Russia's offensive capabilities in Syria.

Remember: Geopolitics would not allow the GCC to openly fight in Syria. Turkey is the front.


@ThomasWic Absolutely. And Schumer will be smart enough to use that in the election.

But Trump has taught the Republicans to fight back, which is something the Dems aren't used to. He won't know what to do, thinking he's won, when the Republicans and Trump don't let him get away with this.


These threats will simply make the court do exactly the opposite of what Schumer wants.

When you think about it, Trump has certainly broken a lot of people. Does anyone honestly think that Schumer would have threatened two SOCUTS' otherwise?

He's a nasty, slimy, little bastard. But he's never been unhinged. At least publicly like this.


"Officials admit it: Trump saved lives and spared America from worst of coronavirus

President Trump has been outrageously lied about by Democrats, who invented a claim that he called the coronavirus a "hoax," and he's also been subject to assorted howls of "chaos" and unreadiness and doing nothing–ness from other quarters of the pious left. ..."

Turns out none of this was true.

I never saw this photo of Patton before.

Does he remind you of anyone?

Good lord.

Now I'm convinced. No wonder Trump is such a military genius. He's done it all before.

Multiple times.

Wesley Hunt (@WesleyHuntTX) Tweeted:
When my great-great-grandfather came to America, he worked the land bound by chains. My family went from slavery to West Point in just 5 generations and 2 weeks ago, this great-great-grandson of a slave was endorsed by the President of the United States of America. t.co/u0JwcvHIhp

🔸 Biden's mind will continue to diminish.
🔸Most people don't want two men kissing as they get onto the Marine One chopper on the White House lawn. BootyBoy will diminish.
🔸Steyer's nasally whine and possum-looking face will not inspire anyone. He's done.
🔸Klobuchar offers no reason to consider her superior to the rest.
🔸Warren behaves like a nine-year-old schoolgirl and does not inspire confidence.
🔸Tulsi should have never bothered.

That leaves Bloomie trying to buy it, and communist Bernie.🤣


This is pretty amazing.

The Democrats are making absolutely sure that they can't win.


Not watching the debates.

The way they're hitting the mics makes it impossible.

This is all I hear.


Did anybody happen to catch the CNN post mortem on the demonicRAT debate? I couldn't tell who aksed the question but I think it might have been Fredo the Coomo, he was wondering what was wrong with the demonicRAT candidates and Van Jones said they were defective. They were not cutting the cheese.Well, obviously the solution to that problem is to draft Eric Swalwell. He's great at cutting the cheese.

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