Literally all she does is bitch and pose for photos, looking as different as she can in each one.

Her latest complaint is that lesbian culture is in danger of being wiped out by gay men on Wall Street.

In one year, a single Gulf Cooperation Council commando will do more to help the human race than this person will do in her entire life.

Chickenlittle #1 and corrupt EU scumbag, Tusk, threatens US with tarrifs.

What an arrogant little turd. Try it and see what happens, moron. You want to be cut out of the US market?




The Bible has different names for Satan, but is consistent in identifying Satan as a distinctly created being.

Tempting man to not believe the Word of God seems to be the main plan of attack of Satan: he succeeded with Adam and Eve. Then he tried it on the Lord Jesus, and Jesus shut him down at every turn.

@HunDriverWidow @wziminer @NevadaJack @JM @Lonestar @umad80

Book advances, TV-show advances, fee for the rights to their stories, speaking fees, insider trading, money laundering.

Facebook just banned all ads by The Epoch Times.

YouTube very likely to follow suit.


That Obama would do this tells you everything you need to know about his arrogance & stupidity.

It's appalling, in every way. Also a giant F U to the Americans he insulted and lied to, for 8 long years.

Obama assumes he's untouchable. BIG MISTAKE. Trump has said that what happened under Obama, can never happen again.

Be under no illusions.That includes an ex-POTUS. Big call, I know, but IMO Obama's going to be the first indicted POTUS in US history.


Good night everybody.

“In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.” (Psalms 4:8)

May God bless you and keep you safe in your rest.


@ilumanous @umad80

Drudge said that we have the patriotic duty to buy American-made cars, regardless of the quality.

I had a Chevy Blazer that required engine removal to change the spark plugs.

My brother had to invent a new articulated wrench to get to a spark plug that was blocked by EVERYTHING.

If American cars are crap, people have no duty to buy them.

Boeing deserves to go out of business for killing over 300 people.

End of story.


As we get closer to the election, the truth is coming out.


They refused to accept the concept of TIMING.

Trump has spent years conditioning the public to ACCEPT that Obama and his buddies committed massive crimes.

The totality is being revealed bit by bit so that it won't overwhelm the public and so that it can't be ignored.

The steady drip is forming a lake.

Let's recap:

Just 100 Indian soldiers were able to defeat a massive armored assault by a full battalion.

They did the unexpected, they FOOLED the enemy, they improvised, and they REMAINED CALM.

I now know that it's too much to expect that Trump "supporters" remain calm, but every time you lose your head, think of Major Chandpuri and his men.

At least be ashamed.

Sometimes shame is good and necessary.



Well y'all might think I'm weird , but I never allowed my children to watch The Simpsons(early days) while they were growing up. I felt the children were disrespectful to their parents on the show and kids do well enough on their own without encouragement from television. They weren't allowed to watch Beavis and Butt-head either.

Sen. Lindsey Graham on Hannity Tuesday:
"Here's the question. It's not what did Obama know and when did he know it? Who told him?"..."And what did he do when he was told? I want to know who briefed the president about their counterintelligence investigation against the Trump campaign. When you find that person, you're going to unravel the riddle here."
He added: "Did they open up a counterintelligence investigation not to protect the country -- but to get Trump?"


If it's not you is it the Chief Justice of the United States? Does anybody have the BALLS TO ASK?

2) John Roberts
· Aug 14
To anyone who thinks this might be me, I did not know Epstein, never met him, and certainly never flew on any of his aircraft.

@NevadaJack It will be fun to see this flop. I'm glad to have Netflix to actively NOT watch. Having subscribers not tune in will be a bigger blow because they’ll see their consumer base rejecting it.


Mass shooting is foiled at a California Marriott after cops arrest the hotel cook, 37, who had stockpiled tactical rifles and high capacity magazines and 'was planning to kill staff and guests'

Rodolfo Montoya of Huntington Beach was allegedly plotting to murder his Marriott co-workers

He told a colleague about his deadly intentions who told his manager Imran Ahmed

Ahmed called the Long Beach Police Department who raided Montoya's home and found the weapons haul

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