What happens when you're a naval officer of a banana republic?

You ram a cruise ship to try and hijack it, you discover that the ship is a converted ICEBREAKER with a reinforced hull, and then you sink.

Too funny.


I have read all of Brian Cates articles but this one is right up there as one of his very best.

Xi is a hack. In his world, this is a great victory for China. He underestimates not just American power, but also Trump's genius.

And Xi doesn't seem to understand that everyone thinks the regime sucks. China is about as inspirational as a fart in an elevator.

Xi is single handedly destroying his own regime. He just doesn't get it.




To the author of this tirade:

"China Is Preparing to Start a War with America"

If figurative...No shit Sherlock.

If literal...Change your meds.

As for: "Unless the Chinese destroy us on the field of battle soon, the clock will run out, and the dream of the coming "Chinese century" will be just that: a dream."

Unless the Moon drops into the Pacific, Hawaii will still be there next year.

Great thinking.

It's too bad that today, advertisements have much better music than successful recording artists.


This is VERY surprising.

Brace yourselves for a Trump landslide bigger than anyone expects.


Rep. Jim Jordan

When the Horowitz Report came out, James Comey said that those who attacked the FBI on "should admit they were wrong."

The only thing we were wrong about was FISA abuse was even worse than we thought!

In fact, the FBI failed over 92% of the time.


And the blaming the virus on foreigners stokes racism among the Chinese.


The Xi and the CCP are setting the stage to blame the virus on foreigners for when they prematurely relax the quarantine measures. They can point to foreigners bringing the virus into China when the infections spike up.

Am I the only person who had no idea that Megan Markle was a Deal Or No Deal girl.

Watching reruns and she is on the episode.

Who’d a thunk she’d land a half rate prince.

@oystergirl @SalvajeUnitario

I didn't get to the Bard till I was 9.

My earliest memories are learning to read with Ivanhoe, La Morte d'Arthur, the Illiad, Aesopus and Cantares del Mio Cid.

My father was quite singular in the selection of reading material for children.

If anybody should think your mother and my father chose scary subjects, I'd say none were nearly as cruel and dark as the Grimm Brothers awful stories and all the Disney shit inspired by them.

@SalvajeUnitario @oystergirl

I'm beginning to believe the reason we have stay at home orders is because someone let lose "la maquina de cortar boludos" (the morons slicing machine)

Watch out!

If it catches you outside it'll slice you like a salami.

Otherwise, I can see no explanation.


"If you just have millions of people taking a drug with known toxicities, haphazardly, we are going to see major safety problems.”

Yes sure, quinine has been used to treat malaria since 1632… we need to know more about possible side effects, 288 years is not enough time.

By the way, quinine is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the safest and most effective medicines needed in a health system.

"The economy is NOT dead. It's in quarantine.

Trump is laying the groundwork for the most astonishing rebound in world history.

Corporations are VOLUNTEERING to do everything they're doing.

Only incompetent Trump-hating weirdos are still fighting."


For those of you out there who can't get to the grocery store and if you could, they are out of paper products... BOXED has toilet paper, paper towels, and Kleenex right now.

I just put an order in.

They mail it right to your house and if you are a new to it, they give you free shipping on your first purchase.

(Or at least they did when I started using them)


I missed this one.

Reporter's Beta male boyfriend stands by helplessly as his drunk sweetheart talks herself into being arrested and then fired.

She later claimed that she wasn't drunk but had been drugged in the comedy club.


"This regime has no regard for the welfare of its citizens... There is no reason to believe $5 billion dollars from the IMF will be used by the Iranian government for humanitarian needs."


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