Kristol conveniently overlooks the FACT that Trump was impeached for non-crimes, AFTER kangaroo-court proceedings.

Twitter trends shows they are eating their own over a tweet comparing Colin Powell to Joe Rogan

Something here doesn't add-up. If Texas is reliably turning blue, then Abbott should've won by as narrow a margin as Cruz. The numbers on the transplants shouldn't make sense, either. Texas transplants should've been shown to be leaning towards Republicans, but the after-election data doesn't support that conclusion.

So that brings me to question the whole premise of "Texas is turning blue".

I'd argue that Cruz's performance was the result of the following:

1. Weak candidate. Cruz has some image issues, and losing to Trump in the 2016 primaries didn't help.

2. Outside money. A LOT of outside money was poured into O'Rourke's campaign. How would've he performed if he didn't have the cash? Not as well, I think, even with Point #1 above.

3. Media attention. The media really went overboard in promoting O'Rourke, giving him far more attention than he could've hoped for organically.


When pigs CANNOT fly: US may let airlines ban emotional-support animals that fly for free as flight staff rejoices that 'the days of Noah's Ark are hopefully coming to an end'

Federal law allows people with disabilities to travel with service animals
The US Department of Transportation has proposed a rule no longer considering emotional-support animals as service animals
Under the new rule, only dogs [certified as] a service dog will be allowed to fly

4. And what about this question from the same article:

'Meanwhile, a suggested question for the White House press corps: "President Obama, how often do foreign governments let the U.S. government access information collected from U.S. citizens who aren't suspected of any crime?"

FakeNews, complicit in the corruption and crime, never asked Obama that question.

3. Illegal spying went utterly out of control.

Another brave reporter, from 2013:

'Put bluntly, intelligence agencies have an incentive to make themselves complicit in foreign governments spying on their own citizens.'


2. One of America's greatest reporters, Glenn Greenwald, saw the problem as early as 2008.

It began under Bush, but then Obama amended the Act: Greenwald:

'Under the FAA, which was just renewed last December for another five years, no warrants are needed for the NSA to eavesdrop on a wide array of calls, emails and online chats involving US citizens.'

This gives you an idea of the nature of the crisis.

Obama unleashed the full powers of the government on anyone who opposed him.

1. SPYGATE: All roads will eventually lead to Barrack Hussein Obama.

Count on it.

The charlatan and snake was using warrantless surveillance powers under FISA.


5. Obama would have lied, of course.

For him, lying was fun. He enjoyed it.

And FakeNews never challenged him.

But how many innocent lives did Obama destroy, I wonder.

10? 100? 100,000?

Who knows.

ONE is too many.

What they did was unforgivable.

Now, the reckoning approaches.

Obama goes DOWN.

The end.

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It is a monthly file saved as such. Not looking to do a recall, just a check on the statements plus it is easier to read. The other thing is a detailed explanation of each if necessary.

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The underbanbanked discriminated?

Who the fuck are you? Warren?

Listen, morons, anybody can buy a prepaid Visa card anywhere.

This is a non-issue.

Just,a retarded excues for government overreach.

@RonOgletree is right. They are creating a new minority and you guys are falling for it.

I might actually agree with this (without having read the details)

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City lawmakers voted Thursday to require stores and restaurants to accept cash for payment, saying businesses that accept only credit and debit cards are discriminating against New Yorkers who lack bank accounts and credit cards

“This practice punishes the underbanked,” ... council’s 43-3 vote in favor

measure also prohibits stores from charging higher prices for paying in cash


Dropped in and out today, pretty busy.

This has been one great year thanks to all of you great friends.

I received my e-mail 1/23/19, got set up, my first toot and bam!

My first followers was @Stacie and @Iuvmycountry1, "The Good Brian." Brian was such a help, made me realize so much more could be accomplished with the right platform.

Thank you Saul, Thomas, Rex, Cates Brothers, and more than I can list, but you all know who you are.

We must support SQV to keep it the diamond that it is.


Remember how I've told you about the Yemeni Republican Guard, trained by Saudi Arabia?

Maxwell's emails hacked.

''Maxwell used a secret mail server, and not a major service like Google, which can keep emails out of the hands of authorities, but which increased the risk of them being hacked.''

Sounds familiar doesn't it.

Oh boy.


This Chinese coronavirus is serious, of course, but it is contained to a province in China and the WHO haven't declared it as an emergency yet.

However, watch FakeNews use it to scare and distract their remaining sheep, from the MOABs of truth that will continue to rain down about the criminality and corruption of Biden, Obama, Clinton and their goons.

This time, it won't work. This is the greatest scandal in US history. Nothing can stop what's coming.


He’s been waiting a long time to post this. This is an old ass meme.

We are getting closer.

Sekulow indicates White House not interested in motion to dismiss impeachment articles

As predicted by great minds here.

TRANSLATION: Sekulow indicates that in no way does Donald Trump want these destructive, disease-carrying rats put out of their misery early.


Joe Biden told VICE News this week that driving while drunk is NOT a felony and drunk driving illegal aliens should NOT be deported!

Drunk driving is the #1 killer on America’s roads that should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of the offender’s immigration status. MADD supports the victims of these crashes and their wishes in all drunk driving cases.

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