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Anyway, I think the author just uncovered a huge secret deliberately being ignored by the media. I am just speculating here and can't say this on Twitter. Read and come up with your own conclusions.


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@Turki_AlOwerde @JM How I wish more people thought and acted as you describe! If you were to look only at Twitter, you'd be convinced that nine tenths of the world was so full of hate that it's a wonder it hadn't self-detonated. Which is why I'm here and not there. I'm so happy that you are, too.


Absolutely, we are different and goodness is everywhere. I was raised that way, only way I know. Respect the lives of others, as one expects in return.


For all those the go around the world, decrying and apologizing, because America is bad, take this!
Love this statement:

"The United States of America has been serving the world, regardless of compensation. At the end of the day, the US provides services to much of the world through protection and exchange of common interests. This is in accord with the good nature of humanity."


"The conflict may not necessarily be military but even civil political conflict can also be very costly. Presenting only a choice of extreme Right or Left is one of the tools of control and influence. Therefore it unnecessarily limits dialog among people and causes conflict and division. "


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