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Listen closely:

“I highly recommend everyone start following what’s going on”

US Reps try to visit DC facility where Biden’s political prisoners are being held. When asked to speak to the supervisor, they were told she was outside. They go outside to speak with her, she runs back inside, and locks them out. You can’t make this shit up.

I thought it was a joke, but this is actual merch from his website 😂

What I *meant* to say, but didn’t because I was so freaked out, was that our plane was actually in the process of landing, then had to sharply pull back up… it was terrifying… but 6 hours later (normally a 2.5hr flight) we are home safe. The landing was actually very smooth and the only signs of see of Elsa are a lot of palm fronds on the street !

Wish me luck. My fight into Ft Lauderdale airport was aborted because of weather, after being in a holding pattern. Then we didn’t have enough fuel to continue another possible holding pattern. Fueled up in Ft Myers and now trying this again…
The pilot literally just said “let’s try this again and hopefully nothing goes sideways for us”

Want to know how to tell your husband really, really loves you?

Ask him to go to a Rick Springfield concert with you... if he says yes, he understands the concept of "happy wife, happy life"

I'm literally counting down the days until my 8th grade crush and I are reunited... hubs on the other hand doesn't even know who he is!... boy, is he in for a treat! (hehe)

Any genealogists around? How do you get info from communist Cuba?

I can't get beyond my grandmother...I have ship manifests from Havana to Tampa with my great grandmother's name...but I think she died in Cuba, so I'm stuck

I really, really, dislike lawyers.

With every fiber of my being.

Kathryn Limbaugh is a rock. I’d be a puddle on the floor taking these emotional calls.

It’s unimaginable that we have to go forward in this political environment without Rush, but we have to take everything we’ve learned from the Limbaugh Institute and carry on.


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The Reality Operating System (the reality OS) One of my favorite podcasts. Today they are discussing Cognitive Dissidents... referring to this article

Adam Townsend and Amanda Milius talking Plot Against the President

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“After the conference on Friday [yesterday] Ms. Powell anticipates SCOTUS orders on Monday and opinions to be shared on Thursday of next week.”

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“Been wrong on nearly every foreign policy issue in 40 years.”.....nothing seems to have changed.

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RDS 12 point election fraud reform and taking back our constitutional democracy-
We should be looking at these and taking information to your state legislatures.

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