Start your Saturday Morning off with a Good Laugh..
🏹Elizabeth Warren's staff draws numbers out of a hat
for those wishing to ask questions at her townhalls.

At the University of Iowa 12/2/19 the students
were fired up and the electricity was magnetic
📺watch close & enjoy🤣

So let me get this straight: Nadler's opening "Star Witness" is Professor Noah R Feldman a staff writer for presidential "Opponent Michael Bloomberg" that doesn't know he's presenting logical fallacies! 👇👇👇

It’s FRIDAY!!!

You know what that means!
🔴 It’s buy General Flynn a beer night!


FBI Director Wray is still covering for Hillary Clinton, but a federal judge on Friday blocked the FBI/DOJ from keeping these communications under wraps.

The political weaponization of intelligence represents a significant threat to the viability of the American constitutional republic that cannot be ignored.

I Can't Wait Until These Lunatics Crimes Are Revealed For The World To See, A Lot Of People Are Going To Feel Like Fools For Falling For These Criminals Lies They Were Told For All These Years! I Think A Lot Of People Chose To Stay In Denial, Rather Than Admit They Were Taken As A Fool.

I Know Some People Fear Change, But I Don't Understand How Some People Can't See Or Don't Want To See When It's As Simple As This!

They lied.

Donald Trump Always Was, And Still Is, The Target of The Deep State, The Left-Wing Media And Their Democrat Party Collaborators.

Open Your Eyes!

It's Plain To See!

It's Right There In Front Of You!

They Think You're Too Stupid To See It....Maybe Some Are.

I think Pelosi was told something today that has really rocked her world, she was unhinged and totally unstable today, More than usual, I should say.

Rudy Giuliani
The Accounts Chamber in Ukraine found an alleged misuse of $5.3B in U.S. funds during the Obama administration while Biden was “Point Man.”

Obama embassy urged Ukrainian police NOT to investigate!

Stay tuned to find out why.

Joe Biden goes BERSERK on a retired farmer who asked questions about Hunter Biden's shady dealings with a Ukrainian gas company.

He also calls the farmer "fat" and challenges him to a push-up contest!

The wheels have officially fallen off the Bus!

President Trump’s impressive nominees for the federal courts.

Totals since January 2017:
Supreme Court: 2
Circuit courts: 48
District courts: 120

The Election of Donald J Trump was like the Crash of The stock market.

The Democrats were living in their own little universe where all Presidents did what they were supposed to do to get along with everyone.

Their stock market world was fine tuned and then Trump was Elected! Their world crashed right before their eyes. Nothing is normal anymore!

After decades of blissful rule they can no longer function. They are trying to regain their power and are failing.

Laying out their view of the law and repercussions for the world to see at the request of those that will soon be judged by that very standard. Enjoy the show!.....The brilliance of Trump hits again.....Didn't one of them say something along the lines of "It would be a Federal Crime"?...When it all comes out they will be Remind of this...😉😂 Their Own Witness...😂 😂

“Apologizing” with an immediate qualification that ‘Trump should apologize too’ is not really an apology at all. Try again, professor...🙄

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.

Adam Schiff & Jerry Nadle Broke Pamela Karlan Out Of The 3rd Floor In The Psycho Unit!

The Biggest Mistake Ever Made Was Crossing The Internet With Mainstream Media!

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