The greatest President the Country has ever known!!

In 100 years the American reverence to him will be that of “The one man who stood up and single handedly saved the Republic”!!

We will never forget what you did for us. Thank You, President Trump

How can anyone not love President Trump, He Is EXACTLY what a Real Leader is...If Hunter & Joe Did nothing wrong, he shouldn't have a problem answering these questions, but we all know he will AVOID them! Biden will say they are all lies, Etc

Remember When President Trump Said : ~ "I Will NEVER Forgive Obama For What He Did, For What He Did To Our Military"

30 Warriors Honorably Served Their Country — Only To Be Betrayed. Those Responsible Must Be Exposed & Punished. Justice Demands It.

30 Lives Lost In Exchange For $152B

It's All Coming Out!

Obama & Biden Coverup.

I Still Remember As A Kid My Mom Saying,
"you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar"

One Would Think, There Would Be At Least One Democrat Who Was Also Told That As A Kid, (Unless, It's Only Conservative Parents Who Teach Thier Child That) If Only One Democrat Understood That Lesson, Then The Democrats Wouldn't Be Without A Base, No Voters. The Democrats Have Approached The Last 4 Years In The Complete Opposite Way As They Should Have. It's Amazing, It's So Surreal, Really.

I Think There Is A Reason President Trump Is Going Dark! And That It's Not Covid-19.
I Think Trump Wanted No Distractions, When Indictments Are Handed Down, Or When The Whole Truth Comes Out, Like The Idiots In The Media/Press Asking The President Stupid Questions Like, Aren't You Just Really Going After Your Opposition With These Indictments/ Documents, Etc.
None Of That BS Will Be Taking Place.
Maybe It's Full Focus Time!
I Wouldn't Be Surprised Or Maybe It Really Is Just Covid-19

Nice post by Franklin Graham
“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20)

LIVE: If you watch the Mainstream Media, you probably have no idea this is happening.

Just a Live Shot of believers from all 50 states praying for our nation on The Mall in Washington DC

I Honestly Used To Think Democrats Ignorance Was An Act! But Then Trump Came Along And I Can Clearly See It's NOT An Act, Democrats Are Off The Rails Ignorant In Every Way! How Do They Even Survive Day To Day Activities, Like Breathing? Republicans need to bred more, but we can't because we have to work so the Democrats can sit home and bred all day!
Eventually America is going to be left in the hands of a bunch of ignorant idiots that don't know if thier a man, women, black, white, racist!

Democrats are not only incompetent; their incompetence robs them of the mental ability to realize just how inept they are.

It's The Dunning-Kruger Effect.

We need to either Clone President Trump, or start working on who is going to be able to fill President Trump's shoes after he leaves in 2024.
Donald Jr, Jared, Ivanka? Pence?

Never forget those in the background.

Thank You, PResident Trump!
Hardest Working President In History!

“Nobody’s seen this before, these cards are incredible.”

President Trump promised to send $200 drug discount cards to 33 million enrolled in , as part of his administration’s effort to address high prescription .

I Find Bannon to be correct on this, My neighbor is old, she use to go everywhere (tough old bird) but watching CNN about the virus, she still won't leave her house, her Daughter brings her what she needs, she said she isn't voting this year either.

~"Bannon: 75% of Dems have been traumatized by CNN & MSNBC, don't want to turn out to vote on because of the ."~

Rachel @maddow, @ChrisCuomo, @donlemon
— take a bow. You did this to yourselves.

Omg...this is amazing. Red pilling America’s Got Talent!! You can’t touch this.

The Most Dangerous Thing To This Country And The American People Is The Media! There Is ZERO Truth In What They Say. The Worst Part Is There Are People Out There ( Like My In Laws) That Only Watch CNN, And THey Associate With People That Only Watch CNN, Therefore They Literally Believe Whatever CNN Says! It's Dangerous And It's Scary At The Same Time, People Of A Certain Age Get To A Point Where They Are Scared Of Change, So For Them To Change And Watch Something Other Than CNN Is Unheard Of.

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