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@ThomasWic @Torchbearer

Whitney Webb is the girl I was asking about a couple of days ago. She has a habit of writing articles using snippets from news sources and journalists that none of us would ever read.

Then she weaves together articles that are Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel, Pro-Hamas, Pro-Oligarchs, Anti-Trump, and Pro-Mullah. (among other things)

She is one dangerous little chica and her work (along with her crew) are putting out crap all over the interwebs.

Buyer beware....

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As for Carbyne 9/11, it's FOR EXPEDITING THE RESPONSE to the mass shooting through using VIDEO AND ACOUSTIC TECHNOLOGY.

You didn't even read the white paper.


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@ThomasWic @Torchbearer

Mintpressnews is a leftist conspiratorial fake news site. I just mention it but do not push that toxic site. They have Carlos Latuff cartoons too.

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For @Torchbearer

I don't know what it is with you. Every few days, you become totally insane.

This is NOT a "good article."

It's Jew-hating propaganda.


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What an obnoxious assignment coming from an English teacher at a North Carolina high school. This "diversity inventory" assignment is ridiculous.


@DuaneCates Guess this is what DeVos is facing in cleaning up education. 🤷‍♂️

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PLEASE! Don't forget about our own hero right here at SQV, Mr. Saul Montes-Bradley. We would not have this amazing platform at all without him and other members of this amazing brain trust. Maybe we could toggle weeks on who gets some support. Every little bit helps all of these causes. If you can't give, totally understandable, but maybe you could boost this toot!


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The Russians were not bombing jihadists. they were bombing SECULAR rebel groups.

Assad and Putin tried to implement the Algerian Strategy of allowing the enemy to become so dangerous that people had no choice but to support the unpopular government.

Gabbard is either too stupid to see that, or she's bought and paid for.

She also says that Saudi Arabia is supporting al-Qaeda.

This makes her unfit to be president.

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The Europeans and the East Asians have centuries of rabid violence in them.

Both regions look down on the US, but Americans have had to stop TWO WORLD WARS that these people started.

They'll always hate each other, due to ancient tribal enmities.


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@Erin - they can't be serious....I've seen more intimidating girl's volleyball squads ...

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Meanwhile you have idiots like Moon of South Korea trying to get South Korea linked up to mainland China much closer. He wrecks South Korea domestically and now wants to wreck it internationally. 🙄 😒

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Boris Johnson's spokeswoman:

“Members of Parliament should consider over the weekend whether they are prepared to face up to the consequences of their actions from this week in passing a bill that wrecks our negotiations."

“They must take responsibility for their actions and face the general public in an election.”

Masterful. Now a bunch of recalcitrant morons can't even run again, and Boris will either get a mandate or, at worst, a get-out-of-jail-free card.


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This was a judo like move. Using the momentum of McCabe opening an obstruction of justice investigation against Trump to get DAG Rosenstein in there to appoint the special counsel.


I am wondering if the Mueller probe is more like the Weissman probe. Suckering the enemies to dive right in and get cases like the General Flynn case traced back to them with what Sidney Powell is doing.

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That’s what the idiot REP Frederica Wilson suggested we do here in America! Arrest ppl who speak against DEM reps!

We must NEVER allow democrats to gain power again! They have clearly stated their ideology (hardcore Communim) for America.

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"With more homeless riding San Francisco trains, crime is up & ridership is down."


All thanks to Dictator Newsom & the CA Assembly feces.

"Efforts to prevent homeless people from setting up camp inside BART stations has resulted in a lot more homeless spending their time riding the trains themselves...

The train system was never intended to be a living space for the homeless but that’s what it is becoming. Recent ridership numbers suggest people don’t like it."

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Terrifying : Obama (US) & Cameron (UK) covered up devastating terror attacks planned by the mullahs, to push through the Iran Deal.

Plus, we already know about how Obama suppressed the Operation Cassandra takedown of Hezbollah, within the US.

Now ask yourself - if the mullahs had detonated their planned bomb, would Obama have nixed the Iran Deal? Answer: No.

Worse - Obama would have framed innocent Americans for the attack. You can take that to the bank.


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But leftists have finally hit the wall and are completely divorced from reality.

Trump has MANIPULATED THEM into thinking he's an idiot.

And when you underestimate your opponent, you lose.

On the one hand, I'm thrilled that Trump's opponents are so dense.

But it's also depressing that so many of my fellow citizens are pathologically superficial.

It's why we were on a downward trend for so long.

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My own rabidly leftist brother thinks that Trump gets political advice from Tucker Carlson.

Dave Chapelle thinks Trump is parroting others' ideas.

These people are morons. Trump has been saying the same things for 40 years.


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Trump won because of blue-collar DEMOCRATS.

But we have both the establishment Democrats and the far-left Democrats unable to comprehend the reality of Trump's victory.

They see him as a rabid right winger, when in fact he's APOLITICAL.

I would argue that Trump's political beliefs are common sense, not ideological.

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