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Donald Trump Jr just retweeted a post by Carpe and the HuffAss that is harassing him! 😂

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This is a perfect example why I love the QV. A Quod has an issue and others give suggestions on how to remedy the issue. ❤️


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In Venezuela, our maid had her own room. All the maids in the oil camp came over, because she had an air conditioner.

My father installed the air conditioner because he felt that if we had it, she should too.

This is her sister, with my father.

And there wasn't anything untold, in case people are worried. My father was never home, and our maid and her sister were too happy for there to have been anything wrong.

Very funny girls. Witty and always laughing.

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we need more of this

firing squads help decrease crime

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Nerrie is in big trouble.

Nerrie gave Flynn research to bad people.

Bruce flipped for his wife but both their names are tarnished forever.

Good Times.

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Rising serpent (@rising_serpent) Tweeted:

Donald Trump was right & proved the media wrong on:

The economy
Spying on his campaign
Illegal immigration
Sanctuary cities
Border crisis
Puerto Rico corruption
Heroin from our southern border
Dems on open borders & abortion
Guess who is right about Ilhan Omar?


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And these are all alleged “journalists”. They barely even try to hide it anymore—pure agents of disinformation.

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@Torchbearer @DuaneCates @ThomasWic @Jackie @Elaines2cents @Kathleen on day 6, I believe, a gas station got some fuel as I was passing so I fled to family in Central Illinois but W Ky got power next day haha. My landlord couldn't afford repairs after a month I had to move to another place.

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So is my Dad. Doesn't have an ATM card either. He goes to the bank to get cash. Writes checks to pay his bills.

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The Trump administration is considering effectively shutting down the country’s refugee resettlement program, according to a report, a scheme which has brought more than 3.5 million foreign nationals to the United States since 1980.

According to 3 sources, DHS and USCIS have suggested that the annual refugee cap be set anywhere between zero or 3,000 to 10,000.

I vote for zero.


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Hollywood is largely to blame for many of the issues "woke" celebrities claim to fight against. Are they aware or not, who knows. All I'm hoping is when the Democrats fail they pull down Hollywood with them.
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They created their own bubble by demanding cult like adherence to be admitted to their circle.

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That's why I have trouble feeling any sympathy for the ones who chose to participate.
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I hate to be on the wrong side of history. SQV is clearly on the right side.

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@DuaneCates @ThomasWic @Jackie @Elaines2cents @Kathleen We had a bad ice storm in Ky. '09. I remember how eerie it was...not much was open for a week. No power, water, fuel etc. But I had supplies and a 38special just in case. I keep many filled 2liters in deep freezer for emergency water..cheap and durable. Baby wipes came in handy!

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World leaders are expressing support for the "Squad" after President Trump challenged the lawmakers to leave the US if they continue to criticize the country.

Merkel claimed Trump's remarks "undermine America's strength."

She also said she stands in "solidarity" with the lawmakers.

Trudeau joined Merkel in denouncing Trump’s comments.

May also condemned the president’s statements as “completely unacceptable.”


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