On what planet do these people live in?🤕


Claiming what Epstein did is not pedophilia but soliciting prostitution from minors. 🤪 🤦‍♂️

Another person that needs to be institutionalized. 😖

@redwhitebluedude Technically it isn't. Pedos like pre-pubescent children. A 14-year-old girl obviously has gone through puberty.

It's still wrong. Still gross. And still raping a child.


@umad80 @redwhitebluedude
When we lived in California my wife and I would receive packages from her mother from Denmark. Often there were several issues of a Danish weekly called Se. I never read them because I spoke no Danish. After a couple of years i picked up some of the language and decided to flip through 1 if the mags. In the back were pictures of naked girls with stars. "Honey? Does this say that this girl is 15?" "Yes." The mags then came wo the pics in the back.

@TommyDK @redwhitebluedude Yeah, in many countries the age of consent, is lower. It's gross and I wouldn't be surprised if the girls being pushed are even younger.

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