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I made this video last year around this time. Bless those that have served so that we might feel the light of liberty. I thank you one and all.

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Wictor was hilarious on Twitter last night. Twitter didn’t agree.

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Iranian forces may have killed more than 1,000 in recent protests, official says

“We have seen reports of many hundreds more killed in & around Tehran," Brian Hook said. "And, as the truth is trickling out of Iran, it appears the regime could have murdered over 1,000 Iranian citizens since the protests began.”

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THIS is horseshit.

"The number of Muhammads born in America will only increase which means Islam will wield more power in the United States."

It's like a child wrote that.

Our elected representatives aren't absolute monarchs. They can propose whatever they want, but getting it ENACTED is the issue.

The Smiling Somali is a car crash. How has she advanced the "power of Islam" in the US?

People need to switch on their brains and stop embarrassing themselves.


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One time you was a real high-stepper
On the high trapeze
But you know you ran out of money
Wound up on your knees
I'm the one you never made
Now I'm the one
Dancing on your grave

I know you thought you're a real operator
But I don't know why
All you had was a bankroll, babe
And a glint in your eye
I'm a high-steppin' like an indian brave
I'm the one
Dancing on your grave

You know I'm a killer babe
Here's late news for you
You couldn't buy me with a million, babe
I'm too good for you
I'm know you think I'm real rough trade
Now I'm the one
Dancing on your grave

This song by Motorhead, at the time, was considered too mainstream. I fell in love with it the 1st time I heard it. The lyrics are so appropriate for the present and near future. Here is the YT video. I will share the lyrics for those who don't like Motorhead.

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Note this is the very same day he had an early meeting with Mike Rogers, Trump surprises the press by announcing he's suddenly moving his HQ to his NJ resort.

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Mexico should adopt English as a first language for its citizens.

Since implementing language can be oppressive, the best method is naturally: stop teaching Spanish in gov schools (but don't forbid it in private schools), translate all laws into English, & hold all gov law sessions in English & not Spanish, with no more Spanish papers, laws, or text, meaning every lawyer would learn English. Conduct all courts in English (translators provided).

In 3 more generations, Spanish will be history.

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Don Surber
Then there is Justin "Two Face" Trudeau. He mocked President Trump during the NATO summit. Now Trudeau is stuck in London.

The Canadian Press reported, "Trudeau's plane damaged, now backup plane grounded in London, U.K."

He could have hitched a ride home on Air Force One but he showed all the diplomatic grace of a hedgehog at the meeting.

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We were discussing (among other things) the case of Bob Levinson.

It's about time we did something about that.

Bob's continuing imprisonment in Iran is a blot on America's conscience.


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I got kicked off the NextDoor app because I refuse to use my real name. It's bad enough they want my address. I tried to stay quiet, lol, but sometimes the desire to school Leftists about Trump is too great! hahaha

For some reason my subscription to Sirius is not honored here in DK. Started listening to Joe Rogan and find it funnier and more thought provoking. Listening to older shows is cool. Joe will have astrophysicists on and let them talk. Howard, if he would have them on, would interrupt every 2 minutes. Am currently listening to the podcast from Nov 17 2016. 1st one after the vote and it's interesting hearing his take. He's not a Trumper but he is not a never Trumper.

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Sometimes you just need a friend to tell you “All is Well” to break your dark mood.

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