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I made this video last year around this time. Bless those that have served so that we might feel the light of liberty. I thank you one and all.

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I just learned, with profound sadness, that @luvmycountry1 , "The Good Brian", passed away in Oshkosh on October 7th last. He was 56 years young.

Brian was one of our first users, and a staunch and generous supporter of this site.

I will miss his sense of humour, wisdom and friendship.

His last toot, characteristically, was one of support and hapiness for our growth.

Gospeed, my friend. Until we meet again.

Not long ago I was telling my wife's family about my SoCal trip last year. I mentioned that I went to LebowskiFest and Rami Malek was there. My wife says "You know he has a twin brother right?" Raining on parade like. "No. I was not aware of that." I respond. "Well it was probably his brother." Dejected I stop talking about anything. I just sent her this link. I wonder if she even remembers being the turd in the punchbowl.

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For @Baline

You said you're trying to find the long game in regard to Mexico.

These two guys caused all the trouble we're seeing today.

Vicente Fox and George W. Bush.

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Ending the Syrian Civil War.

I wrote earlier how it started.

Though I THEORIZED how it would end, now we have the proof.

KFC just opened a new franchise in Idlib, a city said to be under the control of al-Qaeda, now called Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).

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On Syria.

The Trump plan is now clear, and it's working.

Until now, the Kurds refused to negotiate with the Syrian government. Now they've made a deal.

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The soldier who took a shot to the head searching for that undeserving coward died today.

RIP MSG Mark Allen.

MSG Mark Allen is a true hero. Sending my sincerest condolences and prayers to his family.

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(1) A basic characteristic of all forms of Socialism is their irrationality.

The entire edifice is built upon a falsehood. A sophism.

And that sophism is that if a man is in charge of, say, his own factory, he will inevitably exploit his fellow man.


If the same man is in charge of the same factory as a state employee...he will magically transform himself and become a selfless altruist.

The sheer imbecility of the argument cannot be defended by any rational means.

I really do miss my homeland. Family and friends in abundance. Greatest country in the world. My adoptive country has its charms though. However.... winter is coming....

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Here's how Greta's people destroy the world.

In California, the government has been forcing the utilities to spend more on "green" energy.

Politicians extort money from the utilities by threatening more and more green laws.

The utilities donate to the politicians and put money into green energy so that Greta is happy.

But guess what?

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Dear me!

Lots of touching comments about me, Tom @ThomasWic and Saul @Debradelai by Shem, TWE and the genuine originals on twitter.

Thanks all. And yes it was a special time. But don't forget what's unraveling right now.

You're all alive to enjoy what's coming. So be positive

Another thing about twitter. Thomas and Saul have had enough, as far as I can gather.

But you know what. I may come back....just to enjoy. Shadenfreude will be extremely satisfying, this time.

The end

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Porter Ranch has mandatory evacuation. Concerns for the Chatsworth area.

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When the Syrian people began protesting in 2011, Assad's men opened fire immediately.

This is what my brother recieved about an hour ago. He has the family bug out bags ready. This is where I was last year and it was the same thing.

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"Iran's Zarif: Either all Gulf states have security, or all will be deprived of it"

First they said: If Iran can't export oil, no one in the region will.

Now @JZarif, 's chief apologist, is threatening the very security of the Gulf region.

My take:
The mullahs' regime only understands the language of strength & firmness.

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More Democratic graft and corruption: Three years after LA tax payers approve $1.2 billion for homeless housing, not a single unit built yet. “…higher-than-expected costs…such as consultants and financing…comprise up to 40% of the cost…”

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has a deep and dark rabbit hole. This is from 1997. 22 years ago. And she has been a power holder for a long time. I wonder if she is higher up the food chain than Barry.

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