The media favorite front runner for the democratic nominee has became rather obvious.
Kamala Harris is floating some ridiculous ideas. Abolishing private health insurance tops the charts in dangerous suggestions. It’s been ‘below the fold’ for a couple years now, but there was a time healthcare was THE national debate. Sadly, I never heard anyone, then or now, identify the actual root problem with the costs of Healthcare.

Want to know what’s wrong with the Healthcare industry? Perhaps with the exception of pharmaceuticals, the issue is simple really; INSULATION FROM MARKET FORCES. The invisible hand is trapped in bondage within the medical field. The spontaneous order is not permitted due the restraint of pricing forces throughout the marketplace.

Here’s the real problem. When one has private insurance at their expense, there is an incentive to ‘get value’ for your dollar. “I want my money’s worth”, is a very normal, healthy consumer behavior. In the current system, Co pays & premium’s aside, cost doesn’t even enter the consumers mind. Office A may charge $100, office B only $75 to the patient there is no difference. There is no incentive to reduce cost.

In fact the opposite is true. One would want to get the most out of the monthly premium’s and Co pays looking to “get” anything offered. If you need an MRI, for example, you will simply go get an MRI… it could be $50 or $500 or $5,000 for that matter, matters not to the consumer. Often one just goes where they are told or picks at random from a list.


I was offered an ibuprofen in the ER and declined, my insurance was billed $120 for 2 pills I didn’t not receive and have a 500 of them at home that cost me $10. My wife’s gallbladder had to come out years ago. The $28,000 surgery was reduced to $7000 cash, and settled for $1800. Come on now.

VA for everybody is not the answer! Far from it. Yet most of the talk in DC is ultimately heading there.

Here’s what needs to be done. Introduce market forces and require a small, reasonable, percent of cost to be shared by the patient. This will create price consciousness, fostering pricing competition among the care providers, thus forcing costs down. If I have an MRI machine and I can get $2800 from the insurance companies… guess how much I’ll charge? Of course, $2800. I’m leaving money on the table otherwise. Right?

**You’re selling a car, let’s say you only wanted a $1000 for the car, then a fella comes along and offers you $2000 cash on the spot. 99 out of 100 with happily accept the $2000 never mentioning you only wanted half that.** Otherwise you're leaving a grand on the table. That's just dumb. Rare few would only take a grand. They're the exception proving the rule and good folks to buy a used car from 👍😂

Now, if I’m dealing with competition, the guy down stairs is running his MRI for $280 and I’m twiddling my thumbs, guess what. I’ll be a bit more flexible won’t I? I better or I’m out of business in short order. Like it or not, healthcare is a business, a very human one, but bills need to be paid, payroll has to be met, equipment to be purchased and maintained. Not to mention secondary support industries and the billions annual in research and development.

Back to the consumer, the insurance end user; if one had to get an MRI and had to 5-10% of the cost, an incentive to save money is created, complete with a deterrent to waste and abuse. Apply this across the boards, coupled with a more traditional catastrophic coverage, and the whole landscape changes.

With the compounding corrective measures, vastly lowing costs and reducing frivolous waste and abuse, the monthly premium would become extremely reasonable. I imagine something like $50 to $100 a month. Might spend another $50 to $100 on months you use the insurance. Even if that’s every month… $100 to $200 would be amazing!

More importantly, this would be affordable and available CARE, not just coverage.

Given it’s a bit complicated to implement and the devil is in the details… you know removing the federal Leviathan’s talons from the industry and allow natural market forces work their magic. Sadly most lawmakers are proposing the exact opposite prescription.
What the ACA ultimately successfully did was dump tons and tons of Americans into Medicaid. A few years ago my wife and millions of others faced a choice. $500+ a month with an astronomical deductible or… free.

Humm, what to do, what to do? $500 a month with $3000 deductible or free… tough choice.
🤔 Humm...

Every drug dealer knows, to get the custo hooked, give them the first few hits free... Get them accustomed (addicted) and the you GOT THEM.

Of course the plan was (simplified) to get as many people on the government program. This allows it to always grow and never shrink. “what, you’re going to take away millions of people’s insurance??? You want them to die!!!” This was the hook all along. New 3rd rail. 😒
The ACA was designed to destroy private insurance, only having Trump come in and actually effectively killing the bill before it crumbled private insurance was a bit unexpected by the masterminds.

So here we are, the elites (both some Republicans and all democrats want the control) are back to their push to destroy private Healthcare in this country. It’s been a progressive goal for nearly a century.

We the people, of course, have other ideas…

Should such reforms take place, allowing market forces with consumer behavior and provider competition to drastically reduce costs. (Oh yes, it would!) Not only will everyone currently in the market stand to benefit. Many, not all, but a good healthy chunk of the Medicaid rolls will find this attractive and affordable, thus preferably procuring their insurance in the private sector.

This would leave plenty of room, in a (then) sustainable, Medicaid program for the poor and needy. AKA who the program is designed for.
Whereas, currently, it is bloated with many people that would prefer private insurance but no realistic is alternative. Like my wife for example. She has no business being on those roles, but there is no other reasonable option and it’s allowed… so, there it is for now.

Incentivized poor fiscal behavior continues.

Sadly, whenever there is talk of healthcare, real solutions or concepts are rarely offered. Next to never is it discussed (correctly) in terms of market forces. Just more government control at varying levels. Because they run everything else so well... into the ground. 😔
Government has no accountability, any failures are blamed on funding, then more money is demanded from the Treasury and around we go.

The changes I described will never come up organically with our law makers, the discussion is tabled as 'what level of government involvement is appropriate'.

If enough of us pick up this concept, we the people might force the issue on Washington or were ultimately doomed. Hate to be so gloom. I’m not optimistic in the long term. Ignorance is truly bliss… I hate understanding whats going on and where we're headed. No fun. 😕

If not for the election of Donald J Trump, I would have no hope at all! The daily battles Trump must engage in is not very comforting and indicative to the problems our nation faces. But I thank God he is there fighting them!

There can only be 6 more years… you see anyone that can take his place and continue taking the fight to them?

@TomStark913 We need tort law reform as well. As long as anyone, American or non-American, can sue any medical practitioner for anything, then of course hospitals and doctors are going to order every test and procedure possible to avoid being sued down the line. It's awful. This drives up cost, too.

@TomStark913 This is an excellent thread, Tom. Thanks. Great examples on how competition tends to increase quality while reducing prices.

I will support who ever President Trump supports, and stands with.🇺🇸

@TomStark913 Sure.

Trump DELEGATES, which means that he's got hundreds of people who agree with him.

One of them will take his place.

Pence, for example, is already serving as foreign-policy president. He'll have amazing accomplishments to put on the table.

@ThomasWic @TomStark913 That is what I notice, Trump has an exceptional eye for people. He selects the right people for each task.

Love this! I think Pence would make a great future POTUS. He's learning so much from Trump and Trump will be there to support him. I'd love it if John James was the next VP then POTUS after Pence's two terms. 😍

@mariel @ThomasWic @TomStark913

There are a few great potential candidates in the line. Think Mike Pompeo and Mick Malvuney!

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@ThomasWic @TomStark913 well yes. And they said it before, Trump said he's just a messenger. He is the first not the last. It wouldn't surprise me if when I die and meet the Almighty, and ask him to tell me the real story of what happened with Trump's election and everything afterwards, but I am told what happened was the greatest MILDEC campaign for all time to finally rid the United States of socialism and all the corruption. And Trump was just the first they had in line, not the last...

@TomStark913 I agree and is why I have been saying for 2 years now that Trump will be the last Republican president for a LONG time unless something changes.

@bmaat 😂 when drones speak of the 25 amendment, foolishly, I like to remind everyone, it's the 22nd amendment that will ultimately dislodge Trump from office.
👍 Term limitations.

☝️That Ronald Reagan opposed FYI


FDR indicate that the people don't always agree.

@TomStark913 No one could ever take his place. It is with 100% certainty (mine), that President Trump will be reelected in 2020. Honestly, I SECRETLY wish he could serve 3 terms. 😂 It is now not a secret anymore.


Keep explaining this to us please!! I chime in some days. See this thread link at the end, another anecdote backing what you say.

I want to develop a panel of us for podcast to discuss the truth about our insurance/medical system. @Dyan has Provider perspective.

BO-Care had 12million at MAX and 313 million of us argued about it while ACA destroyed our medical system.

@TomStark913 yes, in my state, they chose not to expand Medicaid, so those same people were mostly left with no healthcare at all. We chose to pay the penalty because the insurance was unaffordable.

@TomStark913 another example: Nov 2017, I broke my femur. I am a member of a Christian Health cost sharing group. Total billed by hospital, surgeon, all associated doctors and followups, was $150,000. Final negotiated cost was $27,000 which the Christian Group paid me to pay them. My total out of pocket was $300. My eyes were opened to the big healthcare scam. Every one of the healthcare providers except the ambulance offered discounts for cash payment.

@GrandmaFire @TomStark913 This was also my experience w/ a hospital last year. I don't have insurance, but I am a member of Samaritan's health sharing. The hospital tried to charge me, as a cash patient, the whole caboodle & then some. I asked the hospital why they give a break to insurance companies but not people who self-pay, when a cash payment is more of a sure thing. They told me "that's just the way it is." But Samaritan's had a negotiator who talked the total down immensely. Thankfully!

People's wellness should not be a business. It is unethical and terrible to put a dollar amount on someone's life.

@samwightt I understand the sentiment. There are still bills to pay and payroll to meet, R&D costs billions a year alone. It's a business. No way around it.

Would you want an over worked under paid, or unpaid, surgeon performing your double bypass? I would not.

That's not comparable. That can all be done and currently is being done in multiple government agencies. Are you saying that those are businesses?

@samwightt not comparable? So doctors don't get paid? Nurses don't get paid? Hospitals don't have bills?

Hate to be the bearer of bad news:
Utopia does not exist nor does Santa Clause.

Good day, clearly we're done here.

@samwightt @TomStark913

So then you prescribe indentured servitude for medical practitioners?

I think coerced labor is unethical and terrible, but it seems that's a price you are willing to pay.

Pay out of someone else's pocket or liberty, that is.


Nope, just have the government pay. Socialized healthcare WORKS. Other countries have implemented it and pay less per capita under it.

@samwightt @TomStark913

"Just have the government pay"

The government has no money that they do not get from taxpayers, or borrow, that the taxpayers must repay.

"Socialized healthcare WORKS"

Does it? What are the trade offs? People from countries that have it often leave to other countries that offer paid care on demand when wait times are high (rationing). Or when a service is not offered at all, which is government controlling your access to care.

@samwightt @mrbungle everything the government has, was first taken from the people.
"Have the government pay" means, we are all forced to pay for inefficient crap with no other options into perpetuity. That's despotism.

My best suggestion is to move to Canada. Finish school first of course.
It's a healthcare Mecca up there, you'll love it. (Assuming you have no serious illness.)
Watch your pronouns and your dogs gestures or you might go to jail...

Best of luck to ya Sammy. 👍

@samwightt @mrbungle
@ThomasWic can impart some wisdom of personal experience on this young man... If he wishes to do so that is. 🇺🇸

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