I've received my calling.
I am to move to Afghanistan and convert the Taliban to Christianity.

I have even recently retook to Twitter using Bogie's persona, Rick Blaine for my account. @realtomstark is my handle.

If you have not yet seen Casablanca, I highly recommend viewing it. The story is just as gripping today as it was 81 years ago.

@umad80 @darulharb

Spite is a powerfull motivation.

So he called someone "pussy" and "stole" someone's sandwich.

65 shitheads who owe him their profession, their livelihood and their loyalty.

65 pussies who know not the meaning of either.

James will survive. He is the creative and life force behind PV...and you know I've not shied from criticizing him. But he us PV and PV is nothing without him.

His biggest mistake was surrounding himself with mental lightweights.

Ok. Pussies.

What an adventure. My phone made it back from Mexico! Long story.

Fun ride for a minute there πŸ‘ now it's like waiting in line for the roller-coaster again LMAO. That's actually a decent analogy for the bull and bear cycles.

Guess that free speech stuff only applies certain few on Twitter. 🀷

Local 243 and Jefferson Lodge 553 extending Christmas well wishes to all and theirs. πŸŽ„πŸ™πŸŽ…

It's all house money now so its all good no matter; fun little fact, my $CRO was valued at $4k last March and is now about $700 🀷 LMAO. Give it a few years to cycle back 🀞

La Bomba, great flick if you haven't seen... Bob is HILARIOUS.

Exhibit A why I stopped watching news... 😞 My blood pressure was doing so well until Meet the Depressed came on. πŸ˜’

Chuck Todd says there are some house races in CA with only about 50% reporting?! It's been a f*****g week. Unreal.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.