I may not pipe up a lot...more often than not I'm boosting voices that were silenced on other platforms & merely reading, gleaning, & reminding myself:
"All Is Well!"

We have the luxury of sitting in the VIP Suite of QuodVerum watching the rest of the world (Left & Right & Indifferent) wake up.

If you can, please consider supporting this site and the work of @Debradelai @ThomasWic @REX @drawandstrike etc

I love knowing the little bit I can give monthly helps the cause & so will you


I actually had art classes in high school but electricity and mechanisms took over my creative desires. Art is a great undertaking; 'real' art that is, not a pile of cans with a name.

I drew this last November, first time I picked up a pencil and drew a likeness in nearly 20 years. Imagine if I worked at honing this raw talent I always possessed? Beyond elementary school art class, zero training in art. This is just natural ability.

Not to say it's great, I can point to about 5 major errors at minimum... But I'm never completely satisfied with my own work. Ever.

FYI, BAS (building automated systems) he's a stationary engineer at LCA. πŸ‘ He keeps everything working.

I was very impressed with Little Ceasers Arena. So much so I submitted an application for 'tour guide'. The job discription sounds right up my ally.
I have a friend already working in BAS maintenance I asked to put in a good word. 🀞

So does this mean Bernie drew up the flex capacitor making time travel possible??

View from the seats... Bout half hour to game time. Pistons vs Raptors

My neighbors ex-roommate's older brother has announced his intention of seeking the Democratic nomination for President of the United States ... πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

Will be checking out LCA (Little Ceasers Arena) today for the first time. The new home of the Detroit Red Wings and Pistons. Tip off at 4 pm...
My good friend is a stationary engineer there πŸ‘ cool gig.

Remember all the leftist celebrities making their Twitter jokes about pedophilia?


They're SATIRIZING pedophilia.

We just saw a meta-mass shooting.

The troll SATIRIZED a mass shooting. He did everything a mass shooter does--including murdering people--but he made it into a joke.

And 8Chan LOVED it.

1. UN appoints 's regime to the @UN_Women rights commission.

2. Mullahs' rep lies about this regime being based on "freedom, democracy, rule of law and human rights," and women enjoying many privileges.

3. Security forces continue to viciously beat women in the streets.

Check out this 1942 Blackout! Was on display at Warren, MI city hall last summer. Due to rationing only the bumper could be chromed. Very rare year, US auto prduction retooled in February 1942 to feed the war effort and ultimate victory! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Real piece of history.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.