Trump "supporters" are easily the most weak-kneed people I've ever come across.

"If Walsh does attempt to challenge the President for the Republican nomination in 2020, it doesn’t appear that Trump has anything to worry about."

Trump doesn't have anything to worry about PERIOD.

Everybody's lucky I'm not Trump.

I'd give my "supporters" a talking-to they'd never forget.

This gutless blubbering has to stop. It's infuriating.

3 sis gender non-binaries and a nongender specific fully formed clump of cells...

2019 retitle of 3 men and a baby...

Hastey and Somewhat Perturbed.

It's a watered down version of the Fast and Furious 😜😅

About 80% of what comes in my mailbox goes straight to the trash... Such a waste.

Wow. Very convenient the Epstien 'killed himself'... Very well may be on the level... But still.

A man followed a young girl into a Target bathroom in Texas saying he self identified as a woman. The man's teeth were knocked out by the girl's father, who says he self identifies as the tooth fairy.

@ThomasWic @TomStark913
When stability, prosperity & harmony become the norm for Americans those whose Hearts belong to Hell will do everything within their power to destroy that Harmony.
The first REAL Skirmish of the .

@ThomasWic @TomStark913
Screaming their Playbook Tropes louder and LOUDER AND LOOOUUDERR only to see ZERO effect & unrepentant & EFFECTIVE pushback is sending them over the edge=INTO THE DARKNESS
from which they will emerge as the Stunted Harbingers of the next Phase.


The GOOD thing is that you noticed.

That puts you firmly on the other side.

Twitter has really become a cesspool past few days. More so than normal... That's really saying something.

I'd take some pics of the engine room... But that's a no-no.

The driver of this car, Harold Martin, is my new boss. My father builds the motors for these cars too 👍

Somehow... I knew I'd land in the automotive field, it is my destiny.

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