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Never watched one second of this show but I understand they stole my name and did not respond to any of my cease-and-desist letters

Best part... If this guy tries making up some crap or whatever, ultimately not give me my $747.50 with in 30 days... I will successfully sue him for $6,727.50, less $1495 for May.
I DARE him to stiff me. He wont know what hit him! I'm not in the habit of leaving things to chance.
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

I call up the new manager and politely explained. "the agent binds the principal" that's all that matters here. Now I expect my $747.50 on June 5th, you client can take possession a month early, June 1st. That's all there is to it. 😊 He understood.

He kept saying, "you're not listening to me" and "I'm not a lawyer..." then proceed to provide the worst, incorrect, legal advise ever. πŸ˜‚ What an ass hole. I just said Id think about it to get away from the guy. I called my lawyer in the morning to firm up I was right and form a plan. Was a great call. Best call I made in years! I mean that.

I was very clear to the new manager, I will not lose my deposit. Period. I was a bit shocked when he asked where May's rent was. In escrow, I telegraphed that to you weeks ago.
He flips out. He thinks I'm a dumb ass or he's a dumb ass. I think it's 1:1 myself. Insisting my lease was with the last management company and I needed to get with them.
No, your client, the owner is responsible and I'm not sending the rent.

That said, the current owner thats putting me out has a bit of a problem. The orginal agent he contracted to manage the property, sole 6 months rent and the security deposit. Rather unfortunate. The new manager adimted to my wife the owner doesn't have the funds to cover my deposit. Suggesting I go after the management company. πŸ˜’ I had a better idea. Withhold last months rent (may) and I'm 66% there, just $747.50 left due. A more manageable figure.

Every place I leave better. Even after swapping light fixtures & door hardware back.
If you rent, I'm dead serious, FIRST thing you do is change the locks! Especially if an apartment complex. Trust me.

In the house here, the jack and Jill satin finish ($120 a pop) mirrors with cabinets and matching satin finish faucets ($40 each) it was these nasty cheap faucets with a giant mirror, no cabinet. And I panted over all the BABY BLUE all over the house. Cost me $1800. Now that was 9 years ago, the white especially needs a fresh coat. Thats not my problem. The haven't painted in a decade. They're lucky!

I swap back the fixtures and hardware though 😊. Obviously the new counter will say. Small price to pay not to live with a nasty looking counter like that. Gonna be night and day.

Having been a land lord, and I'm picky, like nice things and am willing to pay a few bucks. I HATE yellow gold finish! Yuk. Satin, stainless, silver all work just fine. This means I have to swap all my door hardware and light fixtures throughout. As I've already done. Plus a couple new LED lights πŸ‘ I can make due. I am rather upset TBH, I am atteched to this house... Seeing it empty is very unsettling. Been here 9 years. πŸ˜”

Yeah, that's not gonna work on several levels, for about $200 the whole counter top will be replaced. I will get a stainless sink for free from a salvage buddy, about $50 in odds and presto, a kitchen I can live with for a year or 2. (be in postion to buy around then)
All I ask is my security deposit in full. I leave places in BETTER condition.

Look at what is deemed acceptable...

The silicone must have been poured on by the gallon.

Half the house for $5 bucks more πŸ‘
Score πŸ™„
Gotta love the market. Our area is hot right now. Houses sell in under a week often and rentals don't pop up often and go just as quick.

This move was very unexpected. We hoped to buy our, for now, current home. The owner wishes to move in here. I found a place 2 doors down πŸ‘ We really like the neighborhood, thankfully where not going far.

On my current porch, circled is the new joint.

Moving week... A lot of white in the new Diggs. Going darker on the red and blue, chosen a patriotic theme; red, white and blue. First coat. I'm digging it.

@TomStark913 @IDscot

So shall it be done. Tonight.

I am particularly proud of the Bradley flag.

Dealing with Craigslist scammers gets old... But it's fun to a degree.

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