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The movie is three hours long.

I read the book it's based on.

Well, I TRIED to read the book it's based on, but it offered nothing to the collective knowledge of mafiosos.

De-aging was a huge miscalculation.

De Niro doesn't look young, and he still MOVES as though he's 76.

So he isn't at all convincing as a hit man.

Dems are now attempting to by equating facts and inferences

Soooo.... when do we start getting to shoot the traitors?

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I came across articles some years ago, about a German editor, who wrote a book saying exactly what you are saying, he is now dead. I have some links, here is one.

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Corn-pop wasn’t that bad of a dude. Just misunderstood.

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@COsweda thread on Coral Gables robbery, brilliant as per usual

"A total of 19 cops opened fire"

That's Insane!
Thoughts when I heard news that night
How/why robbers were allowed to get all the way to Miramar (24 miles away)
News of no LEO were hurt* before news about UPS driver. Don't want cops getting hurt BUT don't want innocent bystanders killed in crossfire either!

*CBS ": @MiramarPD confirms they do not have any law enforcement fatalities" at 18:54

@Tokeninja “the hacking of the dnc was done by Russians” is bs and he knows it - if he won’t fight for Seth Rich he doesn’t fight for us.

Graham is a snake. “To believe that the mainstream media will investigate all things Russia or Ukraine is to hope against hope. The hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s emails was done by the Russians and no one else. Whether there’s a connection between Democratic operatives and Ukrainian officials during the 2016 election has yet to be determined. It will only be found by looking. We intend to look,” said Graham

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I just wrote that I am disappointed he supports impeachment. I mentioned Schiff’s phony phone call story and that every Dem witness said they had no firsthand knowledge of any impeachable offense when they were asked. But going into detail is not the main thing.

Don’t be dissuaded if you’re not confident writing. The important thing is to let your Rep know how you want him or her to vote. A simple “I want you to vote NO on impeachment” will do just fine.


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What a great piece of journalism from VOANews.😒

Remember the 2 scoops of ice cream non news?? 🙄

I Wish trump campaign started selling these - would much rather give my money to them than amazon 3ChipPOD Epstein Didn't Kill Himself Holiday Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt Xmas Holiday Sweater Athletic Sweatshirt AOP White

I understand why Massie voted no ... but why did tulsi abstain? ttps://

After seeing the “law professors” at the hearing yesterday and today - I have a newly found disrespect for lawyers. After political studies law that field of study is reserved for the dumbest of the dumb.

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