Hey @captwfcall , I went to the Parker County government building today to register a trailer I recently bought. They also do early voting there so the place was pretty busy. Not one mask in use in the building that I saw. No employees, no public - I carried a mask because I thought I might have to wear it in a government building, but nope.

@TimToolMan lol. i drove to willow park today to buy a diet dr pepper. no masks, etc. 💪 i should've bought a house in hudson oaks. was going to a few years back on like 5 acres..i didn't pull the trigger 😔

Stay away from Aledo school district - property taxes are the highest in the county there. Their high school stadium is bigger than the university in Missouri that my son attended. Sports really matter there, and you pay for it.

My "new to me" trailer. I've wanted an enclosed trailer for decades. I've ruined particle board furniture more than once helping the kids move. Tarps just don't do the trick.


@HectorHeathcote @captwfcall

Thank you. I can't seem to get those to post right way up no matter how I turn my phone.

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