I currently have 90 employees in 7 states, and we are all considered essential employees. I have 2 guys with potential exposure we are working through, and one guy in the Denver area off for 14 day quarantine. The guy in Denver has fever and symptoms and his doctor "presumed" he has the virus. He cannot get a test in Denver unless he is hospitalized.
It would be a big help to me if I could get employees tested and put them back to work quicker.

Employees currently have to burn 40 hours of PTO, then go on STD for the duration of time off. The guy in Denver is new and will not have any PTO left - no vacation this year.

I sent a directive today for the guys to avoid working together - I can't afford to lose a whole team.

My VP has threatened disciplinary action if an employee comes to work with symptoms.

I had 2 weeks of vacation coming in April, but everything is closed so I'll stay and stew.


My Denver employee reports this morning he is doing much better today. He may be over the hump.

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