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so we now have republicans that want to abolish Columbus Day. the Braun effect

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I do NOT, I absolutely DO NOT want Columbus Day replaced with Juneteenth. I do NOT, I absolutely DO NOT want Juneteenth as a federal holiday. Yes, I have known what it is most of my life. No I have never celebrated it formally...mainly because I'm not from Texas. However, given that my employer decided to grant us time off in celebration, I took it. PTO on a Friday? I'm no fool.

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I was raised the same way. My school district in my hometown was pretty good academically.
However, we had more than one alcoholic teacher, teachers caught up in a school district embezzlement scandal that involved trips to vegas and hookers....and one who was found to have molested dozens of children. Parents need to be involved in their children's education.

@JM @Baline @redwhitebluedude @drawandstrike @DuaneCates @HunDriverWidow

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Her Daddy humiliates Kellyanne publicly on a frequent basis. They all have their own opinions, but why this family does it so publicly (other than Kellyanne whose job is to voice presidential policy and her opinions on press takes) is a bizarre situation.

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More stupid liberal clients are calling in asking what I am doing to protect them in my salon....

My first initial internal response is what are THEY doing to protect ME and my salon from their germs!!!

Alas, I can not. What pisses me off, I only have 5 tables to begin with. Currently, myself and only one other technician is working. At the current influx on stupidity, i won't survive.

Im putting my salon up for sale.....

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Jackson Cosko, former congressional staffer for Sheila Lee Jackson and Maggie Hassan, sentenced to 4 years in prison. He doxxed Republicans during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.


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Before its permanently memory holed, take a minute to read this article that they're desperately trying to hide on the Climate Change Scam.

On Behalf Of Environmentalists, I Apologize For The Climate Scare


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“If you’re triggered by the phrase ‘master bedroom’, you’re mentally ill and the bank shouldn’t give you the money to buy the house.” Mark Steyn

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OMG! 😂 I just sprayed coffee on my screen. My local state representative here in Georgia just responded to me on an email I sent him and my state senator yesterday. I want to share my question to them, and then his response to me.


Dear Senator and Representative –

First, thanks for all the hard work on a budget in light of the $2.2 billion that had to be cut. We all endure what we can to get us through COVID.

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5/ End thread

Rep's response just now:

"Good morning Lisa,
Thank you for your note. Unfortunately there are not logical responses that can be provided for anything Mayor Bottoms says or does.

I know this guy. He will look into it. But I did spray the screen with coffee.

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@ChaplainEric Despite the renovation the house is only worth $1.5mm. I sell in a market where houses run from 100k to 75mm. The valuation on the St. Louis house is low in contrast. They must have spent much more than its value over many years.

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I think it is the same house that was on @Dawnz ‘s toot. Simply beautiful home. Incredible amount of work over their life time. Sure would like to know how they kept their momentum. Very impressive.

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@Joycevor The link to the St Louis home and it's history is fascinating. Everyone should read about it.
I suggest that that attorney who has said she will file charges, and follows through, against this couple had better have good PERSONAL insurance and a ton of personal $$ for her own hired attorneys to defend a counter suit!!

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As I said before, all it took was a few human sacrifices!

WATCH LIVE: Seattle police move into CHOP

WATCH LIVE: The Seattle Police Department moved into the "Capitol Hill Organized Protest" zone early Wednesday morning.


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Did you hear? King Cuomo is forcing Costco to discontinue sheet cakes and party platters to keep people from having large gatherings. I guess if you don’t have a sheet cake, you can’t celebrate anything. I think he forgot people can actually bake their own damn sheet cake 🤦‍♀️

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"An N-95 mask filters out particulate matter larger than .3 microns. So the question then is how big is a COVID particle. A COVID particle is about .1 micron....this idea of people doing anything particularly useful w...a mask is just LOONEY TUNES." - Sen. Dr. Scott Jenson, M.D.

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"Jesse Taggart, 33, a BLM activist, has been arrested for allegedly shooting a driver at a BLM riot in Provo, Utah. Taggart's social media is filled w/ BLM content. He's been charged w/attempted aggravated murder, aggravated assault, rioting, firing a weapon near a highway & more."

Andy Ngô@MrAndyNgo


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So right! In him, I'm reminded of the old adage, "I'd like to buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth. Then I'd be rich!"


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