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Well I'm abandoning this account today. Hope to see you on my other account. If anyone has any advice on how to delete this one I'd be grateful.

I feel sad for the voters, low education but rightfully pissed after the election fraud, they’ve become prey for the likes of the grifters who’ve come slithering into SC. If I didn’t think Lin Wood et al were against Trump/GOP before, I’m convinced now.

But it’s no matter. We who’ve been fighting the Left, & their anti-American ideas, will regroup. We always do. In the end the grifters are irrelevant. We have actual enemies to fight.

So...Welcome to the party, you ready to get to work?


And they know she’s holding them accountable to their oath of office.

She’s very careful about where she expends her energy. In the end defending these spots wasn’t going to yield enough results in the goal of fighting the true enemies to make it worth it. And I don’t blame her.

So F You Lin Wood. F You Jeff Davis. And F You to the rest of the grifters who hijacked Trump’s name, went against his stated plan for our state, & tried to create chaos in our state. The Left applauds you!


effectively fight for our liberties. Every legislative season she leads a small but focused group of us to daily/weekly track bills. Despite it being her busy work season she tracks these bills too & does behind the scenes work w/ friendly reps, she writes amendments, travels to Columbia to testify, and creates Calls to Action for our group of parent activists. She does this at her own personal expense. The Dems, RINOs, & America First Reps all know her name.


threaten lawsuits, & generally make it impossible for them to lead our county in the true efforts of fighting the Left & their steady attempts to flip our state.

(Interesting to me that a group including a defamation lawyer specializes in defamation. Accusations of sex trafficking seems to be a favorite.)

I know the chairwoman. She’s spent years educating a growing group of mostly moms & dads on how our legislative process works, how to build relationships w/ our reps, & how to



Lin Wood and the Grifters

Well they did it. The grifters in SC hijacked Trump’s name, and fed half truths to the low information/high passion voters so they stayed mad and malleable. They manipulated those folks so they harassed, harangued, and defamed our county’s GOP leadership to the point they resigned, effective immediately, on Thursday.

The three folks said it became apparent that no matter how much transparency they provided the group was determined to throw up barriers,


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“The best way to solidify your own administration and simultaneously humiliate your Trumpian enemies is to lay the cards on the table in PA. Are you trying to tell me you don't know if your 80,000 vote margin can hold up to an audit?

Instead of doing this and letting us self destruct, Josh Shapiro, John Fetterman, Tom Wolf, and now Joe Biden are coming to make sure it doesn't happen.

They know that Trump carried PA by ~300,000-400,000 votes, and reveal that by their actions.”

-Seth Keshel

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@DuaneCates When he gets there,will he remember why he went?🤔

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Brian Cates - Political Columnist, [09.07.21 20:14]
I mean, I expected this. I expected a Biden Trip to PA. Let me clue you in on a little secret: Biden and the Democrats are never going to roll over and just give up. So of course he's going to PA. The enemy always gets a vote. But I think they're starting to realize we will never stop and that we will never give up.

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Lefties: don’t paint an entire religion with a broad brush based on the actions of a few.

Also Lefties: paint all white people with a broad brush based on the actions of people they aren’t even related to but they have the same level of melanin in their skin.

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"If you want to make a Conservative angry, tell him a lie. If you want to make a Liberal angry, tell him the truth."
Rush Limbaugh

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Voter ID is a paper tiger. Vote by mail is how they cheat.

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@MadBeachBimbo @ConnieinVA It's a long thread & still barely covers the plethera of BS the dems & MSM have fed the American people. To this day, relatively intelligent Americans still believe Russia has blackmail power over Trump & those same Americans don't even know what the Abraham Accords are!

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Haven't seen it, but what a review...

@FenixAmmunition: "Was SK Arms recording my thoughts, NSA Tucker Carlson style, as I watched this movie? [screenshots]"

(H/T @seanmdav RT )

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@BlkLdyPatriot @J_Bird @CClark @Dawnz @HunDriverWidow

Yes, a very rough ride.

I think the Dems are dreading a Kamala presidency. I have thought that since Pence crushed her and she made a fool of herself in the debate.

But it does look possible that she may take over. Biden is in very bad shape and he has only been in office for six months

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@J_Bird @CClark @Dawnz @HunDriverWidow

Heights - or depths.

And it will only get worse from here. He may plateau again. But he is already at the point now where he is disconnecting completely.

He has a pattern where he closes his eyes tight suddenly, then opens them and they are blank. His eyes are empty and his mouth hangs open. Then he says nothing. Just stares

This has happened before, but not with a long silence like today. The misfiring is lasting longer.

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@Dawnz @HunDriverWidow

He is definitely worse. I have seen that happen several times. He goes though a period of sudden decline and then plateaus for a few weeks or months - then declines again.

The Europe trip took a lot out of him. It was exceptionally stupid of them to send him - but of course, it was exceptionally stupid to nominate him in the first place

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