A Washington Post reporter shared an overheard reaction to the second night of this week’s Democratic Party presidential debate that may not bode well for the party.


That's good news but not all that surprising really. Everbody in the dem party can't be insane, some of them are good people, i hope a lot of them are


Most Democrat voters are decent people who have been lied to and mislead.


I don't believe they are mentally ill, just misinformed.

The truth is, they don't pay much attention to politics. They just vote for the party they've always voted for without knowing what their candidate stands for or has done.


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All my leftist friends are headline readers and mainstream media viewers. They never go more than a sentence or two in an article, if that. And they trust their talking heads. They never question nor delve deeper. Misinformed most definitely. And sorry to say, brainwashed because of it.

@melody @NevadaJack @MegasAlexandros @Mongo3804 I have friends who watch the view, Maher, cnn religiously...they still think Russia did it...I’m waiting for reality to clock them in the head, but not hopeful on that one

@deighs @melody @NevadaJack @MegasAlexandros
I honestly think there's coming a day we're going to see some massive depression from the left

@Mongo3804 Well yes, when they figure out their trusted hero's have preyed on their vulnerabilities to exploit them, that's just sad.
We'll just have to show them the flip side positive future perspective that they've been missing!

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@melody @Mongo3804 @deighs @NevadaJack

By November 2020 Trump is going to show the liberal left that they have been used and abused. Only the hopeless cases won’t be able to recognize it.

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I think they simply cannot, it's too much to bear that they've been so betrayed. This whole focus on "identity" politics has attached their "self" to the fraud. It's like a death for them to lose that ground. For this I despise the liars so much.

@melody @MegasAlexandros @deighs @NevadaJack
Unbelievable how biased the news media is. When we actually needed them to hold a president accountable they did the opposite

@Mongo3804 More than any politician, I hold the media most culpable. Unforgivable what they've done. Only they can undo it, but they won't.

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@melody @Mongo3804 @MegasAlexandros @deighs @NevadaJack Funny, that's exactly what I say to my dad when we discuss these things. You expect politicians to do shit. You expect the media to be unbiased. But they aren't and they're responsible for so much division and hatred.

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Yes I've been told a few times that Trump is responsible for the division in this country.

"Umm.. no, maybe it's the media?.. maybe"

And then I am laughed at at scoffed at for uttering such foolishness.


@melody @Mongo3804 @MegasAlexandros @deighs @NevadaJack Unfortunately the media still has so many people under their spell. There are numerous examples of the press injecting bias, but none so obvious as Ferguson, which Obama started and the media happily played a long.

@umad80 Yep. It's . so hard to watch the deception and the cognitive dissonance, families and friends divided. Horrid.

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@melody @Mongo3804 @MegasAlexandros @deighs @NevadaJack I am lucky. My imediate family, including cousins, voted for Trump. It's more distant relatives like my grandmother's sisters. But I don't talk to them. lol

Friends are half and half. But most are civil thankfully.

@umad80 Cherish them! I've got SJW hardcore lefties all around me. On all sides. And it's a little lonely to be honest.

Thank goodness for this place! It's truly a refuge for me. I appreciate everyone here so much.

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@melody @umad80 @Mongo3804 @MegasAlexandros @deighs @NevadaJack I live in neighborhood that I thought was a bunch of Libs)..I posted on Facebook my outrage about the abortion debacle. While walking the neighborhood, several people stopped me to say they support Trump. They also told me almost the whole neighborhood was Trump except for one woman. They have silenced us successfully to the point that we dont even know who are Trump supporters. I suspect the quiet ones are Trump's irredeemables.


@campers @melody @umad80 @Mongo3804 @MegasAlexandros @deighs @NevadaJack In South Florida-Miami believe me I see first hand the silent Trump supporters at MDCPS and USPS, places I patron from secreteries, office workers, hospital workers, bank tellers, student, all genders, races, ethnicities I truly had no idea how many silent Trump supporters there are here in Miami, Keys and Broward Counties. IMHO 2020 will be beyon anyone's expectation including Trump his win be on a Biblical scale

@Tidepod in my neck of the woods it’s like finding a hidden gem, and then it’s high fives...

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You know it's a real shame to live in the best country in the world and you can't wear a cap in support of your president and country without worrying of being assaulted. I have a maga and a trump 2020 cap that i rarely wear. The wife and i were going out for dinner the other day and she asked why i didn't wear one of them. I don't want somebody spitting (or worse) on my food. That's what some of these folks are capable of

@Mongo3804 @Tidepod @campers @melody @umad80 @MegasAlexandros @NevadaJack

You could wear a Batman cap..DT did say he was Batman : ) that was a great video btw

@deighs @Tidepod @campers @melody @umad80 @MegasAlexandros @NevadaJack
I don't worry much about being assaulted what concerns me is what someone might do to my food ir key my car or slash my tires. That's the kind of actions a coward takes and that's what i think most of those leftist window lickers are. Play dirty and behind your back. The ones that bellow the loudest against you on twitter would be quite as a church mouse in person imho

@Mongo3804 when they will harass children, that tells you who they are

@Mongo3804 @deighs @Tidepod @campers @melody @MegasAlexandros @NevadaJack That's true. Most of them are cowards. If they weren't, antifa wouldn't cover their face.

@umad80 @deighs @Tidepod @campers @melody @MegasAlexandros @NevadaJack
Yeah that and they won't attack unless it's 10 to 1 and they have something for a weapon

@Mongo3804 @deighs @Tidepod @campers @melody @umad80 @MegasAlexandros @NevadaJack I won't let my husband wear his MAGA hat out for the same reason. Cowards are cowardly. He wore it proudly to the Trump rally here.

@Mongo3804 @Tidepod @campers @melody @MegasAlexandros @deighs @NevadaJack It's terrible. I don't trust people at all.

But my dad has a MAGA cling on the back window of his truck. He used to get a lot of middle fingers. He says now he gets a lot of car toots and thumbs up.


I recently saw a car with Virginia plates with a Bernie 2016 sticker on the bumper...I really wanted to yell out the window, dude, keep up : )

@Mongo3804 @Tidepod @campers @melody @umad80 @MegasAlexandros @deighs @NevadaJack Narrow minded liberals that hate people that don't agree with them. Can't discuss anything without getting angry 😠😡.

@MegasAlexandros @Tidepod @campers @melody @umad80 @deighs @NevadaJack
It's funny I've made errors and seen others make errors but unlike twitter i haven't seen anybody criticized for it. I'm not the grammer nazi. I think it's mostly because there are adults here unlike twitt and facebook

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