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@oystergirl Amen 👌 remember Bidden follows "TRUTH" and not "FACTS"

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Hahaha I just showed this to my son. He wanted to know why the autistic one looked more normal than the one who wasn't.
I couldn't tell him 😂

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Thank you all... good people on here, but Saul since it is your platform I'll respect your ideas and say adios..I conduct research and Q Qanons are part of it...Since you my good señor Saul are in the same mind frame of Señor Jack Dorcey and I never never take lightly to "warnings" to old for that say gracious good bye God Bless all and Merry Christmas

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She looks like she’s in her pajamas I think she was in Asia for something...So crude and yet Liberal Media rave about her "stylish wardrobe".

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McConnell would give in to Pelosi as a way of inoculating the GOP from the fallout generated by the total destruction of the Democratic party.

More evidence that Trump will take the stand and reveal all.

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This is the mother of Pouya Bakhtiari, a protester killed by 's forces during the November uprising.
Pouya tore his shoes as he tirelessly took footage of various protests scenes. He changed shoes, went back to film more scenes to inform the world, and never came back...

Does anyone see a resemblance between General Patton and Trump?

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Juan is an insufferable bore with bad pancake makeup.
He needs to be gone.
It's hard to believe even HE believes the pap he swills.

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@wziminer @Cdubois @Lisa22

French Jewish principals urge their students to leave France
'France is not our place anymore. My project is to make sure that all my students emigrate to Israel.'

"Principals of Jewish schools in France are urging their students to move to Israel due to the increasing amount of anti-Semitic attacks in the country, Ynet reported on Sunday. ..."

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I love this moment.
When he quotes the angel saying, "Fear not," Linus drops his blue blanket.
A beautiful symbol of faith overcoming fear. 🎄❤

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US Rare Earth Element Processors to Help Break China Stranglehold
U.S. Military aiming to secure elements critical for Blackhawks, Joint Strike Fighters

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I wonder if AOC can give me one of these.

1⁄2 oz Amaretto
1⁄5 oz Bailey's
Whipped Cream

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Remember that Graham has likely been instructed by Trump, to do nothing.

Any subpoenas or move against Obama/Clinton goons gives Dems & GOPe crooks on his Committee, immediate access to everything Graham has.

There's some real bad eggs in the Senate, remember. As we have seen since early 2017, there's been a strategy to prevent them from having access to info that they can leak to FakeNews or crooked proxies in the IC.

Graham is fine. He's in a tight situation. Understand the bigger picture.

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