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I believe there exists a true desire legislate a better world, but it's not possible to fully circumvent the fallen nature of man. Origins, roots, the genesis of things; they matter. The need for governance clearly demonstrates the curse and fallen nature of mankind. Moral relativity is a cause of blindness, not the cure. There is far too much at stake to lose grasp of objective reality. If your progressive ideology is wrong, all is lost. And that's a hellova price to pay for being stylish.

That's why I believe all the money laundering investigations are so important. The Trump DOJ is making the connections to the bribes for the DC Swamp.

If they can't quite connect the bribe there's always tax evasion charges.

Also any lobbyists involved will be charge with FARA violations.

I doubt there'll be any treason charges.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic
Demolish the entire city, plow the land upon it once stood and salt the earth.

Justin Amash gets primary challenger after impeachment stand.

He had a plan. Whose fault is it his plan was unbelievably rock solid dumber than shit?

@ThomasWic @Debradelai
When you have no fear or shame
the one "sent" to END you will have no REMORSE.
They're just Balancing The Books.

Trump leading the RNC as the party of the family and the American dream...just can't be beaten.

TDS and Dimm mentality of *polar opposition* by necessity requires Dimms to argue against Trump by saying:

"America sucks"
"I'm ashamed and embarrassed for the US"
"We are horrible"

That is a LOSING mentality and dangerous to the core ethic of the independent, American "can do" attitude.

That is a weakness exploited by foreign interests.

Keep winning, and 2020!

Soda Tax in Philly

Politicians are able to laugh in the face of logic, facts, and proven failures. They never learn.

Good night everybody.

“In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.” (Psalms 4:8)

May God bless you and keep you safe in your rest.



Thomas you’re less of a nobody than nearly 99.9% of anybody I’ve ever known and I would easily bet thousands and thousands would agree. Sorry, just saying.😉

@ThomasWic We don't even get to know who put the pressure on her. It's hilarious! They're all throwing her and themselves under the bus.

"Sr Hse Democrat who asked they not be identified asserted that Pelosi will likely have to switch her position on impeachment “within the next two weeks.”

The Democrat argued that “the vast majority of us are for impeachment.”"

Why Many of Today’s News Reporters Believe It Is Their **Duty** to Lie to You

DNC Media Complex reporters literally come to believe misleading you is a public service.

Yes, really.

Trump will go BIBLICAL on the Democrats.
& believe me, Biblical is WORSE, far worse than Medieval.

An utterly vanquished Cautionary Tale right up there with Ancient Carthage.

Tweet from Rudy Giuliani.

"...Ukrainian official who gave falsified evidence to Dems was charged with a BRIBE..."

As I've said before I believe the Spygate charges will involve bribes not treason. Easier to charge a government official for a bribe than treason.


The blockchain worshippers probably also all had visions of mansions and private jets from cryptocurrencies. Now that reality is setting in I'm sure they're pissed.

I've written many threads on SQV with only thoughtful feedback. But every time I write a thread critical of cryptocurrencies I get trolls. No useful comments just insults. I must be on to something.

Concerns that money launderers hire miners who use forking in the blockchain to manipulate the transaction history must be real.

These crooked miners are probably paid well. My guess these are the trolls.

cc: @Debradelai

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.