All the best sources for combat videos were banned from YouTube.

Luckily I downloaded most of them.


Does going on The View make you fat, or do only fat people go on The View?


Some of them have contacted me.

They appreciate your gratitude and prayers.

These are extremely heroic men and women.

They're helping fix a region that I was sure could not be fixed.

But now I'm sure that it WILL be fixed.


They stretched her neck.

That's just appalling.

But hilarious.


"Mayeh hi fop gadda wee tek mo SEX bip bip bip zhulon bobbashay SEX dop dorp deep noop SEX."

This is why I firmly believe that President Trump will make sure that all those who broke the law trying to keep him from the presidency will pay a heavy price.

I see jail time for many big names and the public will be shocked.


The Iranian people began rehearsing regime change in late 2017.

They practiced rising up all over the country, then moving from city to city, then moving supplies from city to city, and then recruiting members of the security forces.

One of these days, the protests will start, and this time they won't end until the mullahs are gone.


I tried to read that article, but I could feel my IQ dropping dangerously.

So I had to stop.

I asked if anyone on twitter had a link to the FOIA Document dump Rep Doug Collins mentioned. I received an answer, and a link from Cyberchick@warriors_mom
413 pages, Clinton Lynch docs

This is why we don't need to worry about Iran.

HTS is Saudi and allied commandos.

They lured the Turks in and then destroyed them.

The Saudis are currently luring in the Iranian mullahs.

Take a wild guess about what's going to happen.


We basically have no idea what Saudi and allied military capabilities are.

The videos I've seen are science fiction made science fact.

One bullet-proof man with hand grenades could take out an entire platoon of the enemy.

And that's how HTS utterly defeated the Turks in northwestern Syria.

Very small units of men armed with insanely advanced weapons destroyed Erdogan's dream in nine days.

I've never seen anything like that, but you can't argue with the results.

It's clear that the Saudis and they allies wear body armor unlike anything anyone else has.

If you use "non-Newtonian" material that hardens when the bullets hit and then becomes soft again, you can take shots to the head and not feel it.


The Saudi and allied commandos operate in a totally unprecedented manner.

These are Islamists pinned down by machine gun fire.

As they lie there, a commando runs among them, throwing hand grenades.


Genuine combat footage stopped emerging from Syria in late 2016.

That's when most of the real fighting stopped.

Before then, you could see videos of people getting their faces shot off.

We've seen nothing like that since late 2016.

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