In Syria, the Gulf Cooperation Council took over al-Qaeda FIRST.

All the al-Qaeda emirs were killed by unidentified gunmen, and the founder fled the country.

So Abu Mohammed al-Julani took over.

Nothing is known about his background.

I always though he looked too NICE to be a terrorist.

He's the only "Islamist" rebel emir left alive from 2011.

And they had fuel-air munitions that ejected explosive vapor upward.

The vapor then detonated DOWNWARD, directing the blast effect onto men hiding in trenches.

Think of the big Monty Python foot stamping down.

The Turks armed and commanded these groups.

Under Turkish leadership, the National Liberation Front slowly pushed HTS out of Idlib, Hama, and Aleppo Governorates in northwestern Syria.

This is why Trump is so necessary.

The US meddled in British affairs at the behest of an American aircraft manufacturer, and in the end, everybody in both countries got screwed.

The British never came up with another design as advanced as the TSR-2. IF THAT AIRCRAFT HAD GONE INTO SERVICE, we'd be decades ahead of where we are now.

Leftism destroys ALL PROGRESS.

That's why leftists can never be given political power.

All they do is destroy.



The American company General Dynamics wanted to sell their F-111 Aardvark to the British.

So what happened?

The British LABOUR party demanded that the aircraft be scrapped due to costs.

The Labour party campaigned on cancelling the TSR-2, so the government took the unprecedented step of showing the first two production aircraft under construction.

The finished aircraft was revealed in 1964.

By 1960, the newly formed British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) had developed the TSR-2, a stunningly advanced design.

It was a two-seat tactical bomber.


Let's take a peek at national suicide.

We'll focus on the British, since they're the best at it.

In 1957, the British military announced that it needed a replacement for the English Electric Canberra bomber.

The Saudis intercepted at least one Iranian cruise missile.

Conventional wisdom is that there's no defense against high-speed cruise missiles.

But the wreckage in the desert shows an interception.

The fuel tank caught fire, and the missile broke up in flight.

Iran was utterly defeated in Syria.

I stopped counting the Iranian generals killed by "rebels."

Qassem Suleimani was considered the most skilled unconventional warrior in the world.

The Saudis killed him in November of 2015.

These are the last photos taken of him alive. The mullahs have covered up his death.

No whistling.

That means it doesn't have turbofan engines.

And THAT means it's not American.

Under Obama, the US Air Force was terrified of losses, so they did not allow the A-10 to be used in Syria.

The A-10 aircraft used in Syria were dark green.

American A-10s are light gray.

Actually, this is the reflection of a still-camera lens, I think.

Look in the top third of the right-hand part of the screen.

That's the reflection of someone sitting in the front passenger seat, moving around.

And just watching.

When we see him again, the whole front of his hoodie is soaked with blood.

Then she TURNS HER BACK, hiding the man from the camera for a full four seconds.

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