Claiming that the US is almost number one in environmental damage is a meaningless statement.

If we scale up all other countries to match the US population, we'll be right near the bottom.

And the US leads the world in creating technology for healing the environment.

Remember the Kuwait oil fires?

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Hashem Abedi was arrested by the Rada Special Deterrence Force, which is said to be Salafist.

Well, they arrested and extradited a Salafist terrorist.


They have M16 rifles on their logo.

Always put everything in the "Open" file, until it's PROVEN one way or the other.

We're in the Era of Agendas. By simply WAITING, you defeat the agenda.

If the Rada Special Deterrence Force is indeed radically Islamist, we'll find out soon enough.


You know what's bizarre?

Frank Sinatra made at least three films about political assassination with sniper rifles.



Last night I set the computer to send you a video titled Insurrection 2.

Of course it failed to load.

NOW the video is loaded, and the transcript was already sent.



The guy who murdered the 17-year-old Instagram star.

Same fake smile as fake Trump supporter Cassandra Fairbanks.

Social media is indeed a vector for infectious disease.

I think we'll get back to the days of humor and lightheartedness.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to grab and swing your foot, lady!"


Nobody calls Lloyd a sexist, and the woman whose foot he grabbed is nobody's victim.

The whole thing is just FUNNY.


I love silent films because they have scenes that are far more relatable than what happens in today's uptight culture.

An early Harold Lloyd film.

As he flirts with a woman in a theater, he absentmindedly grabs the foot of the woman behind him and starts swinging it.


My brother and I are getting junk phone calls every three minutes today. The phones are ringing off the hook.

The Democrats sold our unlisted phone numbers as a form of harassment and intimidation.


Trump still wins in a landslide.


American popular culture is defined by its "dualism."

Holding a view and its opposite at the same time.

We're classists who reject classism. We're prudes who are obsessed with sex. We hate the rich, and we all want to be rich.

Hollywood puts out the most GHASTLY scenes of all time.

A recent Rambo film looks like an Islamic State murder video.

Leftist women are now indistinguishable from pornographers.

I wonder what the rules are.

If I say, "Hey! Nice vagina, lady!" is that harassment?

Or is it complimenting her on her courageous totemic femininity?

Finally, the troops who SURVIVED being attacked by deranged civilians said that they were told it was an exercise.

They gave up immediately, which means it wasn't a real coup.

It took 45 minutes to make the Turkish armed forces destroy themselves.

Think about THAT, and be glad that the people who carried out this operation are on OUR side.


There's no doubt that I'm correct.

The Turks FABRICATED Evidence.

If the coup had been real, they wouldn't have done that.

And Turkish journalists were utterly confused. The coup was a clown show.

The official story is that al-Qaeda did that, but it had to be professional commandos.

They had air power, and they launched 21 simultaneous ground offensives.

Al-Qaeda can't do that.

I thought this man is fat, but he's actually wearing something similar to a deep-sea diver's suit.

It's clearly some form of protective military garb.

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