Biden is in the parroting phase of dementia.

He heard something, and he repeated it through a filter of misfiring synapses.

The actor Jan Michael Vincent was one of history's most titanic alcoholics.



Trump was prepared LONG ago.

He knew all of this was going to happen, so he figured out how to turn inevitable attacks on him into political suicide by his enemies.

Most of Los Angeles's resources are going to...homeless shelters.

Which the homeless are refusing to go to.

And nobody is forcing them to go to the shelters.

The mayor keeps saying he's acting out of love.

They're closing California down.

Traffic is maybe 10 percent of what it was two weeks ago.


I'm still having near misses when I go out.

People are still driving like maniacs.

The state is DOOMED.

Multiple governors are asking the people to stop being crazy, but of course they can't.

So we'll see rationing first, and then martial law.

Again, I'm all for it.

People with room-temperature IQs are endangering the rest of us, so they need to be stopped.

The hoarding of toilet paper is especially demented.

Is there a "challenge" I don't know about? The COVID-19 Crapping Challenge?

Jack London wrote about the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Read THIS.


I've been eating takeout to keep my local restaurants in business, so I haven't to the market for a while.

I went tonight. The place looked like this.

The fuel tank is made of cloth and is worn lie a life vest.

You load the magazine with blank cartridges, and each shot sucks a blob out of the cloth tank.

The reason I know this did this is that I found video of a man wearing a flameproof suit and a cloth fuel tank.


For @scottgfx

I started seeing really amazing footage from the Battle of Mosul, so I went looking and found the patent for a "pyrophoric slug" flamethrower.

It fires blobs of material that ignites when exposed to atmospheric air.

They were using rifles converted to pyrophoric-slug flamethrowers.

I made a mockup using a patent from 1918.


For @watch4thedrop

The main reasons our life expectancy is lower are obesity, illegal immigration, and homelessness.

Mexican illegals are among the most unhealthy people on earth, due to their refusal to see doctors or follow doctors' orders.

ONE tamale can have as many as 3000 calories.

Commandos went in with multiple ways to map the insides and outsides of the buildings, and then aerial platforms with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) mapping the underground installations.

If you send in a swarm of targeting nanodrones, you're bound to find the people you want to hit.

Kata'ib Hezbollah is the Iraqi Hezbollah. They have the same insignia as Lebanese Hezbollah.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the drone of turboprop engines at the end.

That means it was one of our fixed-wing gunships.

It's either and AC-130 or a newer model being kept secret.

This is what we can expect from the Dem convention.

Protestors storming the stage with signs that say..."Let Dairy Die."

Here's the head armor.

His eyewear has a video feed from an overhead drone, so he can see around corners, etc.

At this stage it's not possible to cover his entire face with armor, so they leave his eyes and nose exposed.

Again, this is worn only for a short time during specific circumstances, so the operator takes a brief calculated risk.

Non-Newtonian material eliminates blunt-force trauma.

It's as if the bullet doesn't exist.

That's why you can take a .50-caliber bullet to the head.

There are only a few images of the armor being used in combat.

These images appeared on screen for less than a second.

Full-body armor.

Good lord.

Now I'm convinced. No wonder Trump is such a military genius. He's done it all before.

Multiple times.

I never saw this photo of Patton before.

Does he remind you of anyone?

Don't kid yourselves:


It's not possible for the Democrats to have completely lost their mojo in just three years.

Trump's agents did this.

Anderson Cooper posted a clip from his show on CNN. This is the first frame, the one you see in the tweet.

A secret Trump supporter chose that frame.

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