Tell Saul I'm here.

I've been here for ages.


We do worry about you, Thomas. Since August 30 I keep thinking that there is a problem with your brother. But I am also fine with waiting until your next post, whenever that might be.


And you're more amazing than ever! Thank you Thomas for sharing your perspective with us!


Good to see you sir. I know you're busy with the move but it's nice to see you pop in.

Who cares what that drunk dipshit thinks. Everyone is only here because of you anyway.

@Jasonb we're here because of that drunk dipshit, you fucking dumbass troll.

@ThomasWic I just check to see if you're posting. Then leave. No offense to anyone intended. Glad Quodverum is here. But I am trying hard to limit my social media time

@ThomasWic Miss you awfully, but happy in knowing you’re ok. I check in daily.

@ThomasWic Sure miss your posts. I hope this doesn't mean that the sale of your parents' home is giving you trouble.

Wish you were here more, I miss reading your writings.

@ThomasWic for the record sir...

We all miss you and your takes...

Social media sucks without the interaction.

@ThomasWic any new comments for those of us who were out of the loop?

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