Let's talk about our favorite propagandist Tim Pool.

He's actually worse than the people he claims to oppose.

First of all, he and he guest don't know if the UNITED STATES Capitol Police are a federal law-enforcement agency.

The "United States" in their name should tip them off, but it doesn't.

Like all law enforcement, the USCP has an intelligence-gathering mission.

This is the scary, scary article they're talking about.

The Senate found that the USCP failed in its mission.

Therefore the USCP is addressing those failures.

We all know that the foreign-trained and advised Antifa was involved in the breaching of the Capitol Building.

This was done in order to blame Trump.

Do we want that to happen again, or do we want it to be prevented?

The choice is binary.

The USCP is comprised of a whopping 2300 officers and civilian employees.

If they're the new secret police, they have their job cut out for them.

Of course Tim & Co. use a variation of the fallacious debating technique of Argumentum ad Hitlerum:

The USCP is the new Stasi, the East German secret police.

The Stasi had 90,000 agents and 170,000 informants, or 2 percent of the total population of East Germany.

Tim Pool is an enemy of the people.

I have no doubt that his desire to rile up nutjobs is both deliberate AND based on total ignorance of any fact-based history.

He chooses to be a surface skater so that he can be a propagandist.

There's absolutely no way that he knows anything about the Stasi other than the name.

The reason he avoids facts is to give himself a rationale for being a propagandist.

I spent all of yesterday watching trailers for new movies.

Every single one is crap.

Nobody can write screenplays, and nobody can act.

Due to my research, I've had to find out the truth of Dog Green, the beach sector represented in the opening of Saving Private Ryan.

Spielberg's version of events is a whitewash. The reality was 100 times worse.

Why didn't he show this, if his goal was to depict what the men went through?

Saving Private Ryan is a surface-skating movie.

Now, there are ways of showing things that don't involve blood and guts.

Every modern director stole from the Russian movie Come and See (1985).

It's on YouTube.

As brutal as it is, there's almost no blood and guts. The horror is concealed. You have to use your imagination.

We're in a really weird era: All of our public communication is politicized, propagandized, superficial, in-your-face, and based on emotion.


At the same time, people like @drawandstrike, @DuaneCates, and I are told that we must NOT speculate!!



Speech codes are the order of the day. Anything that can't be slotted into a niche of the giant Duh Hutch is VERBOTEN!

I saw this today:

"Savage asked Trump to talk about the possibility of a run for president in 2024, prompting Trump to criticize campaign finance laws.

“'I can’t really because of campaign finance rules, regulations, very complicated, very stiff, and frankly very antiquated if you want to know the truth. It’s ridiculous,' he said.

"But Trump did concede he looked forward to talking about his political plans in the future.

“'I will be talking about it and I think that people will be very happy,' he predicted."

Trump has broken every single rule of politics AND WON, but for some reason it's a mortal sin to speculate that he might just have something unheard of up his sleeve.

Well, this is why I'm having to work like a stevedore and continue my research right now.

Almost nobody out there impresses me.

I'll take some pictures of the current dumpster before I replace it with another 40-yarder.

Filling dumpsters with trash is more rewarding than listening to today's political analyses or watching trailers for new movies.

How much would I have to pay you to watch THIS movie?



Oh man, this movie looks AWFUL. I couldn't even get through half the trailer.

@redwhitebluedude @ThomasWic

Yep! There's some well made British films out there -- someone just told me about Wild Rose. Will check that out.

@redwhitebluedude @Lisa22 @ThomasWic I just watched a good movie called "The Green Book", about a Black concert pianist and his rough around the edges White driver, on the road in the 60's.

@Give_Me_Liberty I LOVED that movie. I've seen it multiple times. Don't know if it was "a good" movie or not, although it did get the Academy Award for best picture that year. It probably got it b/c 'social justice' but I loved the story, the acting was great, there was humor and pathos and a happy ending. That's all I need. @redwhitebluedude @Lisa22 @ThomasWic

@redwhitebluedude @Lisa22 @ThomasWic

I'd watch The Great Race (1965) or Harvey (1950) or Galaxy Quest again, but the blue ray player doesn't work.

QV is doing me just fine. 😊


Vocal fry girl killed any remote possibility. Hang onto your cash indefinitely.

@Wendy @ThomasWic

I can't stand vocal fry! If I hear it on any kind of media, I shut it off. If I hear it in real life, I try to look as bored as they sound.

@Wendy —I second that.

I may check out the novel. Seems intriguing.



Heh - Today's political analyses and new movies are dumpsters filled with trash

@Zentrification @ThomasWic

I just watched the trailer, and then a complete breakdown of the movie from beginning to end. I don’t recommend it. I’m so tired of seeing “social commentary“ used as the excuse to depict human suffering, depravity, violent stabbings, child abuse, murder, torture and rape on film. Maybe I’m getting old.

@Julie @ThomasWic

Some violence is in the film because it's a prison. Child abuse, rape, and so on are not in this.

I don't know whose breakdown you watched, but it sounds like they got the whole thing wrong.

@Zentrification @ThomasWic

Child abuse is in the movie, I saw it. Rape is implied. The breakdown was a voiceover narration of the movie itself. I basically saw the movie. It's sick.

@ThomasWic Pacino's And Justice For All as I vaguely recall was more potent depiction of a weary lawyer

@drivebyreadr @ThomasWic

We just watched that recently, one of Norman Jewison's best


Trailer for the first Alien movie was one of the greatest trailers I’ve ever seen.

Genuinely terrifying.


Once again, thank you for your voice in the matter! 🙏🇺🇸✌️


I need a Wictor folder on my desktop for recommended books and movies to follow up on.

Always look forward to reading your threads!

Thank you!


Yes. I'm sick of it being rammed down our throats.

Blackboard Jungle was put out in 1955. It was epic.

Everything since then on the topic is just echo. And none of it good.



I recently watched the original invasion of the body snatchers on


What in the name of all that is sanity is this trailer?

Watched this trailer and you don't have enough money to have me waste my time watching this nonsense. I live my life, not waste my life. I make choices!

@ThomasWic Fell asleep watching trailer. Won’t waste time going to a movie that can do that


I once read that clutter is psychologically devastating. So purging your surroundings of clutter would be psychologically freeing and cleansing. I hope that you are experiencing that.

On the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan, I believe you when you say that the reality was 100 times worse, but I simply cannot imagine that. It was absolutely horrifying to watch!

@jannadale @ThomasWic
I only go to movies with my granddaughter and haven’t seen a grown up movie in years. Regarding clutter I can’t live with it! I do however have a spare room where I move it until I can rid it from my home. I just finished decluttering my granddaughter’s playroom at my home. I have to make sure she doesn’t see it or it will appear back in her room! 😂

Two of my favorite movies are about men who spy on others. "The Lives of Others" greatly affected me as did "The Conversation". Gene Hackman played against type as did Cindy Williams.

@ThomasWic Skip The Tomorrow War unless you want to stop the movie every thirty seconds to scream about how stupid the writers are.


The double-edged sword of today's trailers that show you the entire movie in 2 minutes.

Bad movies? You can avoid.
Good movies? You pretty much see the whole thing, so no point in watching the 100 minute version.

This one is awful.

I don’t watch movies.
The last one I did watch was one that you had recommended and I enjoyed it very much.
I’m actually looking forward to seeing the photos of the dumpster😁

Bill Whittle is living in CA, Hollywood, to be exact.
He tells me there are HUNDREDS of fantastic scripts just sitting on shelves right now.
With the currect OUTRAGE MOB Culture & Corporate backed CRT on tap down America's throat no one will DARE to make, much less release a film that doesn't bow to the insane PC Culture Mob.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic I'm pretty sure one of these scripts is about Booker T. Washington.

But noooooo, we're going to be treated to get another slavery-struggle movie. Aaaarrggghhh.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic

Every movie is impossible to get made.

Until it gets made.


What utter crap. I wouldn’t see it if they paid ME!


Keep your money, I don't watch any movies past the 1950's anymore.

If it makes you feel better, not many people are watching Hollywood movies anymore. They're bleeding money. They don't understand why all their pandering to the fringe online and CCP isn't bringing in the money. They'll keep making stupid movies until their investors realize they're losing serious cash & begin demanding changes.

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