My brother sold the house I'm currently living in.

The new owner won't move in until September, but she's doing EXACTLY what all people do in this part of the state:

As soon as they buy a house, they cut down all the trees.

As of today, the yard has no shade whatsoever, and it's already 30 degrees hotter. The air conditioner has no impact.


The glaring sunlight is reflecting off this house INTO the house that I'm going to inhabit.

So now I'm going to have to plant trees on the side of my house to block the light and heat.

I think these people do this in order to show their mastery over nature.

This house may as well be an oven surrounded by searchlights.

I was trying to figure out what to do with my new house.

Today I decided to plant MORE foliage.

People here love lawns and no shade.

I'm going to take out the grass, put in mulch and pavers, and plant a couple trees to add more shade.

I just can't believe how ugly the house became in one day.

Inside and out. I feel like a lab rat under surgical lamps.


You may have been wondering about that ransomware group called Darkwing.

Guess what happened to them?

They got tortured and killed, and I think it's GREAT. They're the ones who hit the pipeline.


DarkSide, not Darkwing.

DarkSide is Russian, so this this is Deir Ezzor, Syria, all over again.

The Russians said that their troops in Syria were mercenaries working for the Wagner Group, not Russian soldiers.

So On February 7, 2018, we inflicted 100 percent casualties on a 600-man Mobile Detachment Combat Group.

And the Russians withdrew their combat troops from Syria.

See this?

"Court documents released in the Colonial Pipeline case say the FBI got in by using the encryption key linked to the Bitcoin account to which the ransom money was delivered. However, officials have not disclosed how they got that key."

I'll tell you how they got the key.

It wasn't the FBI.

SOMEONE tied some Russians to chairs and smashed their toes with hammers one by one until they disclosed the key.

First DarkSide announced that they were retiring, and then the US recovered the ransom.

Deir Ezzor, kids. I'm telling you.

It was almost certainly our Gulf Arab allies. They can infiltrate anywhere and exfiltrate just as easily.

And they don't play by any rules but their own.

I approve.

Now Putin's balls are sweating again.


Trump officially out of office is FAR more dangerous to our enemies than he is when officially IN office.

He's taking care of business, not golfing.

The best is yet to come.

As are new trees.



Yay tangents into Ransomware hackers.. Bonus for torture and killing..

@ThomasWic Indeed!
It’s fascinating watching how many loyal people to Trump are all doing the work for him.

@scottgfx @ThomasWic

thank you obiwan...Cypress trees grow really tall and really fast.

So do Silver Maples and they provide more shade.

c: @ThomasWic

@hejoural Most cut the trees down to avoid yardwork. Of course trees are the number one way to sequester carbon and everyone cutting down the trees is a leftist! So much for green energy and the environment! @ThomasWic

@seeker such CRAP! Wood burns very dirty generally. Creosote residue is also extremely flammable. @hejoural @ThomasWic

@oystergirl @hejoural @ThomasWic

Of course they are LOL. Meanwhile they're ones screaming about the impending doom and gloom regarding said climate change. It's a shame we're stuck with morons grotesquely ignorant of how the world works.

@oystergirl @hejoural @ThomasWic Now THERE’s a tasty irony! Green New Deal fans cutting down all the trees for vanity and laziness.

@hejoural @ThomasWic

I'm disgusted by that attitude. In Australian cities, the most expensive suburbs always have better tree cover than the cheap outer suburbs. Multiple reasons for wanting good tree cover and greenery in your neighbourhood


I suggest BOUGAINVILLEA‘s and Passion for defense and one for solace ! 🙂

@mlestudios @ThomasWic Passion flowers are so beautiful but beware, the vines spread like crazy so just make sure you really like them :)

@blusieq @mlestudios @ThomasWic Just makes sure you don't plant grafted passiflora plants. The understock sends out runners that spread like the devil and very hard to get rid of.

@ThomasWic Love it when you ‘throw some shade’. ⛱🌴😎🎯🇺🇸

@ThomasWic Greatest strengths are greatest weaknesses and greatest weaknesses are greatest strengths. People who are conquerors get this more than anyone....especially Trump.

@ThomasWic Do you think Putin will give a soccer ball to give to President Trump?


I think Putin will mock Biden at G7, but it looks like a US pipeline is not going to be hacked again by the Russians, or anyone.

@ThomasWic River birch grows really fast and is aesthetically appealing. The front (and back) yard of my neighbor on the east side is like a defeathered chicken, with nothing but lawn, while my front yard is a patch of Eden. My neighbor associates trees and plants with bugs and worms, nuisances to stay clear of.

@yaxuec @ThomasWic You mean the neighbors are nuisances to stay clear of...or the bugs and worms? Tee hee hee.


Love trees....had 8 of them but after hurricane Irma (miraculously none fell on my house...but came very close) only one little one survived. Cried for days....especially for my mango tree. Hundreds of mangos....neighbors would come and help themselves because it was just too much for the two of us. It was a lot of work though!

@ThomasWic I am planting some banana tress on my south side of the house. Kinda give cover to my AC unit outside. I have a huge live oak in the front yard that worries the crapo out of me during hurricane season but boy,,.,.,the shade is nice.

@ThomasWic not enough room for what I want to say, so I'll just "All is well". Truly believe that. Thank you Mr. Wictor.


I just read that the Russians and the Japanese are in the middle of a back-and-forth negotiations over finally making official peace after over 70 years. Part of the negotiations is over the status of the Kuril Islands that Japan claims as their own.

Apparently, Russia wants a guarantee from Japan that they won't allow Americans to put forces in that area and that Russia has free passage into the Indo-Pacific waters.


White Mulberry, Australian Willow, Bracelet Honey-Myrtle, Red Maples and Reed Avocados are the fastest growing trees in Southern California.

@ilumanous @ThomasWic
When I lived in Missouri I planted several crimson king maples. They were so beautiful. Not the fastest growing maple though.


This is the White Mulberry...

It is a fast-growing, small to medium-sized mulberry tree which grows to 10–20 m (33–66 ft) tall.

Very pretty. 👍


This is the Australian Willow.

Australian willow is a medium-sized tree, normally growing 30-35 feet high and 20-25 feet wide, with a pyramidal to oval-round shaped crown. When young, its branches grow rather upright, but with maturity, these spread wide and droop their pendulous twigs and leaves downwards, creating a willow-like appearance.


This is the Bracelet Honey-Myrtle.

They range from a large shrub to a small weeping tree growing to 8 m (30 ft) in height. It has rough, grey fibrous bark, distinctive decumbent branching and dense foliage.


This is the Red Maple.

At maturity, the Red Maple often attains a height of around 30 m (100 ft) and it is drought tolerant which is a plus for California.

They are so beautiful.


And lastly this is the Reed Avocado.

It grows the tallest of all avocado trees, and its fruit is the largest of all varieties. They are also delicious atop a smear of mayonnaise on toasted oat bran bread.

They bush out to the right and left so they would make a good barrier between the houses. Plus, They are round, have a thick skin, and would be perfect for throwing at your neighbors. 👍

@ilumanous @ThomasWic White Mulberry trees have the added advantage of bearing very sweet, white berries (if you get the fruit-bearing kind)

@always4usa @ThomasWic

Yes, That is true.

And there is a scripture that says...

"And it shall be, when you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees, then you shall advance quickly. For then the LORD will go out before you to strike the camp of the Philistines.” 2 Samuel 5:24

So that Thomas will know when it is time to strike with the avocados.

@ThomasWic This reminds me of a legal case I was involved in. Long story but my family was legitimately sold a bad bill of goods. Lawyer said to me that he couldn’t skirt etiquette by taking certain actions, that were still legal, but I could. We won the case.

@ThomasWic We used to live in this 70 year old duplex which was lined by beautiful 30-40ft trees that graced our side. One day I came home and they were cutting them all down to build an ugly house in a lot that had been vacant forever. I cried and cried. For kicks I just looked it up on google maps and this picture couldn't express my sentiments more clearly, even after 23 years! (Ours was the left side)

@ThomasWic Sorry the new owners cut down all the trees, causing you to have to add landscaping to all you already have to do.But glad you have a plan to deal with it all.Soon hopefully you should be able to put all this "stuff" behind you and have some well deserved peace.💞

I couldn't agree with you more. I have stated frequently on many different social media websites that Trump is much more powerful as a private citizen.


You should look into applying window tinting film. It's easy to apply, not expensive, and it works to cut down on UV light, glare, heat.

We have a red oak in the front of our house that we affectionately refer to as our third child. It’s very needy and sometimes throws acorn tantrums, but it’s the best and shades 2/3 of our whole house. People that don’t like trees are weird.

Foliage is worse than picking a dog or anything closely impacting our time & attention. I have watched properly planted 4ft Azaleas become an impenetrable wall/fenve 10ft tall in two rainy years.
Shade trees one should pick for cleanliness/upkeep. Depends on how much you wish to be the yard guy. Anything that works & I don't have to work it much works. But here anything grows.

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