In 2015, I found the patent for a dual warhead: an EMPFAE.

It was a fuel-air explosive (FAE) that generated nonnuclear electrtomagnetic pulses (EMPs).

EMPs disrupt digital cameras.

Thie first Israeli strike in the video shows an EMPFAE munition.

These frames prove that the munitions emitted EMPs.

It's the reason that the digital imagery got momentarily scrambled.


Here's the same effect on an al-Qaeda GoPro.

An armored vehicle on the top left of the screen got hit, and the digital imagery shattered.

These munitions destroy communications gear such as computers and radios.

So the combined blast effect, heat, and EMPs make sure that absolutely everything of importance is destroyed.

I also found patents that show that the blast effect can be DIRECTED, which results in "precision obliteration."

You can utterly destroy a target in the middle of a neighborhood, and there's ZERO collateral damage.

This is why Biden has no leverage over the Israelis.

The Gulf Arabs provide TRILLIONS in weapon development.

We have nothing comparable to offer, especially since so many American politicians are Jew-haters.

One way Trump made sure that the US State Department could no longer meddle in the affairs of others was by weakening our leverage.

The State Department is behind every single modern-day debacle in the Middle East. They needed to be neutered.

Now they are.

And that's a good thing.


@ThomasWic Comforting. I haven’t been paying much attention to current events. My husband died suddenly and my life changed dramatically. But this thread was a refreshing read. Hope. Thanks Thomas

@oakkqs I'm very sorry for your loss. Please accept my sincere condolences.

@oakkqs I'd like to offer my deepest condolensces, for the passing of your husband. May he rest in peace. 🙏

@oakkqs @ThomasWic

😭 I am so sorry to hear this. I will be keeping you in my prayers. ❤️


Deepest sympathies to you for the sudden loss of your husband. Praying for you and your family at this incredibly sad time.

@oakkqs I’m so very sorry for your loss. May
His Memory be blessed.


My condolences and sincere sympathies.

I am sorry for your loss.

When did he pass away?



What a sad and devastating thing to happen.
I am so sorry for your sudden loss.

Reminder we are all here as you work your way through. Difficult at best.
Do what you can not to find yourself without support very close by...and for a good while.


@oakkqs @ThomasWic

I am so very sorry for your loss. I do not want to intrude but my husband died suddenly at 48. We were married for almost 30 years. If you ever need to talk, you are welcome to message me anytime 24 hours a day. I will be praying for you.

@oakkqs @ThomasWic I’m sorry for your loss. You are among friends here who listen and collaborate.

@oakkqs @ThomasWic I am very very sorry for your painful loss. May God be with you, comfort, strengthen and protect you every hour of every day. There has never been and will never be a love more caring than God’s love. 🙏🏽

@oakkqs I’m saddened to hear that. Sending wishes that all your needs will be taken care of and that you will find comfort from your loss.

What’s with the Jew hate? Seriously I never understood it. Religions or not. ( I know both) mind their business, work hard ect. Just don’t get it.

@Jaime @ThomasWic I grew up Mormon. Not Mormon now - a story for another day - but I was not raised to hate any other religion. I do not understand the Jewish hatred. If you love Jesus, then you should support Israel. I get there are issues but save them for another day. Right now, Christianity is under covert attack every time Israel and Jews are attacked.

@TruthWithstandsAllScrutiny @ThomasWic
I grew up not hating anyone.
I have trying to figure this out for years.
I don’t get.

@Jaime @TruthWithstandsAllScrutiny @ThomasWic It's a supernatural hate. Spiritual warfare. The Jewish people and Christian's are the most hated people in the world. Jesus said the world hates me and if you follow me they will hate you.

@Jaime @TruthWithstandsAllScrutiny @ThomasWic

You need to go back to the Old Testament and read about Abraham. That's where it all started and hasn't improved since.

@Jaime @ThomasWic

A successful, exclusive group of people are perfect candidates for scapegoating and conspiratorial thinking.

What better way to rouse a rabble then to tell them that they guy they pay their loans to is part of some evil, international cult?

@Jaime @ThomasWic

Part 1 of 2

My two cents' worth:

There are many "isms" in the world -- Communism, socialism, Naziism, progressivism, etc. -- that assert that human nature is malleable, and so apply a "power-plastic" program in operating a government. They believe that, given enough power, and the proper application of that power to humanity, human nature can be re-made along lines that serve the cause of the ruling "ism" of the day. (Think "New Soviet Man", for instance.)


@Jaime @ThomasWic

Part 2 of 2

Judaism asserts that human nature is immutable, and that we human beings owe an allegiance to a Power higher than the merely earthly. They are the first "people of The Law", and often the most stubborn in adhering to it. We who are Christian are more relaxed about it (too much so?), but don't be fooled -- the anti-Semites hate Christians as much or more than they do Jews. It's just that we're more numerous, and dangerous.

Again, my two cents' worth.


@Jaime @ThomasWic
Absofrickinlutely, have asked many that very same question……no real answer.

@ThomasWic Seems Coyote-Joe bet on the wrong side of world history...God wins...Hamas loses.

@ThomasWic Once the Gulf Arabs started working with the Israelis, and saw up close how the Israelis really do not want to hurt anybody they don’t have to hurt, a whole lot of mutual respect got launched.


"UN warns of ‘full-scale WAR’ as Israeli air strike fells Gaza tower & Hamas launches rocket attacks."

What did Hamas do to get Israel to the point of striking Gaza Tower? Notice these kinds of questions never get asked in the news media.

I get so irritated when they only mention part of what is going on.

They always start in the middle so they can blame everything on Israel.

I don't know how anyone can stand listening to their propaganda.

It is sickening.

Minimizing collateral damage while knocking out the enemy's means to wage war. 👍

back in the 1970's, i had two professors that served on the Atlantic Council.

that was before the council became a corrupted cabal clan.

EVERYBODY jokingly referred to the State Department as "the traitors at foggy bottom."

@ThomasWic this thread made me feel different. Different than I usually do after one of your threads. That was put perfectly. Trump knew that Isreal couldn't and shouldn't trust our politicians. He solved that problem. For good.


Wow. So even if you MISS the round going near the target will destroy their radios and effectively cut the unit off from the rest of the force.

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