The Israelis announced an invasion of Gaza, social media went insane, Hamas troops entered their tunnels in preparation...and Israel bombed all the tunnels.

Hamas got wiped out.

The invasion announcement was military deception.

The IDF says that they destroyed several kilometers of tunnel.

THAT is why you see all the caved-in streets.

Hamas keeps its weapons caches in the same tunnels as their terrorists.

Not only did the terrorists get to experience Israel fuel-air explosives, the secondary explosions of the weapons caches did the mopping up.

The Israelis learned from the Saudis after all.

"All warfare is based on deception."

--Sun Tzu

After decades of trying to reach these bastards, Israel is finally playing by THEIR rules.

It's a major advancement in Israeli military and political culture, no doubt influenced by Israel's Gulf Arab allies.

The Saudis are impervious to public opinion.

That's why I admire them.

The Islamic State relied heavily on tunnels, and they didn't work.

Israel was directly involved in the fighting in Iraq, which had the most extensive tunnel network in the region.

I haven't been able to find ANY information on how the tunnels were defeated.


I know that men had to go down and fight in them.

This is a full-body armor system made of non-Newtonian material. It's soft until hit by bullets.

Then the molecules lock up, protect the wearer, dissipate the kinetic energy, and relax, all instantaneously.

This man was filmed in Syria. He appears on camera for less than a second.

The IDF are the only troops in the region who wear green.

They also wear black boots.

My gut said that this time around would be different.

It already is.


@ThomasWic your eye for detail is amazing!! Learn someone’s every time I read one of your threads

@Gmajv @ThomasWic
Where would I be without these threads? I a completely different place than where I am now. (In my perspective).

Thank you for teaching me another way to learn.

IDF shows the technological adaptive approach and your illustrations illuminate us with detail that we probably don't see or look for in video or imagery.
Between the Iron Dome and quick reaction teams, IDF is still the force to learn from and watch.
Thank you for your posts.

@ThomasWic Awesome. Guessing the fabric does other things that would make it look magical.

@ThomasWic What was especially gratifying for me was the IDF tweeting that they were amassing forces for a ground and air invasion.

And they bought it hook line and sinker.

How stunningly a schadenfreude ending came to pass with the Hamas terroristS being buried alive.

@MadBeachBimbo One of the best parts about this is that Israel USED the Jew-hating MSM to pass the message to Hamas and they did with glee. Hahahahaha. @ThomasWic

@wziminer Wow, just realized I used the word schadenfreude twice today.

Go Israel!

@wziminer @MadBeachBimbo @ThomasWic

Turning “Report First and Verify Later” media into their advantage.


Thanks, Thomas.

I've been waiting on your analysis of this situation.

Hamas did not realize they were dealing with a much smarter enemy this time.

@redwhitebluedude @ThomasWic an Israel that was freed by President Trump and their Middle East relationships.


I’m glad and amazed you know all this “stuff”. Strategy and tactics-love it. AND to see how successful it is👍

Why are all the females in the IDF so beautiful? Serious question

@ThomasWic This staple fiber exceeds the tenacity of stainless steel. The hand of the fabric can be that of cotton or burlap, according to your desired usage.

@ThomasWic I do not understand why it would be necessary for IDF to go into the tunnels. You have described how they can tell where they are and the munitions that would penetrate them and blow them up. That and getting Hamas to retreat to them would seem sufficient to my limited understanding.


Reconnaissance and intelligence gathering.

Nanodrones can do most of it, but sometimes the human brain is the only answer.

@Dmca @ThomasWic

they'd want to double check that Hamas /PIJ didn't take human shields down with them into the tunnels


Tunnel detection along the Cal/Mex border in San Diego...

"The Underground Focusing Spotlight Synthetic Aperture Radar (UF-SL-SAR) concept has been suggested for sub-surface tunnel detection due to its ability to scan large areas of terrain in a short amount of time"


"Eventually, when the associated lasers and electronics are miniaturized, the sensor can be put to numerous uses. Among the most intriguing: detecting faint differences in the force of Earth’s gravity from place to place caused by height of the landscape or heavy mineral deposits. So much more than a laboratory curiosity, quantum-based atom inertial sensors open the possibility of new capabilities for geology and industry, among numerous other applications."

@ThomasWic Very interesting that the bomb explosion is almost vertical vs. the traditional bomb that expands in every direction.

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