There are pratfalls, and then there are PRATFALLS.

Sanford Biggers's new statue "Oracle" at Rockefeller Center is a PRATFALL.

It manages to look uglier from whichever angle you choose.

In this photo, it looks cross eyed.

The statue honors "African culture," which is like trying to build a single statue that honors "Asian culture."

Africa is a CONTINENT.

Egyptian culture has nothing whatsoever to do with Bushman culture.

The plan--really--is to have the statue play recordings of black celebrities telling your fortune.

Obviously Sanford Biggers is a nihilist pranking the world.

I think all of this is great. Woke culture is destroying itself.


All it took was giving them the power to implement their ideas.

The inevitable backlash will be catastrophic for leftism.

I was listening to an idiot on the radio claiming that the way Liz Cheney was treated was wrong.

He of course ignored her savage attacks on Trump SUPPORTERS.

The dynamic is identical to what's happening right now in Israel. We're supposed to ignore the largest barrages of rockets and missile ever fired at a civilian population.

The conversation is about ISRAEL'S actions.

The fact that Hamas commits unambiguous war crimes on a mass scale is ignored.

Funnily enough, without Trump, Twitter is a pale shadow of its former self. Even Israeli air strikes can't garner more that a few people talking.

When I was on Twitter, my tweets defending Israel were at the center of social media.

Nobody took my place.

There isn't really much to say anymore, given the Arab-Israeli peace treaties.

Hamas is obsolete.

The Iranian mullahs are obsolete.

Currently I'm trying to locate the source of Mexican flamethrowers, which were in use as early as 1923.

No photos so far, but I've confirmed their existence. If I can find the source, I'll already have my own photos.

My guess is that they were German, imported through a third party. There's no way the Mexican had an indigenous flamethrower in 1923, especially in the numbers reported.

And the pipeline is already back up and running.

The hackers are promising to not do anything like that again.

Guess what happened?

Our men and women tracked down the ones responsible and killed them.

And Biden had nothing to do with that.

The hackers are professional criminals. They don't have consciences. It took something huge to make them make that promise.

Did you see how quiet Trump was on the hacking?

I'm very confident--not 100 percent--that we're in a state of "devolution."

Military rule.

If so, it's working like a charm.

Of course we don't want the military to ALWAYS rule us, but in terms of national-security decisions, they're making good choices.

Remember that devolution is compartmented.

Meaning not even the military knows who's in charge.

It has to be Trump and Pence, but not officially. They're "advisors."

If all of this is true, is your mind blown?

Mine is.

But that's why I support Trump.

I want my president to blow my mind.



@ThomasWic And I rely on Wictor wisdom. Yes, I think for myself but you are a guide to current events that I trust.

I sure hope this is what’s going on. It makes plausible sense and gives me a feeling of hope and pride in my President. I very much appreciate how you work these things out. Praying you are right!


Whether or not Hamas goes away the asshattery will remain for a while longer.

We also have to contend with the reality that the Temple Mount is a much bigger deal then we'd like to admit. Why are so many willing to go crazy over that piece of real estate is beyond my comprehension. It can't be religion because there's very little chance of a violent Crusade in the next few years.

The Filistines having been behaving like savages since the end of the Six-Day War and well before.


Local station WGN framed Israel as the instigator of the mayhem there, simply by quoting someone who framed it that way. No adding by the anchor, '...which is completely false...' something Democrat media does consistently to Trump's statements about the election. But my folks who watch this news are aware of the 500 rockets directed at Israel.

Very encouraged that it was Trump-style handling of the hackers. I believe it that they won't try it again.


Was that Micah? She's usually the one that feels the need to share her shitty opinions.


I think I figured it out. He thinks that he is Africa.

He has been told all his life that he is African, and maybe he has some recent African descendants, but Africa is way bigger than he is.

Both of my mother's parents were born in Bari Italy so I am half Barése, but if I did a sculpture depicting Italy, I wouldn't do a self portrait. It would be way too presumptuous.

@ThomasWic So this 'devolution' means the Military is truly running the country, but for global confidence, they are allowing the Biden admin to be America's "Substitute Teacher"?
And if so, that would mean the pipeline hack would be dealt with by the military, and thusly they could respond with deadly force, since it is an act of cyber terrorism?
If this is what's happening it is both mindblowing and terrifying. It means really bad things have been happening behind the scenes for a while.

@ThomasWic I'm willing to bet its a very surgical and well thought out 'devolution'. Like Charles Martel, they knew exactly where to stand to disrupt everything.

@ThomasWic Based on years of researching and watching Trump, I agree. If I understand the counterargument, some have said devolution, like any clandestine operation, cannot be confirmed, and therefore is a fool's conjecture. My counterpoint to that stance is the reasonable assertion that, even though we will never know about them, at any given moment there are innumerable, active clandestine operations, and what better reason to have one than for our current devolutionary state of affairs.

@ThomasWic I want Pence to announce the results of the AZ audit when it is ready for prime time.

@ThomasWic And Biden, miraculously is starting the border wall..*shocking* and all the states with election night( I’d say shenanigans, but that’s is too light a word for what they did) theft are implementing new rules as we speak.


See the last paragraph. Biden, et al. were warned last month of the national security nature of this threat.

A Closer Look at the DarkSide Ransomware Gang

@ThomasWic Hi Thomas, can you share a source for this info please? I would like to pass this info along to a couple of my friends - but I don't want to be called crazy again. So may I quote you on this info about hackers? Thanks.

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