"M-O-O-N," that spells "What's the hell is happening?"

About an hour ago, I suddenly developed a blind spot in the center of my vision. It was surrounded by this:

I didn't panic.

Instead, I looked up the symptoms of "visual migraine," and they exactly matched what was happening.

I'd had one before, but this time it looked REALLY bad. The purple moon was shimmering and pulsating, and the blind spot was like a kaleidoscope.

Since the symptoms were identical for both eyes, I lay down and listened to YouTube with my eyes closed.

The symptoms went away in half an hour, as promised.


I'm the only member of my family who isn't a hysterical hypochondriac.

This helps me deal with medical crises.

It's ghastly dealing with people who can;'t be reached.

Not only are my family hypochondriacs, they have to EXPRESS their panic.

Note that I didn't liveblog my visual migraine.


I'm always deeply grateful when issues turn out to be minor.

Hypochondriacs totally lack gratitude.

Too many roads lead to bitterness.

And bitterness is fatal.


Bitterness indeed is fatal. Better that it not take root. 👍🙏


Thomas I’ve had ocular migraines for 35 years. Mine are usually triggered by aspartame... Diet Coke or stress.

They are always the same and last about 45 minutes to an hour. If I’m driving I pull over and wait until my vision clears.

From what I understand cheese, chocolate and red wine can also trigger them.

Sorry it sounds like you also have them. Hope you find your trigger.

@Dick_and_Bailey Big hugs. Knowing what to do in a situation helps keep you calm. As a child my mother used to have extreme vertigo episodes and sometimes they happened when she was driving and we would have to go into her bag and get her bonine chewable tablets. We certainly had good guardian angels! @ThomasWic


Knowing what to do does keep you calm.. that’s the truth!

Hey, I’m a unicorn.. lol

I aught to do a thread about the time I had Transient Global Amnesia.. but I can’t remember 😂

Sounds like you were your Mother’s guardian Angel ♥️

@Dick_and_Bailey @ThomasWic I’ve only had one. I was at work and suddenly everything went white. I couldn’t see for about a half hour. When I got my vision back, I called my eye doctor. She said it sounded like an ocular migraine. I had been sick with a stomach bug and had quit drinking coffee. She said my body had gotten used to the caffeine every day and if I got one again, I should drink a little coffee or Mountain Dew.

@Debbie742 @ThomasWic

I can understand how disconcerting it would be having it come on out of blue and not knowing what’s happening.

I’m glad you were diagnosed quickly. Hopefully it will be a one time occurrence.

@Dick_and_Bailey @ThomasWic It was freaky. I remember sitting at my desk saying over and over “it’s not a tumor” in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice. 🤣

@ThomasWic sweet The Stand reference. It was always my favorite part from the movie.

@ThomasWic “Bitterness is
fatal” Those words resonate
with me. I’m thankful that I was
able to leave the bitterness in
the past, where it belonged. It
is damaging to the soul.


I have these from time to time. Bright light seems to trigger it for me. LED lights I just can’t tolerate at all. Sounds like you had the all out disco version. Glad it passed quickly for you.


I've suffered two. I never have pain or a headache with them. Mine show up with incredibly bright vivid colors and lightning-type bolts with metallic pieces jutting through everything. It's so beautiful and nothing I've ever seen outside of the migraines. They're innocuous, per my ophthalmologist. Someone mentioned scintillating scotomata, which is exactly correct. This may be a stupid statement, but I miss having them. Psychedelic trip without the drugs.

@2020_DJT I was gonna day Kathy...your description reminds me of mescaline! 😷 @ThomasWic


I've never had any hard drugs...well, I tried cocaine twice and just took a nap. What's the point? 🤣 A little pot, but I didn't care for it much. 🤷


@2020_DJT cocaine is a harder drug than mescaline. Just saying. LOL well, I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder. The only thing I have now is wine. Live and learn! 😜 @ThomasWic

@avoidingfreaks @oystergirl

Then if you're not talking about Monica, we'll stick with the hashtag! 🤪 🤣

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@2020_DJT Kathy, you crack me up! My husband had his first one over a month ago. We had never heard of ocular migraines but the doc. confirmed that is what was going on. Being an artist he was a wreck. Now he just sits in his recliner until it passes. I just read your comment to him, he said thanks for the laugh. @ThomasWic

@DonnaLea @ThomasWic

If I can make one person laugh in a day, that makes me very happy. Thank you for telling me.

@2020_DJT @DonnaLea

You crack me up almost every day. What a blessing. Donna's calm pragmatism is too a blessing.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @DonnaLea

Yes, we balance each other out. We should take this act on the road. 😉

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis And you also 💞 I just love this place. Though I haven't been on as much as in time past I thoroughly enjoy all the conversations and each one on here. A happy little family really. @2020_DJT

@DonnaLea @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis

Aw, shucks, ladies. Most everyone on this platform brings so much to our table we will never starve for anything. I am truly honored and humbled to be considered part of this amazing family. God bless you both and God bless SQV.

@2020_DJT I feel the exact same way dear. Now I have to sign off and take a shower. Been outside most of the evening tending to my flowers. @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis

@DonnaLea I've had scintillating scotomas since the 80's. The first time was in med school after
a night of 'ahem' indulgence. I usually get them once every few years when either very stressed or on no sleep or both. They're pretty and pass within 30 minutes. I never get the migraine headache that goes along with it, luckily. @2020_DJT @ThomasWic

@wziminer Evidently I had them when I was younger but didn't know what they were. I also had debilitating migraines up until about 5 yrs ago. Slurred speech, throwing up, aura's in my vision and excruciating headaches. They usually lasted 12 hours and the next day I had a hang over from them. I'm thankful I don't get them anymore. @2020_DJT @ThomasWic

@ThomasWic So glad you are Okay. Having a sibling who is a hypochondriac I can certainly feel your pain related to family.

@ThomasWic No, no live blog. No live stream ugly crying and snotting like a certain nut bag actress that has latent homicidal ideations. I'm glad you're ok. My mother's lived with migraines for years. I'm thankful I've had very few.

@ThomasWic Thomas, you have Meniere's Disease. Is this the sign of an attack coming on, only this time with a broken aura in your vision?

I did an online search and found an image that exactly matches what I've seen several times in my life. It's called an ocular migraine and may or may not be followed by a headache. For me the visual pattern lasted about 20 minutes and wasn't followed by a headache.


When I was working in the office, I'd get that when I had 3 cups of coffee instead of 2. It was like looking through a kaleidoscope, eyes open or closed. Never a headache.


@gerrybrabant @ThomasWic That's exactly what mine look like, with pulsating movement. The first time it happened it scared me. I worried I was having a stroke.

@gerrybrabant @ThomasWic

This is what I had several years back. I would recommend getting an eye examination yearly. As we age there is a sheath or membrane that can tear away from the eye. This may be considered "normal" along with floaters but a retinal detachment is the most serious.

It must not be ignored.

A few years ago I had a tear near my retina and needed laser surgery. It was painful but necessary and I still enjoy full vision so far.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @gerrybrabant @ThomasWic

I've had a torn retina and was treated within a few hours, with laser surgery; no pain at all.

I've wonderful ophthalmologists who insist that ANY ISSUE with the retina be reported to them immediately and I will be seen as quickly as I can get to them.

As they explained the retina issue to me; blindness is the #1 factor if not treated immediately.

@ThomasWic I’ve had strange visual migraines my whole life. No medicine helped.

I discovered about a decade ago, if I chug a ton of water (32 oz or more) at the first visual sign, I solve the pain aspect 100%. Still feel a little strange and have odd vision- but no pain.

Haven’t needed even an advil for a migraine since.

@Oo Yes, made same discovery. Dehydration is a, if not the, major factor. Step 1 when the lights go on is to drink a lot of water ASAP.

@Envoy totally. huge breakthrough. Wish I figured it out decades earlier. For me it’s like there’s a ceiling fan going over a light. And I slowly go blind in one eye. Then it passes to the other. Then they clear up and the headache from hell part comes. And the key is chugging immediately. It used to petrify me.

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